Seeing Is Believing?

The mainstream media regularly manipulate the news. They do the same with pictures, as we have already pointed out earlier here and here.

Below is another example. On 23 April, two weeks after the murder of 17-year old Joe Van Holsbeeck by an illegal immigrant in Brussels Central Station, 80,000 people marched in a silent protest demonstration through the streets of Brussels.  People laid flowers at the entrance of the Central Station. The following day this photo, by the French press agency AFP, was published in Het Laatste Nieuws, Belgium's largest newspaper. The empty spaces had been filled up. Why? Evidently not (as with royal visits in Belgium) because there were not enough people.  

No good explanation? How

No good explanation? How about politics? Showing how 'popular' the Monarchy still is; enhancing the 'importancy' of that Brussels protestmarch. Quite simple.

There are more fishy persons in the picture

There is no good explanation for picture forgery like this, none that can make this sort of fraud legit.

If looking at the picture there are actually more persons that are duplicated than just the ones marked by a yellow circle, I count at least 5 other individuals that are twice on the picture, even more.

Even more because I see some people on the picture which resemble people located elsewhere on it, but heads or hands turning other directions or in a different position, same hairstyle, clothing, approximate height, and silhouette. The picture might therefore be cooked up from two pics snapped right after each other.

photo still online?

Do you know whether the story is still online?  And if so is the photo still there?