UN Report: Danes are Racists


A quote from UN rapporteur Doudou Diéne in a special UN report (not yet officially released):

[...] The Danish government’s first reaction – refusing to take an official position on the nature and publication of the cartoons while referring to Freedom of Speech as well as refusing to meet with the ambassadors from the Muslim countries – is symptomatic not only of the political trivialisation of Islamophobia but also, due to its consequences, of the central role those politically responsible have for the national extent and the international consequences in the shape of demonstrations and expressions of Islamophobia. [...]

The author of this report cannot help wondering to what political and ideological national context the publication of the caricatures belongs, and what the position of the Danish government is. This context is primarily colored by an agreement reached on 8 December 2005 between the government and the Danish People’s Party, an extremist right-wing party, to tighten the conditions for achieving citizenship in a country whose immigration policies are considered among Europe’s most restrictive. [...]


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Suspect Atom Bomb Link


Suspect Atom Bomb Link

Updated: 21:04, Wednesday March 22, 2006

One of the suspected terrorists on trial for allegedly plotting a nationwide bombing campaign has been linked to a nuclear weapon.
An Old Bailey jury was told Salahuddin Amin had been involved in discussions to buy an atomic bomb.
The prosecution said contact had been made with the Russian mafia in Belgium to buy the radio-isotope device.
Seven men - all British citizens - are on trial accused of conspiring to cause explosion.
The prosecution claims the gang planned to blow up pubs, nightclubs, trains and also considered hitting the UK's power infrastructure.


I guessed I missed it...perhaps one of you saw it....you know what I mean...the part where the J-P told all those Muslims to go out and kill people?  The UN missed that part too I guess.


Frankly this is insanity.  I have to quote Robert Spencer here, "So in the face of worldwide violence by Muslims, including not only murder but the burning of embassies and other destruction, the UN wishes to punish those who see in Islam something that incites to violence? "Say Islam is peaceful or we'll kill you"--it's an increasingly popular sentiment.


My advice to Denmark...Unless the UN holds Muslim countries up to the same standard with regards to their Christophobia, Jewphobia,  Hinduphobia, etc., I would tell them to go get stuffed...diplomatically put of course.

New Denmark Cartoon

Has the UN taken up the issue of burqaphobia? Perhaps it would like to investigate a new cartoon. This one is not from Jyllens-Posten. It's from gringoman.

Doudou, wouldn't it be nice if Denmark

and Senegal were the same, and the people and economies were the same, and everyone just love eachother and live wherever they want in the "global village"? But, I think there is some difference there, and maybe that's good (for us, that is). So keep your corrupt, overpaid organization out of our business. Europe is Christian (or at least it should be again) and not muslim or African. It wants to try stay that way if it's not too late like in Holland. There's plenty of space (sand) in muslim coutries if they don't like ours and our cartoons, go there and print your own. By the way, I'm not Danish, but I guess I am racist too.

Doudou Diene

Who is Diéne?
Mr. Doudou Diene (Senegal), United Nations Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrrimination and xenophobia and related intolerance.

Say isnt Senegal a predominantly MUSLIM country, as in 90%? Wouldnt it rather be a objectivity-related problem...perhaps with some small spiced & mis-placed anti-kolonialist idea?

Stand Strong DENMARK!!

of course the feeble, baseless, cowardly accusations of "racism" will be used. Coming from the UN? as if that matters. The UN is a beauracratic mess of pompous, useless and arrogant diplomats and corrupt clowns. Crying 'racism' is predictable. it is a tactic all too familiar within the weak. The more of Islam that is exposed for what it truly is, the more defenders will deflect, deny, and deceive. It is Denmark as an entire nation that is owed an apology, especially by the muslims who take advantage of the KINDNESS and GENEROSITY and TOLERANCE exhibited by the countries they immigrate to by the hundreds of thousands annually. Freedom of speech and expression is NOT about being polite, being politically correct, or even about being tasteful. (and what a coincidence, the cartoon depicting violence by muslims/bomb in the turban of muhammed was reacted to with what? violence!...wow what a suprise.) Thousands of terrorist attacks committed every 5 years BY muslims,countless cowardly intentional murders of innocent and unsuspecting civilians in the name of ALLAH and ISLAM, yet you will NEVER see the same outrage from them as you do over the cartoons (Jordan 2 months ago was a rare exception) Freedom of speech and expression is a fundamental RIGHT of western democracies and nations. millions died for the freedoms many take for granted. Danes should be PROUD of their nation, even those who never read the paper which published the cartoons, and should be PROUD of their stance, regardless of whether they agree with it in detail. Once again, the myriad of myths about Islam's 'tolerance' are exposed for what they are : absurd nonsense.

What's on Doudou Diene's mind? Bombs and virgins!

Doudou Dienne imagines grenades and young virgin girls in his report to UN.

"Not released to the public" probably means "not translated to english". One paragraph from the report "Situation des populations musulmanes et arabes dans diverses régions du monde" by Doudou Diene:

"La manifestation la plus grave de la détérioration de la situation des populations arabes et musulmanes en général et de l'islamophobie en particulier est illustrée par la publication de caricatures du prophète Mahomet par le journal danois Jyllands-Posten. Ce journal a publié, le 30 septembre 2005, 12 caricatures du prophète Mahomet. Entre autres, trois de ces caricatures montrent: la tête du Prophète surmontée d.un turban en forme de bombe à la mèche allumée, le Prophète comme un diable tenant dans sa main une grenade, et le Prophète offrant dans l'au-delà des jeunes filles vierges à des auteurs d'attentats-suicides."

In english: "(...) This newspaper published 30 september 2005 12 caricatures of the prophet Mohammed. Among others three of the caricatures showed: The head of the prophet equipped with a turban formed as a bomb with lit fuse, the prophet as a devil with a grenade in his hand, and the prophet who in after-life offers young virgin girls to committers (auteurs) of suicide-attacks."

So Doudou Diene imagines a devil with a grenade in his hand. There is a "prophet" among the cartoons with devil's horns but he doesn't carry a grenade. And Diene imagines young virgin girls on another cartoon but the point with this particular cartoon is, that there are NO virgins.