Dutch Introduce Exams for Immigrants, Consider Army Drill for Youths

This week the Dutch Parliament voted a bill which obliges immigrants to pass a compulsory exam. The Dutch Parliament is also in favour of a proposal to have troublesome youths disciplined and drilled by the army.

From 1 March onwards people who want to settle in the Netherlands (e.g. to join family members or to marry someone living there) will have to pass a preliminary test at the Dutch embassy in their country of origin. In this so-called “integration test” the immigrants have to prove that they have sufficient knowledge of the Dutch language and the geography, history and political system of the Netherlands. The fee for taking the test is 350 euros. Those who do not pass are not allowed to enter the Netherlands. Those who do pass have only taken the first hurdle. After their arrival in the Netherlands they will have to pass a second – more difficult – exam.

The exams are part of a bill proposed by Rita Verdonk, the Minister for lntegration. The Dutch House of Representatives approved the bill on Thursday. The Dutch Senate had done so last month. The Netherlands is the first country to subject immigrants to exams. Last year the Danish government, too, announced plans to significantly curb the flow of immigrants from third-world countries.

Dutch Prime Minister Jan-Peter Balkenende’s government of Christian-Democrats and free-market Liberals is also considering other measures. One of these might be to establish military camps to discipline troublesome youths. There are 40,000 jobless youths in the Netherlands, who have left school without degrees. The majority of them is of foreign origin. Many  become involved in criminal activities. A majority of Dutch parliamentarians, including members of the Socialist opposition, supports a plan to discipline them in military style.

Fearing the occurrence of “French situations” such as the widespread rioting by immigrant youths in France in November last year, politicians from the Right and the Left have embraced the proposal to send young people to a military drill camp. The proposal was made this week by the former entrepreneur Hans de Boer, who was recently appointed by the government to head the Taskforce for Youth Unemployment. De Boer said in Thursday’s papers that young dropouts, who have no jobs or qualifications, have to be sent to “prep camps” in order to be drilled and prepared to go back to school. He called upon the army to encourage decent and responsible behaviour in the youths. One of the sites for such training is a former army barracks in Budel, near the Belgian border.

De Boer wants the “prep camps” to be able to train 4,000 youths per year, so that they learn “to get out of their beds and clean their shoes.” During last year’s riots French President Chirac announced the establishment of a “voluntary civil service” where 50,000 immigrant youths could be trained by the army and the police. The Dutch proposal would, however, make such service compulsory rather than voluntary.

On Tuesday Job Cohen, the mayor of Amsterdam, called for action to deal with “French situations” in his city. “There is unrest in the city,” the mayor said after talks with local authorities. The meeting was organised in the wake of several incidents involving mainly Moroccan youths which have occurred since the beginning of this year. “There is an underlying feeling whereby it would only take minor incidents to cause an outburst,” Cohen said. Cars have been vandalized, residents have been threatened, Jews and homosexuals harassed, and a police station attacked after a 17-year-old scooter rider, fleeing the police, died in a crash on 10 January.

Westerners and other expats

Westerners and other expats (who have jobs and pay tax) are fleeing the country while the third worlders still come. They have the time to study for such an exam, while people with a job and student loans to pay don't. Great freakin' plan. They come up with this instead of stopping welfare payments to new arrivals.

My respect for the Dutch

It seems that the Dutch are facing reality and doing something about it. It’s a step in the right direction; and the Dutch are far ahead of us here in America.

Army drill for youths

Its all fine and dandy but you can't fix what's broken and what the heck will the "youth" do after boot-camp since the one thing that Europe don't produce is jobs - on the contrary, the one thing that is produced in abundance is pessimism so please continue with european style of socialism i.e. higher taxes & subsidies so the spiral of death deepens in order to speed up the European suicide

The Dutch still don't get

The Dutch still don't get it, do they?

The muslims memorize easily, that's the method used to teach in islamic countries as logic and problem solving is discouraged. Besides, a test is studied for, then the answers are quickly forgotten. I took three years of algebra, made high marks and now don't remember one thing I learned.

Give the budding jihadis mililtary training? At the taxpayer's expense?
This is suicidal behavior for the country.

"Army Drill for Youths"

That's a good idea. Take kids who are angry, anti-social, and hate the state, then give them guns and teach them how to fight.

Immigrant exams

Take kids who are angry, anti-social, and hate the state, then give them guns and teach them how to fight.

I knew there was a snag to this scheme, but I was struggling to put my finger on it.

Perhaps bulb planting and lettuce picking would be better.

Bob Doney

I'm not sure how effetive or

I'm not sure how effective or prudent this will be. Exams can always be passed and military school? Uhh, I don't know about that. I like Rita Verdonk and I think she is trying to do something good, however this will prove to be a waste of money. The idea is that many of these immigrants are unassimilating and no test will get them to assimilate if that is not their desire. Also, the goal is not to get them to take some bogus test to "assimilate" but more importantly OUT of Europe. That is the ultimate goal. What we do not need is a "passing test" by Muslims or whoever that "shows" they held up their part of the bargain.

Army Drill? Whats

Army Drill? Whats next...Close quarters combat 101 ?
Give them bootcamp but no physical training that would significantly enhace their physical capabilities. Just wear them down & give them hell.