Dispatch from the Eurabian Front: Germany, Sweden, Belgium

The teachers of a German college, the Rütli-Hauptschule in the Berlin borough of Neukölln, have asked the authorities to close down their school. Last Thursday the school called in the police to protect the few native German students remaining in the predominantly immigrant school, where over 80% of the students are not of German origin. The German students and the teachers say that they are being terrorised by armed and violent thugs, who call them “racists” and treat Western girls and women as if they are “whores” and “sluts.” Last week, after several serious incidents, the teachers wrote an open letter asking the Berlin authorities to close down the college and distribute the students among other schools.

Following the appeal of the staff at Rütli College several other schools in Berlin and other German cities complain that they are facing similar problems. Volker Kauder, the leader of the Christian-Democrat group in the German parliament, comments that the situation in the schools indicates “the unwillingness of many young foreigners to integrate in German society.” Edmund Stoiber, the leader of the Bavarian Christian-Democrats, said yesterday that immigrants who do not want to integrate will have to be expelled.

Meanwhile a Swedish secondary school, the Ytterbyskolan to the north of Göteborg, refuses to allow right-wing students to participate in the exams for the compulsory subject of social studies. The Swedish national school curriculum prescribes that students “have to understand democratic values and be able to apply democratic procedures.” Headmistress Ann-Charlotte Brandberg says that students of her college who do not respect coloured people, gays and lesbians and who say that immigrants should be expelled to their home countries, prove that they do not understand democratic values.

About fifty students in Ytterby College are thought to sympathise with the extreme right, according to Brandberg. She told the parents of ten youths that their children will not be allowed to participate in the exams because they had been caught using words such as “nigger,” “fagot” and “whore” and making statements in favour of sending immigrants back to their home countries. If the students are not allowed to take exams they cannot obtain their grades and get a degree.

The decision of Ytterby College is controversial. Ingegärd Hillborn of the national school board said that students should be judged by their knowledge and abilities, not by their opinions: “It is possible that a student knows the basic democratic principles but does not accept them.” Eval Thalén of the student association is critical too: “If you are a Christian fundamentalist, who does not believe in evolution, does this imply that you fail your biology exam?”

Last week the Belgian authorities detained a Belgian of Turkish origin who runs a sandwich bar in Hasselt. In 2005 the man had employed more than 70 Turks, each for only one day. As a result of this the Turks, who came over from Turkey to work in the Hasselt sandwich bar, were entitled to stay in Belgium and became eligible for Belgian unemployment and sickness benefits. The Turkish Belgian had a number of accomplices within the Belgian social services. The mastermind of the whole network was an employee of MultiColores, the pro-immigration non-profit organisation of the Belgian Socialist trade union ABVV.

The Belgian law says that foreigners who come to Belgium to join family already living there, are entitled to Belgian welfare benefits if they have worked in Belgium for at least one day. In order to be allowed to work for one day in the sandwich bar, the Turks had to pay 1,000 euro to the network, which also included a Turkish imam. The sandwich bar owner was detained for a few hours, but was later released.

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thing you will soon hear driving home

- Good morning, sir
- Yass?
- It seems to me, sir, that I'd like a brief word with you.
- Whatcha, yer racist bastardes are gonna arrest honest muslims again, eh?
- No, sir. This is not the case.
- Me not a terrorist, no bomba. But una'h day yer country will be ours, t'rust mijah
- No sir, it just seems that you were trying to rape a girl
- Yer woemnah, theyre bitches, watch a moslem girl - whattda de covered beauthy.
- Yes, but I'm afraid you have convicted a crime.
- Is dis da crime, Me tellin yah, da biggest crime is not believin in our God. And prophet Mohhammed who...whateva blessbeall..
- Allright, sir, you can drive on. We can cope with this mess in name of national safety. Have a nice trip.


Whats extreme right?

Yesterday on the national broadcaster CANVAS there was a documentary about Hitler's family.
The Dutch-speaking speaker just simply said..."after ww1 Hitler became involved into extreme right politics". I thought Hitler first got involved into some communism, then into some socialism to end up with a national socialism (instead of the international socialism).

The writer is fishing in the turbid water!

You are hunting toxic news then decorate them! Why are you making from these accidental instances a principles with general application? Formulating general concepts by abstracting hunted properties of instances or your reasoning from detailed facts to general principles is not logic and can be considered poisonous in this manner.


The Swedish school is infamous for earlier desicions: Not allowing T-shirts with "Hey Sweden" or the Swedish flag printed on it. Denying the pupils to sing the national anthem and using the flag when celebrating the end of the school year. And not celebrating it in church, as was previoulsy normal in Sweden.
More is sure to come from theese oikofobes.
Here´s in Swedish, for those of you who understand.. And many greeting to you all from Denmark.


»Från slutet av 90-talet har följande diktat utgått från den yrkesgruppen - förbud för elever att bära kläder med tryck som ”Heja Sverige” eller texten till vår nationalsång - elever med sådan text på tröjan förbjuds att delta i klassfotograferingen - förbud att hissa flaggan på avslutningsdagar - den svenska nationalsången får ej sjungas på skolavslutningen - skolavslutningar hålls i gymnastiksalar i stället för i kyrkan.«
Rektorer som trampar snett


Oh irony

The unintentional irony lies in pulling together the German and Swedish stories. The muslim German students and the rightwing Swedish ones have far more in common that they would care to admit (or even clever enough to recognise): a mutual hatred of secular and rational lifestyles common in Europe - such as emancipated women and married "faggots".

The real enemy is fascism in its Christian and Jewish and Muslim guises - really the three desert religions that are wreaking most of the havoc in this world today. A true coalition of the circumcised ranged against us.


all believers are the enemy?

I wonder though, how many murders and crimes are perpetrated by these "right wing" "fascist" Jews and Christians?
It is a fun debating trick to put all religionists into one camp. But is it a valid comparison?
Consider the irony of the commonality of the Muslims and the secularists. For centuries it has been possible to live with Christians and Jews without being killed for your beliefs. But the Muslims are not so tolerant. And the secularists also make it harder and harder for anyone not of their persuasion to live and let live. Because, of course, the secularists are true progressives, and the believers are benighted primitives. At least so the secularists believe. The secularists will find the Muslims to be only a very temporary ally. The recent Dutch elections are educational, no?

Down the pan

Europe seems to be going down the drain at a rate of knots.

Let's hope it's not all too late. Looks like the blogs are the last means left with which to try to wake people up to the sorry state of affairs.

Keep up the good work



Europe, wake up.

from TimBlair.net, signs of intelligent life in France.

Sorbonne University president Jean-Robert Pitte:
"I’m very angry about the demagogy, the ignorance and the stupidity of the young and of the French,” said Dr Pitte, 56, a geography professor who has taught at Oxford and Cambridge and holds the Légion d’honneur.
"Today’s youth don’t have dreams, they have illusions. To dream is to want to accomplish something difficult that is a challenge. Instead youngsters believe they have a right to everything and if things don’t go the way they want it’s someone else’s fault."

Tim Blair wryly comments:
Dr Pitte’s car insurance just quadrupled.