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A quote from Didier Reynders, the Belgian Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finances, in a letter to a Belgian voter, 24 July 2006

Here is another example [of a peaceful multicultural society]: the city of Dearborne [sic] in the American state of Michigan. This is a town with a majority of Muslims, who declare that they are also proud Americans. The local McDonald’s serves hallal meat and the local mall is called Al Jeezera, but the inhabitants speak Arabic and English and are attached to the democratic American culture. Hence, it is perfectly possible to combine these two apparently contradictory identities. It is true, however, that in societies such as ours much remains to be done in this regard.

a good article to file away...

I grew up in Michigan not far from Dearborn, and still have relatives living in the area.

I've heard references to "Dearbornistan", not a very original epithet but this will be a good one to watch, and compare with how reality turns out.... 

only because the numbers are so small

I suspect we Americans are a little smug when it comes to our 'success' in integrating Muslims. I think we are not experiencing the problems Europe is primarly because the numbers are so much smaller here. (In a country with 300 millions people, only 6 million are Muslim.) If Muslims ever got to be 10 to 15 percent of the population, we'd be in trouble too.

America is very good at integrating damn near anybody from all races and religions. But Muslims are different. Why? Because Islam is a political ideology - not just a religion. When they reach a critical mass, Muslims start to demand political change in line with Islamic law.

I'd just add that the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution (freedom to bear arms) changes the dynamic from that in Europe. US citizens don't feel so helpless because they have the means to protect themselves. Islamic intimidation wouldn't go over so well here I think.

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We Americans are so gullible. We cry out for resident Muslims to denounce terror, they do and we are happy.
They are just behaving until the call for the attacks. As Long John Silver said, "There'll be no killin' 'til I gives the word."
Are we going to awaken just at the point where the scimtar is cutting at our neck?

Didier Reynders is an idiot

Didier Reynders is an idiot who needs to check his spelling (in addition to his facts) if he is going to write about American cities.

Dearborn is fast becoming a haven for Islam fanatics. Peaceful multicultural society my ass! Americans will not put up with these terrorists. They will be driven back to the cesspool countries that they came from.