Eurabia Scholars Gather in The Hague

Bat Ye'or

Yesterday I had the unexpected pleasure of meeting a very special person. If you did not know the tiny, unpretentious and vivacious grey-haired lady whom I had the privilege of sitting next to you would never guess that she is one of the most formidable personalities of our time. When I drove to The Hague I did not know I was going to meet her, but I knew her name – or rather the pseudonym which she generally uses: Bat Ye’or. It is Hebrew for “daughter of the Nile.” She was born in Cairo but her family was expelled from Egypt and stripped of their Egyptian nationality in 1957 because they were Jewish.

The family settled in Britain as stateless refugees. Bat Ye’or became a historian. She raised a family of three children before she began writing. Her first book, published 35 years ago, was a history of the Jews in Egypt. Later she wrote a history of the Egyptian Copts [Orthodox Christians, the true natives of Egypt]. Later still she began to study the situation of non-Muslims under Muslim rule.

Jews and Christians living under Muslim rule are called dhimmis in Arabic. They are treated slightly better than other non-Muslims (who are persecuted) because Islamic law tolerates a situation whereby dhimmis may practice their religion. However, the condition for this tolerance (a favour that is not always granted) is that the dhimmis be systematically humiliated for their rejection of Islam. Dhimmis have the status as second-class citizens and have to pay special taxes.

My wife and I had dinner with Bat Ye’or and I asked her how it had felt to live as a dhimmi in Egypt, but she said it was only when she came to the West that she had come to realize what dhimmitude really was. “You only realize when you look from the outside in,” she said. It is perhaps because she has had this ‘priviliged’ experience that she was able to perceive from the 1970s onwards how the Europeans are slowly being turned into dhimmis. Her 2005 book “Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis” describes this transformation process.

Bat Ye-or was in The Hague attending an international gathering of Western Jihad experts. The group included Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer, Ibn Warraq, David G. Littman, the Dutch and Flemish Arabists Hans Jansen (University of Utrecht) and Urbain Vermeulen (universities of Leuven and Ghent), and others.

Bat Ye’or convincingly argues that the transformation of Europe into Eurabia is the result of a deliberate strategy that was foolishly set in motion by French Gaullists who wanted to create a European-Arab counterweight to the United States. Today the European Union is continuing this policy, which aims to create a united Mediterranean continent based on a symbiosis between the Northern and the Southern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. In her Eurabia book she meticulously describes how this strategy has been implemented during the past 35 years and how the promotion of Muslim immigration to Europe constitutes part of this plan.

Ever since she was forced to leave Egypt Bat Ye’or has lived in Europe. She does not intend to leave. She feels old and tired, but she urges young people to continue resisting dhimmi status. “We should not ask the moderate Muslims to save us. We have to change the present situation ourselves. That is our duty to our children and our ancestors.” Her study have made her aware that the destruction of Christian societies by Jihadists has always been brought about by the Christian leaders and churches themselves. “I think that we will not be able to act responsibly so long as we do not understand the dynamics, the spirit, and the functioning of Eurabia, a concept that has been conceived in Europe and by Europeans, and has not been imposed upon us from outside.”

She points out that after the Eastern enlargement of the EU, the Arab countries were worried that less European funds would be available for the Maghreb countries. They made Europe promise that EU funds to the Southern shores of the Mediterranean would not diminish, but also that immigration from Arab countries would not be stopped in favour of immigration from Eastern Europe. This is the real reason why the Polish plumbers are not welcome while people from the Maghreb still continue to flock to Europe.

“Immigration,” Bat Ye’or says, “is part of the whole strategy, which is an ambition to create a new civilizational concept based on multiculturalism, on the dissolution of people’s typical characteristics.” To Bat Ye’or the Danish cartoon affair is “a revolt to assert Western values of freedom of opinion, speech, and religion.”

Not only the European Union is imposing the ideology of multiculturalism, but also the United Nations. David Littman is an expert on the “creeping Islamism at the UN.”  Littman, a representative for the Association for World Education (AWE) to the UN in Geneva, was recently testifying before the UN but was censored when he quoted moderate Muslims condemning Jihadist bombings. According to the 56 member states of the Organization of the Islamic Countries (OIC) even the use of “the prefix ‘Islamic’ before ‘terrorism’ is sacrilege.” Through the channels of the UN they try to curtail freedom of thought, opinion and expression with accusations of “blasphemy,” “islamophobia,” “defamation of Islam,” or “sacrilege.”

I had been invited to The Hague by Daniel Pipes. I discovered that the most famous of the conference participants were not registered at the hotel under their real names and a (plain clothes) guard was watching over them. Apparently, a gathering of people for a scholarly exchange of views on the preservation of Western liberties, can no longer take place in the free West without security measures.

Flemming Rose, the Danish journalist who commissioned twelve drawings of Muhammad (hardly offensive by Western standards. See them here, halfway down the page), is currently in the United States. The journalist wanted to test to what extent “multiculturalism” has affected freedom of speech. Little did he know that things were already that bad. The outcome of his test is that his life is now in danger in Europe. Flemming may be forced to remain in hiding for the rest of his days.

Danish historian and journalist Lars Hedegaard, also present in The Hague, shares my fear that Denmark will soon be attacked by the Jihadists. The latter have frequently announced that they intend to “punish” Denmark and will do so if they are not to lose face in the Muslim world. A bombing or an assassination before the end of the year will come as no surprise.

Europeans are fast becoming second class citizens in their own countries. It is tempting to flee a continent that has already to a large extent become Eurabia, and hide in the relative safety of the United States. However, Europeans should stay put and resist the attempts to turn Europe into dhimmi-land. “It is possible that some Muslims are offended by the Danish cartoons,” says Daniel Pipes. “Nevertheless, all the media should have published them. While the Rushdie affair was about freedom of speech, because it was an intra-Muslim affair, the cartoon affair is about the defense of the identity of the West and whether we allow them to impose their values on our society.”

Muslims integration : PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES AND MINDS!!!!

One of the most serious problems that Westeners face with Islam is the total lack of knowledge about its rules.

I feel crying when I hear that "muslim communities are integrating in our societies"


Here you have the teachings of influent mullahs on this subject :

A Muslim who is born and raised in a Muslim country where he consciously and subconsciously absorbs the laws, values and teachings of Islam, grows up into a young person who is aware of the customs of his religion, following its path and is led by its guidance.

On the other hand, a Muslim who is born, and brought up in a non-Muslim country demonstrates the influence of that environment very clearly in his thoughts, ideas, behaviour, values, and etiquette unless his Lord helps him.

This un-Islamic influence is seen more in the second generation of those who have migrated to non-Muslim countries.

This was the reason for Islam's view on AT-TA'ARRUB BA'D AL-HIJRA as reflected in many ahadith.

At-ta'arrub ba'd al-hijra literally means "becoming shorn of one's percepts of faith after migrating [to city]," and technically, it means leaving an environment where you could follow Islam and moving to a place where you maybe prone to not following Islam. Such a migration is counted as one of the major sins.

Muhammad bin Muslim narrates from Imam as-Sadiq (a.s.): "The major sins are seven;

(1) Intentionally killing a believer;

(2) Wrongfully accusing a married woman of adultery;

(3) Running away from the battle-field in jihad;


(5) Unlawfully confiscating the property of the orphan;

(6) Dabbling in usury;

(7) And every act for which [the punishment of] the Fire has been promised"

Ubaydullah bin Zurarah narrates that he asked Imam as-Sadiq (a.s.) about the major sins.

The Imam said, "In the book of [Imam] 'Ali, they are seven:

(1) Disbelieving in Allah;

(2) Killing a person;

(3) Causing distress to one's parents;

(4) Dabbling in usury;

(5) Unlawfully confiscating the property of the orphan;

(6) Running away from the battle-field in jihad;


Then he asked, "So these are the most major of sins?"
The Imam replied, "Yes."


Re: Muslim Integration

No, they are busy reading the sweet lies that people like Emeda30 are feeding them. They honestly believe that can be at peace with these people.

Odin be Praised!  Baldur Save Us!

Islamophobia = common sense.

When we look at the angry mob, burning embassies while they whine like pigs not to offend their 'profet'. When more than 3000 innocent persons in the world trade centre are killed in the name of Allah. When more than 300 school children are gunned down in the name of Allah. When more than 180.000 Christians are slaughtered in East Timor by Muslims. Faced with these facts Islamophobia makes sense !

Regading the boycott of our products in the Muslim world, it doesn't affect our ecconemy. A decrease in the German econnemy would have a effect, fortunatly the Germans are doing better now. It's good for the Germans and for the Danes. But the Muslim world has very little buying power,close to nothing. A oil boycott will have no effect as we are a oil producing country :-) Actually I'm glad we don't trade with those Islamofacist countries anymore :-)

Talk about the clash of civilizations implies that there are two civilizations. It doesn't make sense as there there is nothing on this earth that can be called a Islamic civilization. There will be a clash between the western civilization and the angry whining Muslim world.

"Islamophobia" - Nonsens

Balder - beware of the Hrimturserne (Jætterne)

Within a short while—this is a warning—the shady term "Islamophobia" is going to be smuggled in by the muslims.

By definition, anyone accused in this way will also be implicitly guilty according to muslims. They'll (Muslims) try the "soft" censorship, not from any merit in its argument, but from its association with the "hard" censorship that we have seen being imposed over the past weeks in CNN, BBC etc ..

Islamophobia it should mean

Islamophobia it should mean fear of Islam. But I see there can be a problem when the meaning of the word is changed. Like the word racism has changed from being: the prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races, to a word that are always used against persons that don't share the P.C. view of the multi-culturel sociaty.

Ohh Balder you also forgot: Islamophobia

Or rather the people who do not share the feeling that they should bend over for the Great Salami being repeatedly shoved while told that they are not nice to muslim, mean,racist and cruel. If they would only acept everything a muslim tells you and submit to shar'ia law in your own non muslim country, because some mullah is having a hissy fit cause he did not get his social service payment on time, etc. Or deciding that he and his need some serious RESPECT! Or because we all seem to have a hard time believing in "Radio Free Islam" as being brodacast in here by Emeda30, Onenoson, Bashar, Nermin, aman, peace, IsalisPerfect, Lilly, and peace22. I think you are right.. Islamophobia.. I love it!

Odin be Praised!  Baldur Save Us!

Islam and Salam related?

Many Moslems try to pass Islam as a peaceful religion by pointing out that salam (peace) and Islam (submission) are related words. The I in Islam is a prefix indicating forcing to or to be made, in other words Islam means to be forced into peace. And so far as Islam and salam are related words, they are so, only in the sense that opposites are related; as in English the words adequate and inadequate are related.

But the real question I have is why Muslims constantly find the need to resort to sophistry about their religion? Are they ashamed of it?

To Balder re islam personally

Possibly, quite true especially depending on who is shoving the Salami, where?

Because if you listen to them and bend over to pray I guarantee you, one of them will take it as an opportunity to use that Salami!

Now if you are helping them to pray better (making salam) I see no problem with it! Odin be Praised!  Baldur Save Us!

Re.: Islam and Salam related?

I think it's question about education. Many muslims - in the 3'rd world - don't have any education. The only information source they have - the mis-information some radial Imams bring them.

When an Imam is couth in a lies - he's defending himselve, by saying - we in the west don't understand Islam and are intollerant + he is telling some new lies..

Here in Denmark we are tired of those Imams, and today the rightwing Peoples Partey suggest we should redraw their danish citizenship - and send them back to those countries they came from.

Information is a better word than education.

I don't think education is the answer. There are many well educated Muslims as there was many well educated Nazi's. What we need is information about Islam. The same kind of information the Germans recieved after the end of second world war. All the nasty things about Islam needs to be exposed. When the Muslims have been exposed to all the dark sides of Islam, I'm sure most will turn away from Islam. When the allies after second world war showed films about the concentration camps to the Germans. Many Germans feelt sick about the Nazi's. The same strategy can work on the Muslims.

Re: Information and Education of muslims

But there are people here, they just are not being listened to..seriously Balder. People like Myself and FreeSpeech are either ignored or poo pooed at when we say the truth. We have an agenda thewy say.. Yes, we do have an someone else will not get hurt, scammed, killed, beaten, raped,enslaved, degraded, abused, robbed> The possibilities of helping are endless. Just help us.. Carry our words everywhere. Let the world know. The magazine Elle owned my iraqis a good deal of it. Is there a bank you do business with that started in the middle east.. I know First American bank was a Kuwaiti concern. Corporations that do shipping, like the one trying to buy the port authorieis in 6 major US cities. Boycott their businesses. Work on making non fossil fuels ready now. How many patents etc. Has the car and oil industry done away with? Buy Italian and Spanish Olive oil, Buy it form Israel.. do not buy it from the arabs. boycott their apricots, oranges, apples, etc. What only Danes sell food.. So do other countries. Are they exporting flowers.. stop buying them. for perfumes, etc. They are building a veritable haven of exotic delights in teh emirates. can contracts be broken and materaisl sold to others. Yes, the profit margins will be not so sweet.. but. A bit of belt tightening never hurt anyone. Especially to rid themselves of the soft, oily, disease. strengthen contractds between those countries not muslim.. Support each other. So .. so we loose the business of the Sultan of Brunei.. the Fahd's and Sabas. So we could always start raiding again.. Where are the privateers, the the beserkers, the roving adventurers heheh! A few Viking raids,might be exciting again.. As I remember it the Sultans in Istanbul and the Caliphs of Baghdad were paying tribute to Norsemen once.. *shrugs shoulders* It could happen again! How feels the sons of Hengist and Eosa, of Harald and Karl, of Magnus, of Vortigern? one thing is certain Leopard tanks defended Bosnian muslims once.., Leopard tanks turned around at muslims could prove interesting.. One thing is for sure.. Danes know what to do with a Leopard tank! Have you actually seen arabs in combat, they are not that good unless perpetrating a sneak whammy or suicide bombing on someone. As long as you do not fight conventionally should be interesting. In others, advance to destroy not patch, not save, not help.. just to remove it from the path! That is my idea of education and information, with regard to muslims.


Odin be Praised!  Baldur Save Us!

We overestimate the trade value to the Islamic world.

In Denmarks case the trade with the Islamic word is less than 2% of the total export. That's hardly a argument for selling out of our values. We export much more than we import so it will not make any difference if we totally skipped the trade with the Islamic world. We export oil so we don't need their oil. But it would be fair if we started to boycott the few products we import from the Islamic world. We give them one billion kr. in foriend aid every year, this can be cut to 0.
Personaly I have doubts about our engagement in the war in Yugoslavia. In Kosovo around 60,000 non muslim, mostly Serbs has been forced out of Kosovo. This has happened while Nato occupied Kosovo. Churches has been burned, no reaction from the western press. Nobody in the western world cares about the Serbs. I know sevaral persons that has been in the former Yugoslavia during the war, and their stories didn't make the Serbs worse than the Croatian or Muslims. I have heard stories from a Danish soldier that witness Muslims putting up mortars behind Nato troops and start shelling the Serbs on the hope that the Serbs would return fire and hit the Nato troops. If the Nato troops would be hit the Muslims could expect a Nato air raid against the Serbs.

Boycott tourism to muslim countries ( and save your lives!!!! ).

Very easy to implement : do not go on vacation in muslim countries.

Most of them badly needs the revenues from EU tourists ( Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, UAE, Indonesia.... ).

Moreover I really hope that most Europeans realize that whenever they travel to muslim countries they put their very life at risk!!!!

The repport states.

"The deliberate targeting of civilians by Palestinian armed groups constituted crimes against humanity,"

Parallel Universe..

'Whoever insults the one true Church deserves to be killed.' (News report)


The Vatican has protested in “the strongest possible terms” against the publication in paperback of Dan Brown’s bestselling novel, The Da Vinci Code. Cardinal Loopi, of the Office of the Defence of the Faith, condemned the book for defaming Catholicism and, in its suggestion that Jesus Christ was married, of heresy. “We demand that the book be destroyed and that the author be punished,” said Loopi, “otherwise we cannot be held responsible for how Catholics throughout the world may react.”,,6-2049788,00.html

Re: Parallel Universe

Hmm! Looks like my copy may go up in value. Where is that bookstores name again so I can buy more copies and selL them in auction on eBAY.
Oh! Maybe I can get Kai to run up some silkscreen T-shirts,of the cartoons... Could make
eBay history here!
Thanks Truth Serum!

(p.s. now I know why Monty Python always says< " and now for something completely different!")

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

Sweden increases Palestinian Aid?

Is there a Swede in the house?


What is up with this?


Sweden increases Palestinian aid




Eurabia is a chore because it documents meeting after meeting after meeting between Europe/Arabs over the years.  It is very informative ,however, and worth the slogging because it gives a clear picture of how things came to be with regards to European policy towards Israel, Muslim immigration, with a bit of Palestinian history thrown in.


Thanks for the book reference.  Will check it out

They try to match Uncle Saddam.

Saddam paid $ 15.000.000 to the families of paleswine suicide bombers. After US troops (Praise them) smoked Saddam the Muslim hero out of his rat hole, the cash flow stopped. When Uncle Saddam is gone Uncle Sweden takes over and offers 100.000.000 kr in aid to support the elected terrorist organization Hammas.

It's sad that millions of persons living in starvation all over the world. Many of these poor persons are not Muslims or vote for terrorist like Hammas. Why does Sewden support the bad ones while there a mill. of poor good people that need their help.

This message should be send to the palestines:
While paleswines prefer porking Ham-Ass, the civilized world will not support them in any way.

Maybe sweden should send them some wood instead

Maybe sweden should send them some wood instead to their fireplace.

A few days after the cartoon crise started in the Arab world, fanatic palestines destroyd the one and only greenhouse in gaza.

EU had bougt it from Israel - so they didn't destroyed it, and gave it to the palestines as a gift. ´

Several houndred palestines work there, and produced a lot of green house product's, they could sell to other arab countries - and make some money and some jobs.

Because of the green house was a gift from EU - some mad muslims, regard the green house, as a symbol of the EU - and smash it.

The value of the green house, with high-tech water systems was 10 mio $ alone.

My gues would be - they will buy some expensive Volvo's for the money. When sweden in the future says something they don't like ... they will smash the Volvo's or use them as suicide bombs ..

If Sweden really want to

If Sweden really want to spend 100 mill. in palestine, they could help the Jews. The Israelis already has build the walls around the Palestines. Sweden could build the roof and prevent any terrorist rocket attacks against innocent Jews.

To FreeSpeech , TO EVERYONE Re: To a New Believer!

Does NO ONE ever read what I write! I have been saying this since I came here! What is making people think I am a proponant of Islam. I cannot tolerate the lying, cheating, disgusting scum. Purveyors of filth and destruction, Terrorist all done under the name of religion. I AM AN ODINIST, THANK THE GODS! And such religious affiliation did not start in just the last two weeks either! The movie makes sense to me..I realize at times I too am pedantic, and can be pedagogugal, also I can do tongue in cheek as well as extremely ascerbic. But do not mistake me for one supporting islam or muslims. I have too many scar - on my mind, on my body, to ever let my vigilance down with them again.
I repeat I am a stalwart supporter of the Danish problems right now. I am with a Sandinavian male who for better or worse has decided not to give up on someone who is still a wreck because I was married to a muslim arab. There is NOTHING that they can do to ME ever again, that has not already been done. I have been through HELL and back. It is my fervent wish that NO WOMAN ever has to go through what I went through. It is my fervent wish that NO MAN should either. I have reminders that will last me a lifetime and then some. If you all here sometimes hear me rant, rail and scream! If I insult and pour mounds of abject loathing and disgust upon the heads of muslims.. It is because I KNOW THEM WELL! ONENOSON, EMEDA30, Peace, Nermin, Aman, Bashar, IslamisPerfect,peace22, Lilly, the list is sometimes endless... THEY ARE LYING TO YOU!
ISlam is not peaceful, Islam is not Good, Islam is not KInd, Islam is not benevolent, ISlam is NOT ANY of those things. When Charlemagne rails at me, I shrug, Where was the Holy Roman Empire when I was getting my fingernails ripped off my hands with pliers. I only saw Odin holding me there.But I do not take his invective to heart.. because where he might not be ready to help save me.. I would stand to save him and anyone else. You people have no idea of the sonorous singing of quranic verses while torturing other do you. Ever word of those damned surahs.. is anamathea to me. THERE IS NO ALLAh and MOHAMMAND was a GREAT BULLSHIT ARTIST, who took in other Great Bullshit artists and so they founded a religion based on liesm, ignorance, deceit, greed, hysteria, fear, terror, pain, injustice, authoritarian blindness to the power in command! Yes, I was married to one and I DIVORCED HIM!

Everyone, is entitled to make mistakes. Believe ME I PAID DEARLY for my mistake.

The next time you are at an airport in the Middle East and you see a frightened western woman seeking, her eyes searching the doors and avenues of escape.. think of me. It is an arrestable offense to LEAVE a muslim country if you are a woman marriewd rto a muslim without 3 specific stamps in your passport.. Does not matter if the passport is American, Danish, British, Chinese, Spanish, Russian etc. The next time you are at your embassy or your chancery in the Middle east and you see a western woman who keeps asking to speak with HER embassy personnel; wishing to speak with the native office workers.. think of me.. if she is from your country.. insist that she get to speak with the Dane, American, British citizen handling papers..please do this for me! Oh yes, I see of course you trust the native employees and so does the embassy.. but why.. because they have worked their.. maybe they work elsewhere as well.. ah! Did you ever stop to think of that. No, of course not. They are not spies..They are simple people.. some not all are simple people. IF you see us running for the embassy gates terrified clutching our bag, a small one, maybe no more than some envelopes with paper or a handbag and men are running behind us..yelling and shouting.. Yell for the guards.. please! When you see us dash madly into oncoming traffic, and knowing we might be struck down DEAD and we are still trying to make the embassy gates...YELL FOR THE GUARDS! DO NOT turn away! Because that woman wearing a veil or a burqa might be one of your own, desparately trying to reach freedom! She might have children with her,she might not and if she sends the children on toward the embassy and they reach you! Yell for the guards, even if you see her fall or them catch her.. Save the children! Even if you cannot save her! there are many of us out there running for those gates! Sometimes we make it, like the heroine in the Vla Kilmer movie "Cold Fusion." Sometimes, it is more like Sally Fields in "Not Without My Child!" Sometimes we do not make the gates.....sometimes we almost get there and we have no children to weigh us down.. but we just cannot make it. Running once is bad enough.. Twice... ohhhh! You do not even want to think about it. Pain like you could never begin to imagine. And if you are married into a family with military intelligence connections and members in it. Of course, you are not merely interested in leaving the marrigae. You now Agenda! Secretly, of course, you will be supplying information to your government. Of course. could ever be that it is just a bad marriage and he is a total and complete sob. Or maybe you are plotting against the religious fervour that is sweeping through their country trying to undermine it and bring it tumbling to teh ground. Well no, not really. I AM NOW THOUGH! NOW,OH YES! JUST SAY NOT TO ISLAM.. You would say not to drugs.. Islam is crack. Islam is herpoin. Islam is your mind and body on Crack and Heroin! Therea ll I feel like saying anbout this subject .. right now.. I need a cup of tea with some Irish Whiskey in it. No better still I will have 2 Carlsberg beers and a Havarti cheese with peppers and Danish ham snadwich. we need to eat all the danish products we can. Hey I could add some danish butter and make a grilled cheese sahndwich.. Yummy! Anyway, Free Speech. This is my response, just did not want you or anyone to misunderstand me.. Was in a lot of pain last night again. So if I rambled somewhere today.. please to forgive me.

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

To A New Believer & all LIBERTY believers: ISLAM IS SUBJUGATION

I spent several years in North Africa and Middle East so I am quite aware of what an ordeal is to be a woman in the hands of MUSLIM MONSTERS.
I think that you are however lucky for belonging to the very few who have been able to break away.

The reson for having forwarded you the short Bahreini Tv movie is that I think we should do something more and better than just exchanging our comments.

People in the West MUST KNOW.

Those who experienced what is the everyday INSIDE-HOUSE-TERROR life that women have to endure in the "submission" world are better entitled and hardened to make people in the West aware of the fact that Islam is not a religion : it is the ACTUAL SHAME OF HUMANITY.

Those who know better what Islam really is have the duty to open Western peoples' eyes.

Islam is the actual manifestation of the worst scourge that is haunting humanity since the very beginnings : SUBJUGATION.

Human societies of all kinds thrived upon slavery per millennia and LIBERTY is the antithesis that the human spirit devised for escaping SUBJUGATION.
LIBERTY is very new in human history.
LIBERTY is the still toddling and very frail newborn in human history!!!

The next MUST DO for making LIBERTY to grow stronger is abolishing muslim women slavery, because it is through women slavery in the "submission" world that SUBJUGATION maintains its stronghold and impends menancingly over the whole humanity.

I feel always very happy when I hear that a woman could do it. For a woman to break away from the hands of MUSLIM MONSTERS is quite a great deed.






The muslims are getting more isolated in Denmark, and the only one they can thanks for that - are their crazy Imams.

Allmost anybody else, are having a laugh over their false imams - and anti danish attitude.

When I'm talking with people from other countries, living in Denmark - All of them, find the muslims attitude crazy and wrong.

Well with the political clima in Denmark just now, and The People Parties succes, it's very clear that danes don't accept what the mad muslim Imams has started.

Truth Serum: another book

Truth Serum: another book that I recommend is Paul Fregosi's Jihad in the West.
I've read her (Ye'or) book. Have to say that I got lost along the way and never found a straight bairing in it again. I'll have to reread it, have another go at it.

Elegant Company!

Paul Belien

I had no idea that you were keep such elegant company!


As a long time jihadwatcher of Robert Spencer, I thought I recognized in your writing a hint that perhaps you were too, or at the very least a reader of some the same books I had read.  You going to this historic gathering confirms that!


By going to and having read some of the books you recomended, I have learned a lot about Islam, Muslims and jihad.  Some of us put upon ourselves to do our very best to educate friends, family, anybody who would listen really about the truth.  Personally, I put out a periodical to them where I include many articles from around the world.  Brussels Journal has been included on many occasions.


One book that should have been on your list is Andrew G. Bostom's, The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims.  He was at this gathering as well.


Keep up the good fight!



Yeah, right...

Stay here? You must be joking! Screw Eurabia, let the silent majority reap what they've sown. I'm off to a part of the world where Muslim extremists are treated as they should: with bullets.


Might bee, that the most strong resistance to this will come from scandinavia. It looks like the Danes are going to support the Danish peoples party with lots more votes in the future, and this will at least i Denmark counterbalance the influx of Islam.

I'm sure, Norway will follow, and the Finns and the Icelanders simply dosen't care about Islam, and it will never get a foothold there.

Is this a coinsidence? I think not. Scandinavia has allways been among the most sekular and less religious countries in Europe. (The Sweedes a pussies in this)

Well, we might just start calling our old gods, digging up the Vikingships, and stat a raid on the mediteranian, but this time, it will probably be with the pen and not the sword.

Nevertheles, I think that, at least the Danes are going to stand up to this, and set an example in the future.

Wait and see what happens at the next elections, when the DPP gains 8+ mandates.

Every day it becomes more clear, that we have to insist, that emigrants has to respect that in Denmark the law is above the religion. This is going to be stressed further in the future.


The Hammer of Thor

Hi Poul yes the nine worlds of the the Igdrassil. We need to awaken Thor in our hearts and maybe Freja in my case being a woman.

But I have read a little about Odinism and as a hindu I feel feel confortable with much of what I have been reading.

Maybe I am going a little off-topic but in my devotion to Saraswati I learned the the Gods and Goddesses are powerfull archetypical forces that can be addressed within oneself . Calling on the Gods and Goddesses of your own heritage can empower to do what is needed for the land of your heritage.

Personally I call on Saraswati and Roro Kidul (an not well understood Indonesian Goddess) to find the strength to continue my personal mission freeing Indonesia from the curse of islam/

Your right Odin

The muslims are getting more isolated in Denmark, and the only one they can thanks for that - are their radical Imams.

Allmost anybody else, are having a laugh over their false imams - and anti danish attitude.

When I'm talking with people from other countries, living in Denmark - All of them, find the muslim attitude crazy and wrong.

During last week I was talking with people from India, Thailand, USA, Brazil, Sweden - and all of them, was against the muslims attitude here in Denmark. From theier point of view - they didn't show any attention if it was moderate or radical muslims.

When I met some muslims from Iran & Turkey, they was a little fearful and sorry, because of the reaction against Denmark around the world.

Well with the political clima in Denmark just now, and The People Parties succes, it's very clear that danes don't accept what the mad muslim Imams has started.


Denmark rules! Which other country dares speak out so openly against Islamic intolerance and doesn't flinch at debunking would-be scientists for "scientific dishonesty"; the line in the sand against Lomborg and his ilk is what gives the Danes their moral superiority now; consistency always ends up on top !

Thank you for the article

Yes it is an excellent article and Mrs. Ye'or is one of the most important scholars to date. She combines a keen intellect with enormous courage. Personally I admire her deeply.

Bat Ye'or

Dear Paul:
I met Mrs. Ye'or and Mr. David Littman last year at the American Catholic University in D.C. where she was invited to speak about her book "Eurabia". I was equally impressed by her vigor and feistiness. (And I am so proud that she signed the book I purchased from her.)
One of the thoughts that kept crossing my mind at the time was whether she would have had the same opportunity to speak so freely at the good old (so called) Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium... ? Somehow, my doubts in that regard have only grown since then...