Swedish Muslims Want Separate Laws

The Swedish Muslim Association, Sveriges muslimska förbund (SMuF), the largest Muslim organisation in Sweden, has written a letter to all the parties in the Swedish parliament to demand that separate legislation be introduced for Muslims. SmuF has 70,000 members and claims to represent the 470,000 Muslim immigrants living in the country. Sweden has a total population of 9 million. One in every 19 people in Sweden is a Muslim. It is the fastest growing segment of the population.

SmuF’s proposal includes demands that divorces between Muslims should be approved by an imam, that imams be allowed to give Muslim children who attend public schools separate lessons in Islam and in their native languages, and that boys and girls should have separate swimming and gym lessons.

Sweden is holding general elections this Autumn. As in other European countries, the Muslim vote may be the decisive element in the elections by tipping the balance. This probably explains why this week the Swedish Socialist government refused to participate in an international military exercise “because of Israel’s participation.”

Jens Orback, the Swedish minister for Integration and Equality, however, categorically rejected the Muslim demands for separate laws. “In Sweden we are all equal before the law. In Sweden we have fought for a long time to achieve gender-neutral laws, and to propose that certain groups should not be treated like others is completely unacceptable,” he said. “I think it is very problematic and unfortunate that people who have been in Sweden for so long are making proposals like these, that are so opposed to our intentions, when we are fighting for women’s rights and the right to divorce.”

Though most Swedish politicians agreed with the minister, there is a notable exception. Ebtisam Aldebe, a female candidate of the Centerpartiet, the Centre Party, supports SmuF’s proposal. She says that men should be entitled to inherit more than women, because this is what the Quran says.

The Centre Party belongs to the Allians för Sverige, a coalition of four center-right parties that hope to oust the Social-Democrats from power next Autumn. The Folkpartiet, the Liberal People’s Party, another of the four alliance parties, however, adopts an entirely different position. It rejects SmuF’s demands and moreover wants the Muslim organisation to be deprived of its state subsidies. SmuF received 11 million Swedish kroner (1.2 million euro) during the past years. The People’s Party wonders why the Swedish taxpayers should finance an organisation that rejects Swedish society to such a degree that they want to have their own laws.

We Can Take Islam to the Water but We Cannot Make It Drink

In the immigration policies of Europe there is little or no acknowledgment given to the fact that Islam is not only meant as a personal belief system, but to its followers it needs to be installed as a political system – with the ultimate aim of transforming that whole country or area into an Islamic State.

Although this forms a fundamental part of the Islamic belief system - we are not allowed to say this – as it is not Politically Correct – or might be seen a seen as being somehow racist.

It is no wonder people are increasingly voting for the Far Right - as they have the common sense to break through the PC dogma and state the obvious.

For the security of the entire country and for the eventual security of Europe, our leaders of what ever persuasion have to take into account that Islamic immigrants will want to establish an Islamic society within the EU, either in this generation or stored up for the next.

Swedish Laws

I too would want exemption from Swedish Laws ! Has anyone heard of a state where so much becomes subject to political interference and where politicians treat people are marionnettes for their own self-satisfaction ?

It is the Socialism of the GDR and anathema to anyone who believes in freedom.

Swedish dhimmis almost in Dar al Islam

Sweden has already surrendered! Lets hope the Swedish population can revert the situation.

Sweden was the only non-occupied country that applied also the Nazi Nuremberg rules acoording to recent research.

Sweden has been since years a pro-arab country. Swedish minister Anna Lindh has been rewarderd for het anti-Israeli actions bij Eurabia and got the Anna Lindh foundation in Alexandria that ensures that all cultural end educational activity in the European Union is compliant with Eurabian views: censureship of our schoolbooks so they become pro-arab and anti-Israel.

The only human Swede was Raoul Wallenberg who saved thousands of Jews from the Nazi's in Hungary was abducted by the Soviets and Sweden never "obtained" his liberation from the USSR. Not by accident!

One moment of sanity

does not constitute a trend.

What or where are the Swede’s major points of vulnerability?

Certainly being a EU member constitutes the gravest but on the state level?

Only preparation

The Muslims were well aware that these demands would not be supported by even a Swedish politician because of the radicalism they represent, but just wait a little while and then the same demands will be sent again but in a soft sweet spoken language and then the politicians will say: now this looks a lot more reasonable than the radical ones you submitted before, lets see what we can do to let you have these well deserved rights.

Those left wing useful idiots will be the end of Sweden



You seem to be in competition with '4Symbols' in cluttering up this website with irrelevancies, that have nothing to do with the main issues raised by the article at hand. In addition, people can go and look for themselves in other media if they wish to do so. If you want to clutter up this website, could you at least formulate some clear 'positions' in the form of 'statements, assertions, or opinions', so that others could judge wether your 'article' has valid articles that are supportive, or not, of these positions.

Or, was it your intention to illustrate how silly some modern media can get? Or worse, did you want to show how silly highly-intelligent 'scientists' (particularly nobel price winners) can be when they let their political emotions infect their 'studies'?


I know it's irrelevant, but I couldn't help smiling at the guy who wants to include "the cost of enraging Muslims".

Bob Doney

The other nuclear bomb inside Iran

The Financial Times of Thursday April 27 published on its first page the article "Tehran goes nuclear over women watching football".

"Iran may be in a stand-off with the west over its nuclear ambitions but one of the biggest issues gripping Tehran is whether women should be allowed to attend football matches.

Some of Iran's most senior clerics issued rulings this week condemning a decision by President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad allowing women to sit in the stands at top matches."

Probably in the book of the 8th century there must be some piece of text that prohibits women attending football games.

uk recognises Kashmir independence

Ethnic status given to Kashmiris - Hyndburn’s Kashmiri community is to be officially recognised as a separate ethnic group by its local council. Of the 6,000 people in Hyndburn who would class themselves as Asian, 70 per cent would prefer to be known as Kashmiri. Manager of the Scaitliffe Community Centre in Accrington, Munsif Dad said: “We hope that recognition will mean council services can be better directed to the needs of the Kashmiri community.” Labour group leader, Councillor David Myles said: “It’s very important to recognise people within the community that the council is representing. “Otherwise it is impossible to know their feelings and problems. “I hope recognition will be more than just an extra box to tick on the forms but will help find out what it means to be a Kashmiri living in Hyndburn.” 4Symbols

We are all Salman Rushdies

Strange that the left seems to be chosen the natural ally for the religion of submission. The left didn't stop wining about Apartheid, but now their absence in the current debate on a new segregation of sexes is telling.

In the article, a certain Ebtisam Aldebe says that "men should be entitled to inherit more than women, because this is what the Quran says". Loads of testosteron flowing around here in that sentence! So all that is mentioned in that book has to be applied then? (Salman Rushdie: where are you?)

What about beating women?

"Mit juristischen Schritten muss ein Imam wegen frauenfeindlichen Äußerungen im französischer Lyon rechnen. Das religiöse Gemeindeoberhaupt einer Moschee im Lyoner Stadtteil Venissieux hatte in seinen Predigten immer wieder zur Gewalt gegen Frauen aufgerufen. «Seine Frau zu schlagen, ist laut Koran erlaubt, aber nur unter bestimmten Voraussetzungen, besonders wenn sie ihren Mann betrügt», hatte Chirane Abdelkadar Bouziane in einem Interview mit der Zeitschrift «Lyon Mag» gesagt. Um den weiblichen Ehebruch zu verhindern, dürften Männer und Frauen nicht zusammenarbeiten. Die ganze Welt solle muslimisch werden, forderte der religiöse Geistliche weiter. Besonders das «unreine» Frankreich." (www.turkdunya.de)

And I guess there is nothing in the book about men cheating on their wives so that women can beat their husbands?

Natural ally


Naturally, islamists will seek their "allies" wherever they can find them. Just like part of the left was willing to act as "useful idiots" for soviet communism in the past, so today a significant part of the left in the west acts as "useful idiots" for the gradual islamisation of the west.

For the "left" this behavior is rooted in perverse selfhatred for western civilisation (propagated largely in the educational system and major media). For the islamists it is a TEMPORARY alliance of convenience. Wherever they have gotten power in the recent past (for instance, Iran) the first 'victims' are their old "allies" (of the left). It will not be different in Europe in the future.