The Brussels Journal Receives a Message from the Justice Department

We just received the following e-mail from an IP-address at the Belgian Ministry of Justice:

Haha, there you are with your pants down! First you spend a whole week writing that the murderers are North Africans, and now they turn out to be Polish… Isn’t that the country of the previous Pope, beloved by Belien, an arch-Catholic with his own version of the Sacrifice…
How low can [one sink]…

In Dutch:

met de billen bloot! eerst een week lang verkondigen dat de moordenaars Noordafrikanen zijn, en nu blijken het Polen te dat niet het land van de vorige paus, geliefd bij Belien? Oerkatholiek? En met een
eigen versie van het Offer...
How low can you go...

As a matter of fact, all the Belgian newspapers wrote for almost two weeks that the murderers of Joe Van Holsbeeck (killed on 12 April) were North Africans. We waited a full week (until 19 April) before we wrote our first report, after the government (and the Cardinal) began to blame the people for the murder.

Had the Justice Department not better do its job, e.g. find the murderers of a 16 year old black youth who was recently stabbed in Molenbeek?


PS: It now appears that on 13 April the Justice Department itself (the Brussels office of the public prosecutor) was the first to say that Joe's murderers were North Africans.

I agree with the Justic

I agree with the Justic Departments sentiments. other papers may have got the facts wrong also but at least they did not pursue the issue with the same xenophobic venom . Wasn't this portal chastising the BBC for not pointing out that the murder's were 'north african'? The beeb were right not to run uncorrobrated facts as bona fide truth - as in the case here. In your haste to caste muslims as the 'baddies' (yet again) you indeed were caught with your pants down. But you won't stop. Like Hitler, propaganda works for your supine, spineless, weak lemming-like readership

What's in a name?

Let us not stigmatise our beloved Belgian Justice Department and our current "pink" government. They really do such a wonderful job as "prille democraten". If the current Prime Minister stigmatised already in 1992 -while still in the opposition- the religion of submission by writing that "in essence" it is a "totalitarian and intolerant ideology" (after the "fatwa" against Salman Rushdie), then let's apologise here in his name: he didn't stigmatise; he just made "in essence" a statement.

So, as the Justice Dept.

So, as the Justice Dept. decided it was funny to insult Catholics, should'nt Christians go out and burn Belgium flags and the embassies? Should the one who made this 'joke' have his head taken off?

Nah, joking, we are not like the foul muslims.

Beyond shame.

The fact that is was the Department of Justice itself that first reported the suspects were of North-African origin, is no objection for our Minister of Justice (Laurette Onkelinx) to say that all those who have been pointing their finger at North-Africans "will have to deal with their conscience" (se retrouvent devant leur conscience").


Beyond shame.



So I really
don`t know what to think about this situation. - the thing
that bugs me is the probability of all those things happening and the fact who
is going to win and who is going to loose from this situation. Not to
mentioning the issue that, I don`t know how about you or the other people who
are writing the article on this site as well on similar sites - but my world
view has been shaken - in some way I mean who knows.. perhaps the left is right
and the Muslim immigration isn`t such a problem cose in reality all people are
capable of all of those nasty things that are being attributed to the Muslims..
perhaps we aren`t being fair to the Muslims.. and perhaps omitting the words
like Muslim terrorist&amp is only a just behavior (you get the idea what
I`m talking about). PS. @McMad If there`s going to be some new info about the
case I`m going to post it here.



Our police has been contacted by your authorities - and they recived the description of the second suspect.


According to AFP the schooldirector of the place where the first suspect attended his classes - Alain Faure - said that the first suspect was "a very good student there were no problems with him". Perhaps this could be a hint to where to find some more information about the teenagers name as well as something about his backround.


@Ice: there is no reason to apologize. As far as I know, there a few tens of millions more Polish that don't steal MP3 players at all ;-)

It would be nice if you could give a follow-up of the comments in the Polish press on this issue. And what bothers everybody... do the perpetrators on the pictures really look like Polish?

I don’t think that you

I don’t think that you really understand the Polish mentality here. I, as well as most people who are reading such bad news about our countrymen who are doing such things abroad are deeply ashamed because this nation was able to produce such retards who are able to commit such and other crimes and on top of that bring shame upon the whole country - so this isn`t only a question about individuals - its also a question about what kind of nation we are. (Sounds weird, but it`s just the way how many people here feel about such issues - including me). So I find my apology to be right on place - though of course its not enough. Do those teenagers look like Poles ? It could be yes, it could be no. I`ve seen this video a couple of times and I have some photos from a different camera that I`ve saved because I had a feeling that they are going to be removed from the Internet. An average Pole dosn`t look this way, though some do. I don`t know what is the probability of 2 young, Poles with dark carnation and a Turkic (?) looking face type get together on a railway station in Brussels ? I don`t know - but it still exist. The explanation for the fact that they have a dark carnation might be that they were extremely tanned Poles - or they were Polish Gypsies or some immigrants from the East who in some way bought our Polish passports or they children in a Polish-Arab family.. Theoretically it is also possible for EU citizens to stay in an EU country illegally - i.e. if you`d want to stay in Poland for more than 3 months you`d have to register your stay - the same goes for Belgium as well as any other EU country.. but who is so retarded to stay in a country illegally if to make his stay legal he only has to register and some sorts of income.. ..but on the other hand who is so retarded to kill someone ..for an MP3 player.

@Ice: apologizing for the Polish

You don't need to apologize for all Polish people, but I think it is quite normal for somebody to feel ashamed when somebody from your "group" is found responsible for a deed you think is reprehensible (for now putting aside the question if they're really ethnic Polish or not). This just shows you are a feeling person who does not agree with the murder. I have felt the same reading about a murder done by my countryman.


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First I would like to say that as a Polish citizen I would like to give my sinceare appologies to the Belgian people for what has hapened - if this terrible crime had been indeed comited by my countrymen. It dosn`t matter to if they were Poles or not - the punishment for those teenagers ought to be a lifie sentence (this is one of the momments I find it pitty that the Council of Europe has outlawed the capital punishment on our continent...)

..What does the Polish press write about the whole issue ? Courrently it is simply reprinting that what is being written in Belgium - all people who hear that Poles are being suspected of killing that boy are extreamly shocked. To be honest I`m shocked as well - especially after viewing the photos of those criminals - and becaouse I`ve viewed those photos part of me says that something stinks here. So at the end I really don`t know what to think about this whole issue.. I guess that we`ll have to wait untill your (Belgian) authorities contact our police (as far as I know they haven`t done it so far), perhaps then we`re going to have more information about what hapened.



@Paul Belien - you should know that there are very popular Polish portals who are euqaly concerned with the issue of Islamization of Europe as well with lack of economic flexibility and the threat of limiting free speech - as the Brussels Journal - who were covering this whole crime in a similar fashion as you did.. and today the most popular of them has suspended its activity becaouse the authors there don`t know what to say to their readers.. It`s really a very stupid situation.

Apparently someone at the

Apparently someone at the Belgian Ministry of Justice finds it a laughing matter!
I wouldnt be surprised if the "polishness" of the murderers is fabricated. They dont look very Polish on those pictures, thats for sure. Maybe a Polish reader can inform us what the press in Poland writes about it?