Apparently Academic

A quote from Prof. Herman De Ley on a supposedly “academic” University of Ghent website, 14 February 2006

As was revealed on the internet and was confirmed in the American press, the cultural editor of the Jyllands-Posten, Flemming Rose, has been in close contact, in the recent past, with the notorious, anti-Islamic, American Neo-Con, Daniel Pipes, whom he visited and interviewed in Philadelphia, in October 2004. As well as Pipes, Flemming Rose himself, apparently, is a proponent of the “clash of civilisations” policy.

As a Journalist - Flemming Rose talk to many

Talking to Daniel Pipes - don't change a thing about the Jyllands Postens right to publish the muhammed drawings.

Flemming Rose's has also been interviewed with some of the radical imams here in Denmark, without been accused to be an Muslim.

Prof De Ley must have bougth his tittle in Africa - his statement has nothing to do with academic work.

the postings by

the postings by "kungfumaster" and "condyomega" having nothing to do with the subject under discussion. They should start their own blogs. I will not be among the visitors.

Who pays Herman De Ley?

Could that supposedly academic De Ley also explain how much percent of his budget is payd by Saoudi-Arabia, if not 100%?

Prof De Ley used to be a

Prof De Ley used to be a prominent member of the Trotskyite RAL (Revolutionaire Arbeidersliga = Revolutionary League of Workers). Having spent many years discussing the difference between "true" and "actual" socialism, he is now using his chair at the University of Ghent to pontificate about "true" Islam. Resentment takes many shapes and forms.