Beware of Brussels

Fancy a weekend in Brussels? Beware two friends just arrived by Eurostar. Their reward was to have a suitcase pinched from under their noses at the Gare du Midi. Going to the police, they were told there are no less than fifty thefts of suitcases each day and they can do nothing.

Welcome to Brussels. They produce thousands of laws but common criminals get away with anything, including murder.

You're asking crime stats?

You're asking crime stats? Ha. Crimes are going down in Belgium...say the statistics. Personally, if I get robbed I wouldn't bother reporting it at the police since its but a waste of time. Unless it's really expensive/insurred or really requires administrative work (like an ID card). Who bothers to report? Loose an hour or two and get nothing in return. People need to learn from the American Hoods and their Gangs...gotta protect yourself and bust a cap in their ass.
Police does what it can but they can't handle it. Young cops are highly motivated but once they understand the system they shut down. It's like trying to save the Titanic.

Relative crime rates


I'm sure the situation is not good and the government should do a better job of enforcing the law.  But I would be interested to know the total # of travellers/day through Midi, crimes per thousand travellers, and the same numbers from big stations across the world.  Belgium might be a lot worse than other places, a lot better, or about the same.


Sobrien: In Belgium:

Sobrien: In Belgium: Yourself yes if you feel threatened, your luggage: no.
Gilibrand: Your friends have learned a valuable lesson always keep an eye on your suitcase. Such thefts are 'normal' always have been in the past decade. The main Brussels railroad stations are a nice spot, but even in your hotel you're not safe. Luggage is stolen in the hotel...while the owners were checking in, the thieves were checking out the luggage.

Defending yourself in Belgium ?

Is there a clear law defining what I'm allowed to do to defend myself and my luggage?  If I hit the person trying to take my bag have I committed a crime?


 S OBrien

The US is no better. I had

The US is no better. I had some bastard literally drive a truck into my office, stole the computers and bank account numbers and started forging checks and cashing them at check cashing services. When a brave cashier woman locked the doors and called police she was informed that it was out of their jurisdiction. This was in California. US cops are only good at picking up dead bodies as far as I can tell.

@ Amsterdamsky: "The US is

@ Amsterdamsky: "The US is no better"

and Paris is not better, Poland is not better either, South Africa is worse. So what ! It's a shame that in the 'capital of Europe', tourists getting stolen all of their stuff. You take the train from Brussels airport to the Brussel Zuid (Bruxelles Midi), some wankers, usually from the North of Africa cheat you up with some stupid questions, and oops suitcase, bags, luggage, papers, passport, all is gone. Welcome to multicultural Brussels. Bruxelles Midi is at 2 mn of my home in Brussels, everyday I see the wankers looking for some easy victims. Apparently the police have no time for that thugs, although they are known by the police; well then it's just a matter of self-defense, if you see one of those prats, just punch them, like the italians did a few days ago in Maasmechelen.