French Police Fails to See Anti-Semitism

Read this headline: “Paris: Gang suspected of killing Jew nabbed.” Then the subheadline: “Ilan Halimi, 23-year-old Parisian man, found tied to tree, naked, wounded, with burns covering his body; police arrest 13 suspects, say act not motivated by anti-Semitism.”

OK, so that seems pretty clear, just another dead Jew. But hold on a moment, what is this we see down the page, right down at the bottom?

“We think there is anti-Semitism in this affair,” Rafi, Ilan’s brother-in-law, told the European Jewish Press. “First because the killers tried to kidnap at least two other Jews, and secondly because of what they said on the phone. When we said we didn’t have Euro 500,000 to give them, they answered we should go to the synagogue and get it,” Rafi stressed. “They also recited verses from the Koran. We didn’t know what they were saying but the police told us,” he said.

Now the police say that they are “not motivated by anti-Semitism, but added that they have not yet discovered what led the group to commit the acts.” So what pray do the comments made by the victims family amount to other than possible evidence of a religious motive?

According to AFP, police are still hunting for the gang’s suspected leader, a 26-year-old man named Youssef Fofana, who nicknames himself “Brain of Barbarians” and is described as “extremely dangerous.” So far 12 people accused of the crime have been arrested in France and one in Belgium.

People like Emeda

People like Emeda would gain more respect for their faith and Muslims in general if they would only speak out against the barbaric fascist behaviour carried out by the minority of their faith. On the few occasions they do speak out, it is ALWAYS qualified.

BUT Islam is a religion of peace...
BUT violence is carried out by others as well...
BUT the cartoons shouldn't have been printed...
BUT the USA is doing X...
BUT Israel is doing Y...
BUT the west is doing Z...

Emeda, every time you and nearly every other Muslim does this, you are EXCUSING these barbaric acts carried out by these sadistic mafia-like murderers.

Look at the facts, Emeda, if you can.

Look at all the trouble spots around the world, and look at how many of those involve Muslims.

Face it, many Muslims are a fanatical bunch. And absolutely hypocritical. And what drives them is misinformation, an inferiority complex and religious fundamentalism. And it continues because other Muslims are in denial. Wake up!

Cartoons offend you,
* but when Muslim fanatics blow up Shia mosques in Iraq, that doesn't
* when Sunni fanatics blow up Shia innocents in Pakistan, that doesn't.
* when Kurdish (also Muslim) people are denied a homeland by Turkey, Iraq and Iran, that doesn't (it's only the Palestinians who are being denied because the other side is non-Muslim)
* when Muslim fanatics saw off the heads of innocents (eg. Margaret Hassan, Muslim), that doesn't.
* when Muslim fanatics blow up Muslim boys playing football in Iraq, that doesn't.
etc etc etc

Emeda, you need a reality check, or the rest of the world will some day do it for you. The name of Islam is being sullied beyond belief by these fascists. If you want to stop this desecration of Islam, you and your people are going to have to speak out. We can't do it for you.

I know many Muslims (I live in a Muslim country) and they are wonderful, peaceful people. I'm also reading the Koran, and it is an inspirational book (so far, up to page 105) if read in context (something the fanatics and Islam's critics don't do). But they, like you, are in denial, big time.

Wake up!

Re: Islam & its Respect for Humanity

Islam Told YOU? What you had to go to a surah in the quran to be told that.. YOu cannot find it in your own life and in the lives of others.. So you resorted to a piece of paper to tell you that. Actions speak louder than wordsA Are you people using that to read or a toilet paper? Inquiring minds would LOVE to know!

Odin eb Praised! Balkdur Save Us!

Re: Islam & its Respect for Humanity

Islam Told YOU? What you had to go to a surah in the quran to be told that.. YOu cannot find it in your own life and in the lives of others.. So you resorted to a piece of paper to tell you that. Actions speak louder than words! Are you people using that to read or as toilet paper? Inquiring minds would LOVE to know!

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

Re: Islam and Freedom Of Expression

Another cut and paste from emeda30.

People are different - and religions are different.

But with your muslim background - and lack of education, you'll never reach a higher level of knowledge.

Leading Islamic University rated 48th... in Africa

Nothing speaks more to the importance of ignorance in islam than this...

The world's leading Islamic University, Al-Azhar, is rated 48th in Africa.

And no African university has made it into the world's top 200! Ever! 


Islam thrives on ignorance. It must keep its subjects as uneducated as possible in order to advance its primitive, medieval culture of violence. That is why "free expression" terrifies islam so much.


Islam must keep chains on what its people can hear and what they are allowed to say. Islam fears, above all, knowledge. Keeping its people rooted in superstition, fear, and ignorance is a full time job. This is why so much of islam is devoted to petty "rules of conduct"... if you want to cut your fingernails be sure to check with the imam.

"Oh learned one, am I allowed to cut fingernails on this day?" He will have an answer backed by centuries of rulings, of course.

Knowledge = Freedom.


Re: How Charitable are Muslims?

Since most muslims don't have any education woth to mention. And only have spend some few yeas at a muslim school=potential terror cell in Iran, Iraq, Pakistan etc.. they have spent their last cent on arms instead ..

Who will hire anyone without any knowledge ?

R; Re: Prostituting Islam

You forgot and also in style..more than likely it will be a Mercedes you are taking the ride in...The taxis of the Middle East..old ones though.. but a Mercedes!

But of course GOOO LITTLE MUSLIMS would NEVER do such things ....RIGHT! You keep believing that they would not either.

Odin Be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

Re: Violent Reactions to Danish Cartoons

A lot of danes don't care about your boycot. The next thing - you'll suggest is the "oil-embargo". Sorry it would'nt work either, since we have our own oil !

The Islamists have a right to thier beliefs in lies. If you don't like your home you move out! Keep Europe free- if you want a police state there are plenty out there already- go there!

People are different - and religions are different. But with your muslim background - and lack of education, you'll never reach a higher level of knowledge.

Serb from Bosnia,,91134-bosnia_p3705,00.html

The Hidden Army Of Radical Islam

Sky News has obtained evidence of hundreds of radical Islamic Holy warriors hiding in Bosnia, a decade after the end of the war. Tim Marshall went to Zenica in search of answers. He found a growing radicalisation, and a new base for Al Qaeda.

Re: Every Criiminal Act in the world is Islam?!? Okay!

No I am sure western men do not reach an erection because Islam is UGLY.. Oh yeah.. you ever wonder why veils are put on muslim women Emeda30... well it may have something to do with modesty.. but I thinnk it is more so the man does not get terrified when he finds out he has been sleeping with a woman who has the face of a camel!

Like that.. that response made as much sense as your postulating the statement in the first place. Islam is criminal, murderous, stupid, asinine, inane, purslane, filled to the brim with nattering nabobs of negativistic energy, dangerous because you followers are interested only in death, heaven and getting those blasted 72 virgins.. Let me ask you this does this mean muslim women who do Shahada acts and die.. when she gets to heaven, she gets 72 virgins too right? Since I have never seen anywhere that it says the virgins are female.. Does this mean that "muslim" women are closet lesbians.. after all it never says you are getting 72 virgin men does it.. just mentions the women.. Hmmm! That is what I thought? No , do not answer I do not wish to "out" any more of you! *smile* Bye bye

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

RE: Re: Every Criiminal Act in the world is Islam?!? Okay!

If the crimal act is supported by some IMAM's - everything is ok. Since most of the people - in the muslims state have a poor educations (the same in the west - since they are dropping out of schools to make crime ), they accept everything a crazy IMAM tell them. They do not know better. - Just look at the regime in IRAN.

Nigeria confirms that 35 persons were killed, 30 churches and five hotels were also burnt in violence the past three days.

For the third day in a row, Nigerian Muslims rampaged through the streets leaving 13 dead on Monday in Bauchi after at least 25 reported deaths in two previous days of violence.

NOW muslims - will defend this act as not crime - by reading quotes from lying Imans, and tell everybody - that they want peace


Continuous censorship in Belgian newspaper Le Soir

While most of french dailies now refer to the probable antisemitic aspect of this barbarious act perpetrated by a gang of nord-african origin, the Belgian daily Le Soir censors this information since several days.

Even today they were completely silent about the Sunday demonstration of some thousands french jews and sympatisers in the streets of Paris though the whole french press related it, including the La Libre Belgique:
"Dimanche, les trois premiers mis en examen du dossier ont été écroués tandis que 1 200 personnes selon la police, plusieurs milliers selon des organisations communautaires, ont défilé de la place de la République jusqu'au boulevard Voltaire, devant la boutique de téléphonie où travaillait le jeune homme."

Anti-Semitic Attack

Yeah, this guy was chosen by chance -- sure.  Who is conducting the investigation, Detective Clouseau?  (For those of you too young to know, he is the bumbling French detective formerly played by Peter Sellers in the movie, "The Pink Panther" and being played by Steve Martin in the new movie.)


Don't ever say it's too late!