Will Muslims Buy Jyllands-Posten?

Last week, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, the Secretary-General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), called upon wealthy Muslims to influence the Western media by investing in them as a means to change the way they cover Islam. “Anti-Muslim attitudes” are to be changed through Muslim media ownership. At an OIC conference with ministers and officials from the OIC member states, Mr Ihsanoglu said: “Muslim investors should put their money into the world's big media corporations [...] so they can influence their policies through their management.” Mr Ihsanoglu also said Muslim countries should operate TV channels in the international leading language [English] in order to change the World’s opinion of Islam.

The OIC is the largest Muslim organization in the world, with 57 member states. On 7 December last year the organization unanimously condemned Denmark for its refusal to act against alleged “islamophobia” in the press, after the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten had published twelve Muhammad cartoons. At a press conference in Jeddah on 28 January the OIC again lambasted the Danish government “over its lack of action or apology” for the cartoons. “The Danish authorities have, by providing protection to the newspaper and failure to censor it in unequivocal terms, served neither the cause of freedom of expression nor advanced the goals of multiculturalism, domestically or internationally. The Danish authorities should have categorically condemned the cartoons,” Mr Ihsanoglu said on that occasion.

The Secretary-General furthermore welcomed diplomatic actions from Muslim countries against Denmark and said the anger against the country was reflected in the boycott of Danish goods. “If they have the freedom of expression, then individual Muslims have the freedom of choice,” he said. Mr Ihsanoglu said Danish authorities “had a responsibility to control such material which incited hatred and religious intolerance.” Now his idea is to ensure that Western media will only report what pleases Muslims through Muslim ownership. Ironically, however, the fact is that the Western mainstream media generally could not be more submissive to Muslims than they already are. Hence, the real question is: Will Jyllands-Posten perhaps be the first Western paper to be bought and silenced by Muslim investors?

First ever revelation @flynn

So far , this is the first time ever that you see someone has discovered the same thing that I did a long long ago- "al-CNN, al-NY Times, al-LA Times, and al-BBC all act as they are already owned by terrorist (oops, 'freedom fighters') countries.. "

It is time more of the true Christians owned the media ! Did oyu see how three were shot dead by the state terrorists in so-called "moderate" Indonesia for whose tsunami EU/UK/USA gave more money than to India and Sri Lanka!

BE CAREFUL AS TO WHOM YOU DONATE MONEY! Never to pakkis! Mushy is marketing his book; so, say 'no' to him! Venezuela's Chevez is marketing the leftist, Chomsky's book!! Say 'no' again!!..!

Western Media

al-CNN, al-NY Times, al-LA Times, and al-BBC all act as they are already owned by terrorist (oops, 'freedom fighters') countries.   


it's already happening:

Prince Al-Walid calls 'Fox News'

Media is already very very biased

Checkout the Qana incident. Somehow it "escaped" everyone's attention that all reporters were driven to a location that was "hardly accessible at all" (according to the BBC) with a Hezbollah chartered bus, and 10 guards armed with automatic weapons.

This resulted in this : Qana and the corruption of media

Check the frontpage of the standaard the day after the "incident". The Libanese newspaper Libanoscopie went as far as to accuse Hezbollah of unearthing dead children so they could parade them in front of AP and Reuters photographers.

Another "incident" that was nicely reported : The ambulance incident

And check out the "Al-Durah" incident (which is being convicted in a french court as a forgery, not that you'll read anything in the media about this) : Check out the report

Obviously in the street you're all but assaulted when making the obvious point : Israel indiscriminantly attacks civilians and that's a war crime. But, randomly firing rockets into Israel is obviously worse, so where's your reaction against Hezbollah ?

The news about churches being burned down and "Christian" clergy being tortured, kidnapped and killed is deeply buried in headlines, and you'll only know it if you read the last paragraph of the standaard artikels.

7 churches burned down in Palestina -> headline : "Paus betreurd boze reactie moslims op zijn speech"
5 Christian clergy members killed in Middle-East -> headline : "Italiaanse non gedood"

Is this OK ? I think not.

A bit alarmist...

Firstly, I do not believe that Muslims will be able to either control or censor Western media in any significant way.

Secondly, the media never was nor will be wholly objective - least of all from a religious standpoint. My concerns about Islam do not affect my distaste for the influences of fundamentalist Christians, particularly with regards to the issues of homosexuality, abortion, and contraception.

Thirdly, the clash with Islam will occur on the streets, at the office, in the schools, clubs, bars, and restaurants..not on "the air." The self-segregation and increasing xenophobia of the Europeans from afar as London and Moscow, is evidence that the facade of multiculturalism and political correctness does not extend into their "hearts and minds." Indeed, once the proverbial spear is thrown at the tower, the facade will come crumbling down. As in all revolutions, there will be significant collateral damage; hopefully those politicians, bureaucrats, and intellectuals who created our tinderbox in the first place will be amongst them as opposed to sudden high-ranking converts of the new wave.