China Takes Note

A quote from Xinhua (Communist China’s official press agency), 12 August 2006

The number of murders and attempted murders in Belgium has increased 35 percent over the past 5 years, new figures revealed on Friday. [...] A spokesman for Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt blamed the rise on vigilantes. [... He] said Belgian people who have lost faith in the state’s ability to maintain law and order are taking the law into their own hands. [He] also accused the extreme right Flemish Interest [Vlaams Belang] of creating a climate of fear and hostility in society. [...] Murders such as the mp3 robbery and killing at Brussels Central station in April have been blamed on materialism and the lack of social cohesion.

This is insane  I live in Canada and am constantly amazed at the nonsense the politically correct crowd comes out with, but the kind of willfull dishonesty you are reporting here is absolutely beyond the pale.  How can a regime be so incredibly dishonest?  What can it hope to gain? 


Where is the logic in this?

How can vigilantes be responsible? There would be no need for vigilantes if there was no crime and the state fulfilled its primary duty of protecting the public

Maybe when The Netherlands

Maybe when The Netherlands starts adding border checkpoints in the south Belgium will wake up. I don't know the details but through border agreements with Belgium immigrants to Belgium can move up to Holland after 6 months EVEN IF THEY HAVE PREVIOUSLY BEEN REJECTED BY DUTCH IMMIGRATION. All the good new immigration laws in Hollands are worthless as the incoming stream has just been diverted through Brussels.