Racist Murder Shocks Brussels Africans


Last Saturday five Moroccan “youths” cut the throat of a 16-year old black boy in the Brussels borough of Molenbeek. The victim, who was born in Niger, bled to death. The Molenbeek blacks say it was a racist murder. They complain about the hatred of the Moroccans for the black Africans. They also complain about the indifference of the Belgian authorities.

Three days after the murder the large pool of clotted blood was still visible on the spot in the Heyvaert Straat where the boy had been killed. The authorities did not bother to clean it up. Yesterday Abdelhai and Sedeat, two brothers of the assassinated boy, showed the large black spot with its foamy white edges to a journalist of Het Nieuwsblad. “The blood has been here for more than two days,” Abdelhai said. “Everyone could walk right through it.”

Molenbeek, a western borough of Brussels, is Brussels’ most dangerous no-go area. It is the fiefdom of Philippe Moureaux, the leader and kingmaker of the Parti Socialiste (PS), the largest party in Brussels. Moureaux, the mayor of Molenbeek, has sold his borough out to street gangs, prohibiting the police from going in to maintain law and order. The Socialist strongman hopes that the Muslim vote will help the PS achieve an election victory in next Autumn’s local elections. A growing number of moderate Muslims, however, is turning against the mayor. After Saturday’s murder some have gone so far as to openly announce their sympathy for the right-wing Vlaams Belang (VB), a party which the PS regards as “racist.”

In today’s De Morgen, a left-liberal Brussels newspaper, immigrant inhabitants of Molenbeek complained about Arab racism towards blacks, about the decay of the neighbourhood and, above all, about the absence of the police. Kamal, a Belgian of Moroccan origin who runs a local café, said: “I put a petition to Moureaux once. We have nothing but problems here: fighting all night. In spite of thousands of signatures the mayor did not even react. The police officers are improbably slack. When I phone them they do not even bother to come.”

The immigrants live in a neighbourhood where the pavements have been broken up so the boulders and paving stones can be used for throwing, where the windows of the houses have been smashed, where car wrecks are parked along the curb and the streets are littered with stinking garbage. De Morgen described ‘Moureaux-ville’ today as “a part of Africa in Brussels.” The mayor is losing his sway over his underpriviliged subjects. Souleymane, a black immigrant from Guinea, told the paper that he agrees with the Vlaams Belang that law and order must be restored. “This neighbourhood is rotten,” he says.

The boy from Niger was murdered when Moroccan youths tried to sell him a cell phone they had stolen. They demanded 30 euros, the boy wanted to pay only 10 euros. The Moroccans took this as an insult and slit his throat. An 11-year old Arab boy told De Morgen that the black boy had only himself to blame: “He should not have behaved so arrogantly.” The Molenbeek blacks have vowed that they will kill a Moroccan boy in retaliation. “An eye for an eye” is the only law that applies here.

Kamal, the Belgian of Moroccan origin, supports the VB too. “I opened my café in 1998. In the early days I had both Moroccan and African customers. But the hatred between the two groups was too great. The racism of the Moroccans was excessive. I had to deny them entry.” Kamal agrees with the VB that illegal immigrants must be repatriated. “The country is full,” he says firmly.

While Kamal demands that illegal immigrants be repatriated, the Catholic bishop of Antwerp, Paul Van den Berghe, today sent a letter to all 127 Catholic primary and high schools in his diocese, allowing them to let their pupils (between 6 and 18 years of age) participate in a protest demonstration which will be held on 15 February in favour of illegal immigrants. The authorities recently arrested a number of illegal immigrants and intends to send them back to the countries they came from. Leftist activists want to prevent this. They have the support of Monsignor Van den Berghe. The latter is an elderly fool who likes protest demonstrations. In the late 1980s the Antwerp Catholics could see their bishop march in support of the Nicaraguan Sandinistas.

The bishop’s letter was sent on the very day that the results were published of a survey which showed that in Flanders, Belgium’s Dutch-speaking and traditionally Catholic northern half, only 3,7 percent of the population still goes to church on Sundays. This is one of the lowest rates in Europe. Belgium has ceased to be a religious country in spite of the fact that over 70 percent of all children attend (government subsidized) Catholic schools that are run by the bishops.

Staf De Clerq

Flip Dewinter, chairman of the Vlaams Belang, on Staf De Clerq:

"He is one of the historic leaders of the party. This is part of the history of the Flemish nationalist movement and it is impossible to deny this."

Staf again

Staf De Clercq was the leader of the VNV, a Flemish-nationalist party in the 1930s. This is what the National-Socialists said about them:
Heydrich to Ribbentrop, 29 Jan. 1941: De Clercq is a "stupid Catholic anti-German marionette without any use for the German army."
Himmler to Bormann, 13 July 1942: It is "absolutely not in the Germanic and German interests to support this organisation [the VNV]."
Ernst Ehlers, head of the Gestapo Judenabteilung, in a report, dated 31 Jan. 1942: "The VNV has so far shown not the least bit of understanding of the Jewish and racial question."
If you do not know who Heydrich, Ribbentrop, Himmler and Bormann are, just google their names.

I am not (and have never been) a member of the VB. As for my wife, whom I know and you do not, I can assure you that she would never join a party of anti-Semites, nor, for that matter, a party where liars such a you ("an 'old' conservative") belong. I advise you to visit websites of the extreme-left in future and post your comments there. They will welcome them.

Nice ...

Ahah ... but at the same period, Churchill said that De Gaulle was dangerous and not representative of the french people. Come on ... these are no facts.

"België was onze vijand. Duitsland is onze vijand niet." Staf De Clercq - Ow, yeah, really anti-german, and his costume here is quite bolchevic: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/35/Staf_De_Clercq.jpg

As a brusselar, I've the right to stay here ... this blog is supposed to enlight me about the real life of my beloved city.

"If you do not know who Heydrich, Ribbentrop, Himmler and Bormann are, just google their names." Ohohoh ... amazing ... what a spirit.

The VB: such a great party!!

The Vlaams Blok (=Belang) has been founded, among others, by Siegfried Verbeke, notorious Holocaust denier, Xavier Buisseret, a convicted pedophile, many old SS and also the following neo-nazi organizations: VMO (revisionist), Voorpost, Were Di, NSV.

Just Google these names, you'll understand why I wonder what some honourable members of the British Conservative party are doing here with a Paul Belien and his wife (who happens to be a MEP of the Vlaams Belang).

As I told you, as an (old) conservative, I woundn't bet on these "Flemish nationalists".

This party, dear readers, is

This party, dear readers, is a protectionist, nationalist and racist party founded (Vlaams Blok) by some of the most virulent anti-semites of Europe.

Oh no! Run for the hills! How are they so "virulently anti-semitic" when you have Dewinter pandering to Jews?

Het Vlaams Belang is not an

Het Vlaams Belang is not an anti-Semitic party, but a party where anti-Semites feel at ease ...

... and Staf de Clercq is born in Belgium ...

Staf who?

Staf who? Was he a founder of the Vlaams Blok?

The most prominent Belgian National-Socialist was Léon Degrelle, a well-know Flemish nationalist. O no, sorry, wait a minute, he was a Walloon.
Another prominent Belgian fascist was the father of the well-know VB politicians José and Jean-Marie Happart. O no, sorry, they are leading Walloon Socialists.
The best known of all Nazi collaborators was Leopold III, king of the Flemings. O no, sorry, he was the king of the Belgians and the father of the present king, another VB sympathizer.

Re: anti-Semitism. As Viscount Charles du Bus de Warnaffe, the Belgian minister of Justice, said in the Belgian Chamber of Representatives on 22 Nov. 1938: the Jews are "an extremely unreliable" people; "they have no word of honour and do not keep it." This anti-Semite hardliner returned as minister of Justice in 1945, when he began to persecute Flemish-nationalists.

And of course, Karel Dillen

And of course, Karel Dillen was a "resistant" > http://blogsimages.skynet.be/images/000/345/352_Dillengroet3.jpg

I never denied the presence of nazis in Wallonie nor in the Belgian state. But the fact is that the VB is the direct successor of the VNV. REX has no child in the french speaking side of Belgium.

PS: Albert II? a VB sympathizer? Ahah ... your are funny, little man.

Logo, Louis,

I'd suggest that you at least try to do a minimal effort to understand why part of the Flemings were driven into collaboration with the Germans, why afterwards the Flemings were labeled as the sole satan (despite the reality of francophone war crimes), why collaborators in Flanders were repressed often more cruelly and during a much longer period than in any other occupied country, and why some francophone collaborators got real nice positions in mainly francophone Belgian post-war governments (Heirs of some of them actually still control the Belgian establishment). Hopefully you'll see clearer then and stop thinking black and white about Flemish-nationalists.

Philip Vanheessen ...

I am aware of those facts.
I totally agree.
I didn't criticize the essence of the flemish nationalism. I just said that Staff De Clercq was, as lots of wallons, a collaborator.
I just react to the rotten "trait d'esprit" to our Austrian intervenor (Austrian = Hitler ... very clever, very nice).

"Hopefully you'll see clearer then and stop thinking black and white about Flemish-nationalists." As a brussel's francophone from flemish extraction, I do my best, really (my flemish grandpa was in the nazi's camps during this period).
But, to you, is the VB black, white or grey?

The Vlaams Belang? I would

The Vlaams Belang? I would say grey. Sure, there are Vlaams Belangers with unfresh ideas, but these people also need a political roof and logically this roof is the Vlaams Belang since it is the most right wing party in Flanders.


Logo: Flemish or Brabantian extraction?

"where anti-Semites feel at ease". They're idiots; but I think they will find them better at ease in GroenRechts or in some parties that support a certain population and that despise the Israeli State.
node/710#comment-2308 is a good hint.

One thing...Vlaams Belang is not a successor to the VNV...the VU was the successor and is now broken up in 3 bits: VB; N-VA & Spirit.

Who says you dont have the right to stay here?

Louis: "Flip Dewinter, chairman of the Vlaams Belang, on Staf De Clerq:" Seems like a very reliable source...only one tiny problem. Flip Dewinter is not correct; neither is the intended person CHAIRMAN of Vlaams Belang.
Say wouldnt your last name be Michel, by any chance?


+ Flemish or Brabantian extraction? Both ... my ancestor are coming from in Aalter, Antwerp, Brussels and Mechelen.

+ This hint is not so good:
- Degrelle was more active in the russian front than on the belgian territory.
- the father of the Happart's was a "basic" collaborator not a political leader. We can blame them for a lot of stuff but not for their father's acts.
- Leopold III ... beurk ... I'm republican ... so ...
- Viscount Charles du Bus de Warnaffe: yes, I admit, this point is quite interesting. I'll try to find sources.

+ Ahah, the Toffe Bertje is also a successor ... ouhouh ... I'm dreaming of a debate B.Ansciaux vs O.Maingain.

+ "Who says you dont have the right to stay here?" Paul Belien, he want to deportate me to the extreme-left blogs. So rude.

Law & order should be

Law & order should be restored swiftly in this part of Brussels.

But as always this story is an opportunity for Mr. Paul Belien to advertise the VLAAMS BELANG.

This party, dear readers, is a protectionist, nationalist and racist party founded (Vlaams Blok) by some of the most virulent anti-semites of Europe.

I would'nt bet on them.

Louis (Austria)

looming extremism

Souleymane, a black immigrant from Guinea, told the paper that he agrees with the Vlaams Belang that law and order must be restored. “This neighbourhood is rotten,” he says.

The irony of all this is that many, maybe most immigrants just want to live productive lives. But as Lenin (and, in a weak democratic context, Hitler) knew well, the ambitious, energetic extremist can come to rule the day when institutions are weak. Lazy multiculturalism and corroded civil society are weakening institutions in Europe, and allowing the thugs to increasingly define the public perception of the immigrant and nonwhite community. Immigrants and nonwhites will increasingly be forced to choose sides on purely tribal grounds.

Some rough sailing lies ahead for much of Europe.

Collateral damage

Molenbeek, the brussels region, belgium and europe for that matter, are perhaps the clearest examples of societies based on 'the lust for power'-politics.

The Molenbeek-situation is only collateral damage to get where the (PS) politician has decided where he wants to go while ... lighting his cigar.

I personally would opt for a “Corporate Governance”-code for mayors, with yearly evaluations.

"The Molenbeek blacks say it

"The Molenbeek blacks say it was a racist murder. They complain about the hatred of the Moroccans for the black Africans."

Hatred of the other is insidious and spreads like fire even infecting the most pious and peaceful as their history repeats in their new country, while the host country repeats, "The emperor has no clothes."

Molenbeek isnt really a

Molenbeek isnt really a borough is it. Its a 'different' city engulfed by the Brussels Capital Region. Problems in Molenbeek are nothing new.
The only new element is that people -immigrants themselves- are fed up and seem to switch to Vlaams Belang. Moureaux doesnt dare to intervene; he would loose too many votes...thats the reality of the situation. Besides they're his allies against 'white' (cough) Belgians & Flemings.
Criminality and pestering from immigrants forces people to flock together...creating 'white neighborhoods' whilst others -fed up with all the bullsh*t from the French talking lot- just flee the city. Heck, we fled the city because living there was becoming impossible...