Go Vaira, Tell It Like It Is

David Rennie, the Europe correspondent of The Daily Telegraph, reports over at his blog on a fine defence of the United States by the President of Latvia, Vaira Vike-Freiberga, at the Euro love-in in Salzburg this weekend.

The European Union leaders launched a salvage operation on the moribund EU constitution, but the Latvian president is our hero, and we are sure you will agree after reading Rennie’s report. Here is an excerpt. Three cheers for Vaira.

Amidst two days of waffle and self-congratulation, the “Sound of Europe” Euro-summit that just ended in Salzburg threw up one moment of genuine drama. It came as a left-wing Swiss/German newspaper editor, Roger de Weck, drawlingly invited the president of Latvia to agree that new EU members from east and central Europe posed a danger, as they were too pro-American in their leanings. [...]

Her reply was initially greeted with sullen silence by the audience of Euro-worthies, who had spent two days congratulating themselves on Europe’s cultural heritage, and values of democracy, “social justice” and managed capitalism. But by the end, she had at least half the audience applauding wildly, and eating out of her hands. [...]

Mrs Vike-Frieberga’s words were spoken off the cuff, and they were not always polished. She began in German, then switched to English [...]:

I am amazed by the speed with which Europe has forgotten that it was rescued during World War Two when the Americans entered the fight. The contribution of the trans-Atlantic link to European security is something that Europeans have long taken for granted. But since the corridor to Berlin [was secured] right after the war, right up to the great debates and conflict in Germany about having intercontinental ballistic missiles or not, Europe has felt quite comfortable under the umbrella of security that Nato offered, and that means the trans-Atlantic link.

By the way I’d like to remind people here that when you see row upon row of white crosses in the fields of Flanders and North of France, those are also Canadians, thousands of Canadian soldiers who died for the freedom of Europe, for the freedom of the Netherlands, of France, and of Italy.

The trans-Atlantic link is intrinsic, it goes back to Europe bringing its ideas and ideals to the North American continent – along with smallpox and the common cold and the extinction of the native peoples, naturally – they brought both destruction and ideals. North America has developed different models of the same European values that they inherited. The idea that we have somehow two systems that are inimical, I find extraordinarily strange. [...]

What is it that Old Europe is worried about, with respect to New Europe? That we are friendly with America? All that we have asked is to be part of Nato, and part of the security umbrella that Europe has enjoyed for half a century.

At this point, she turned to face the audience directly. “You lived in democracies for longer times than we,” she began. Scattered clapping began to be heard. “Austria, by the way, came very close to being in the same situation as Latvia. Be grateful for your fate, don’t complain,” she said, this time to swelling applause.

She went on: “Throughout the years, in parts of Europe, intellectuals and even politicians were enamoured with the idea of Marxism and even some thought the Soviet Union was an embodiment of what Socialism and the protection of the worker was all about. America was more realistic. America looked on us as captive nations. We were captive nations, and we are now free.”


Mr. Representative Muslim: there is nothing to forgive

as that which is not God cannot be insulted. So there is no 'tolerance' displayed by 'Islam' for that which is Truth. Doing a strange etiquette toward a caricature you suppose is your enemy is vanity.

It is always the same with the deceived: you and all those who are deceived "allah" is God and Mohammed is anything other than a pedophile/sodomite who you think got away with murdering thousands in his own life and millions through you. Anti-Christ through you thinks to 'do emotion toward' some particular set of minds and hearts you are deceived actually exists and that that mere emotion you feel in doing it somehow makes it seem anything substative to have been done.

Self-deception as to the 'doing' of some proper etiquette (such as "forgiveness") in no way accomplishes anything in reality and not in any way involves anyone but you in your own lies. Apparently you are deceived that that lying spirit merely speaking through you puts new creations in Jesus Christ in a stupor.

Not even those deceived in the lie of multi-'culturalism' with its own keywords of emotion would mistake your 'forgiveness' for anything real.

You've been told the "West" likes to:



--include everyone in that talking and feeling

--imagine that no such thing as truth and lies exists and so believe everything they hear

--believe men have free will

Plug and play:

Plug in the lies of anti-Christ they told you to the play of anti-Christ's emotions through you toward ...something and all you ever get is your own lie of 'tolerance'. It is a bad reflection and not even a mirror image of the lie of tolerance presently going on in the West.

No doubt the Islamic psy-op drawing board has this as a play with [insert proper words about some particular here] to fill in the blanks:

"Forgive..er, all peoples, er..dialogue with you, er..cartoons..peace be upon ..thank you. Here's my name and address."

Yet that is not even the etiquette of those deceived in the West that your mere speaking DOES put the West in a stupor.

John 6:63 It is the Spirit which quickens, the flesh profits nothing: the words which I have spoken unto you are spirit and are life.

Perhaps next time you could stick to the subject and not change the subject with emotional gibberish thinly dressed as religiosity. Perhaps it bothers you that in the providence of the real God who loves Israel, without the West and in some way the United States, your oil would be worthless and you penniless. Mercedes and nice clothes don't hide ignornace.


Anti-Christ as the lie of free will is the enemy, not the solution.

Anti-Christ through you will say then: If I don't have free will, then why even tell me? What good is it to know?"

It is this: the Speech that tells you you have no free will is Jesus Christ, the Word of God. He Speaks to you both as a rebuke and as newly creating you in Him so that you no longer have the anti-Christ/non-creating speech at all. That means if you hear Jesus Christ, you no longer have the powerless speech that is anti-Christ and therefore he cannot do his vain incredulity through you and therefore cannot embarress yourself as with your last post. You know that you were once encapsulated in anti-Christ and now are free in Jesus Christ.

Isaiah 6:5-8 And I said, Woe unto me! for I am undone; for I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, Jehovah of hosts. And one of the seraphim flew unto me, and he had in his hand a glowing coal, which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar; and he made it touch my mouth, and said, Behold, this hath touched thy lips; and thine iniquity is taken away, and thy sin expiated. And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? And I said, Here am I; send me.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

I Praise God To Forgive You

As a Muslim, I have felt absolutely Sad by the Cartoons Published in your Newspaper.

You might wonder, why I am writing to you now!

I have to admit that even I have been following the news and heard about the issue months ago, I never really bothered to search and to try locating and seeing these cartoons until today.

I have read your Apology letter addressed to the Saudi’s, I also read one of local English newspapers published in the United Arab Emirates, and on the first Page the following was written “ UAE flays Danish cartoons” RETAILERS IN GULF REMOVE SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRY’S PRODUCTS FROM THE SHELVES”.

In my opinion an apology addressed to the Saudi’s is not enough, actually an apology addressed to every Muslim and religious figure is the whole world may not be enough.

Thou shall forgive, but unfortunately we are humans and not all will forgive your insult.
Whether intentional or not it has caused a seriously deep diplomatic and humanitarian injury that may never be healed.

Islam the religion of peace and forgiveness, our beliefs as true Muslims prevent us from humiliating Prophets, messengers, or any religious Figure, whether Popes,or Rappies or Islamic figures.

You have mentioned that your reasons to publish was the freedom of Opinion, but with all due respect, after seeing these cartoons, anybody including myself will have the same opinion, either they are IGNORANTS OR RACEISTS. So in my opinion, your decision was not wise. I say that for the following reasons:

1- Whenever there is a chance for the Western and European people to mention or express, then we have to see a fat ugly Arab figure or a camel or an oil barrel.

2- We are as educated and modern as you are; some Arabs or Muslims do not wear or even never wore the Arabic costume which we call DISHDASHA OR ABAYA which is worn along by face Vail by the women.

3- Our prophet Muhammad “May Peace Be Upon Him” was peaceful, even after all the hurting and humiliation, he faced during his breaching, he had forgiven all and praised God, All Mighty to give them a chance, hoping that, may be one, only one may become a Muslim.

4- As a True Muslim, I know if Prophet Muhammad “May Peace Be upon Him” was alive today and seen what you have done, He would have forgiven and requested God forgiveness to all of you, who have teamed in this Shameful Act.

Therefore I forgive, and praise God, “The All Mighty” to forgive each one of you.

I also urge all true Muslims in this world to follow the footsteps of our Prophet, and to forgive.

After all, we are all Brothers and Sisters. We all may make mistakes, let us forgive.

I Plea every one of you fellow Muslims on the face of the earth, to Forgive and praise God the All Mighty to forgive them.

Personally I will not Boycott or Shout or burn a flag.

I will leave you in peace and as us Muslim greet other fellow muslims I say to you
“May Peace be upon you”.

Sincerely Yours

Khalid Al Souqi

Dubai , United Arab Emirates

... Amazing that countries

... Amazing that countries like the Netherlands are happy to give second passports to nationals of countries like Syria, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Morocco.... while denying the same to Americans, Canadians, and Australians who and pay tax in the country. Dutch politicians seem content to piss everyone off, including those closest in history to them. Europe has completely lost its way, I've pretty much given up hope on it. Kudos to the Latvian president.