Why Muslim Immigration is a Threat to Western Democracy

Would it not be easier
In that case for the government
To dissolve the people
And elect another?
(Bertolt Brecht)

I have warned earlier, especially (in the essay Electing a New People: The Leftist-Islamic Alliance), against Islamic infiltration of Leftist parties in the West, most recently demonstrated in Belgium, and the threat this poses to Western democracy. This is part of the reason why I advocate containment of the Islamic world and an end to Muslim immigration. Pundit Ohmyrus makes some of the same observations. But there is also another way in which Muslim immigration threatens our Western society.

In Policy Review, Lee Harris reviews Andrew G. Bostom’s excellent book The Legacy of Jihad. In his acknowledgments, Bostom expresses the wish that his own children and their children may “thrive in a world where the devastating institution of jihad has been acknowledged, renounced, dismantled, and relegated forever to the dustbin of history by Muslims themselves.”

But, as Harris asks,

“Why should Muslims renounce and dismantle an institution that, while it may have been devastating to those who have been its victims, has nevertheless been the historical agent by which Islamic culture has come to dominate such a vast expanse of our planet? […] Indeed, what is most striking about the collective project of jihad has been its immense and, with few exceptions, permanent success. Once Islamic culture sank in, it became virtually impossible for any foreign cultural influence to make any headway against it.”

He warns against those who dismiss the idea that Jihad constitutes a serious Islamic threat to the West because we are technologically superior to the Islamic world:

“Jihad has demonstrated an astonishing adaptability to different historical and material conditions. Yet the secret of the success of the Arab bands lay less in their own warlike qualities than in the weakness and decadence of the empires they overthrew. […] The jihadists are not interested in winning in our sense of the word. They can succeed simply by making the present world order unworkable, by creating conditions in which politics-as-usual is no longer an option, forcing upon the West the option either of giving in to their demands or descending into anarchy and chaos.
It is tempting to call this approach the crash of civilization.
It does not take a modern, sophisticated army to bring down a fragile and delicately balanced political order. Those who have no interest in preserving order, who are eager to destroy it, will welcome disorder for its own sake.”

Accordingly, says Harris, Muslims

“do not need to achieve the same degree of force that is the monopoly of the established order. In the crash-of-civilization paradigm – contrary to Clausewitzian warfare – the enemy of a particular established order does not need to match it in organizational strength and effectiveness. It needs only to make the established order reluctant to use its great strength out of the understandable fear that by plunging into civil war it will itself be jeopardized. This fear of anarchy – the ultimate fear for those who embrace the politics of reason – can be used to paralyze the political process to the point at which the established order is helpless to control events through normal political channels and power is no longer in the hands of the establishment but lies perilously in the streets. […] The jihadists do not need to ‘win’ in the battle against the West; it is enough if they can force the West to choose between a dreaded plunge back into the Law of the Jungle and acceding to their demands. This is a formula that has worked many times before and may work again.”

Muslims can thus undermine Western democracy in two ways: By massive immigration and infiltration of established, especially Socialist, parties until they can be turned to serve the Islamic agenda, or by simply creating a climate of fear and distrust that gradually makes the democratic system unworkable. In Western Europe right now, they are making significant headway on both accounts.

muslim population bombs

We think that terrorists only level suicide bombs at western targets when we have missed the biggest one: the population bomb. One mufti has clearly stated that Holland will be an Islamic republic by the year 2050. And if Europe, likewise the US, does not shut its doors to unfiltered immigration, it is signing its own death certificate.

This is the price of wanton fear without guidance and purpose. The west is saturated with frightening political ads, frightening television shows, frightening politics (Axis of Evil!) frightening movies (Atomic Train and other apocalyptic movies), but we have not figured out the basics: if you're afraid of a robbery because there has been a rash of break-ins in the neighborhood, what do you do first thing? SHUT THE WINDOWS and LOCK THE DOOR.

This is what The Next Osama (J. Acosta) is about. I just finished reading a big portion of it on line. It's about the futility of viral fear. I haven't been able to download it, but I can't stop reading. It's the truth, but on a small scale in real lives.

Americans and Europeans must learn the basics of limit-setting the way people in recovery from addiction do: when we say no, we mean no. What part of "no" don't you understand?


the fundamental understanding of Islam

when we say no, we mean no. What part of "no" don't you understand?

I'd also add, for Europeans and Americans' better grasp of this concept: what part of "kill" / "submit" don't you understand?

Muslim Immigration is just a hole in our pocket

More problematic than Muslim Immigration per se is the fact that Muslim organizations and their chiefs are basically intend to immigrate muslim activists more than common immigrants, people that are simply trying to live a better life in democratic countries. It would be not so far from us the time in which they immigrate suicide bombers, they probably are doing this right now.

Differently from the nazis the islamofascists are tactically more efficient than the german fascists - firstly they place hundreds if not thousands of islamic activists in Europe and everywhere in the World; secondly they will cause multiple masse disorders like they already did in Paris; finally when they decided to make a whole war against Europe their activists can help them to take the centres of Power by force. Simply like that.

Islamophobia it is not a good way for the struggle we face against them - we need mainly resistance and courage to firmly fight them wherever they are threatning our lives.
Like americans and russians did against nazis.

Blog: Islamismo na Europa - Eurabia (portuguese)

I also advocate an end to muslim immigration

However don´t let me be misunderstood: i also advocate an immediate end to muslim immigration but not by the fact they are immigrants but mainly because mostly are islamofascists militants and are a constant threat to our lives and the lives of our children (yesterday in Afghanistan a taliban killed two children just to shot dead an english marine, Sky News reported).

My roots are very poor and i know very well what immigration and political asylum is.

Blog: Islamismo na Europa - Eurabia
Islamismo na Europa - Eurabia

The people in the West need

The people in the West need to understand Muslims prefer to live by their book, that's why our ideals and dmeocracy doesn't apply to them. Leave them alone to their own devices.

We, the Westerners think that if we have the ability to be open minded, then there's no reason why others can't either. We've seen Europe and America's dire attempts at trying to promote democracy in Islamic countries.

Of course it would've been nice if the rest (of the Muslim world) could think like us. But we are different, and that should be neither celebrated (through multiculturalism) nor mourned. It should be plainly ACCEPTED as a fact, also for the sake of future dealings with foreign cultures who follow different agendas.

Deport all Muslims who'd rather live under Sharia law. Cutting all contact with the Muslim world should be our goal (as Fjordman expressed in his works). Find alternative ways for producing less polluting energy then we do now.

People will not get the idea about Islam until it would be utterly impossible to live within our own borders. Sad but true.

The progress towards saving ourselves could be accelerated if only people truly wake up and START ACTING.

It's very simple.

Islam is a threat ,especially to Europe.

Not just because is a fiendish theocratic death cult and the epitome of hardcore monoculturalism.
Not just because muslims have contributed NOTHING for the benefit of humanity in the last 1400 years or so..
Not just because of the complicity and obsession of the ruling EUmarksists with islam(petrodollars) and islam(petrodollars) only.
Not just because of muslim's total lack of self-criticism or empathy towards victims of islamic madness,even sympathising with terrorism.
Etc..etc..etcetera ...
But because the muslims in Europe and the European media are simply completely politically incorrect because they hate multiculturalism.Yes you read that right.
There are far too many muslims in Europe to create,let alone sustain a small safe controllable multicultural society, for the hosts and all other cultures.
Strange that NO leftie nor most politicians,no MUSLIMS talk about this little problem at all.
Shame on you all !
Ladies and Gentlemen;WE are the last politically correct multicultural people in Europe and the ruling class know this!
When will we be heavily subsidized for our opinions in this EUslamic hellhole ?


I'm afraid that your various paranoias are misplaced. Instead of worrying about whether or not Europeans and their descendants will stand up to the advance of Islam and non-European colonization, worry about the collateral damage caused by such an event.


The earlier we prepare and draw the line in the sand, the easier it will be to overcome these demographic challenges.


And if access to Muslim-held natural resources means military occupation, than so be it. At least we won't be supporting playboys and dictators who don't even get along with their Muslim populaces anyways.

Dead and dying culture/s

A quote from the article states:

"[T]he success of the Arab bands lay less in their own warlike qualities than in the weakness and decadence of the empires they overthrew."

There's the real problem: decadent culture that, like rotting carrion, calls for Beelzebub (Lord of the flies).  Living, healthy flesh (culture) does not putrify; it has built-in resistance to infection and infestation.  Unlike dead flesh, living flesh has the means and the impulse to rid itself of organisms that otherwise threaten the life of the body.


you are the best! As is The Legacy of Jihad by Andrew Bostum.

It is the definitive reference book on the history of islamic jihad and should be in every library in the world.

First Attempts

Take the following steps rather than the round them up and ship them out approach which will certainly result in an immediate war:

(1) Cut off welfare benefits and housing allowances. The view is that the Muslims make up a good deal of the welfare population. (Or make welfare conditional on previous employment.)

(2) Stop all Muslim immigration.

(3) Countries such as Norway should use their surplus to pay Muslim immigrants to leave.

Why Islam will Take Europe

Muslims are motivated by religious ideology. This zealotry alone will give them victory, even if they are outnumbered, and with the birthrate as it is, they won't be outnumbered for long.

Europe is a dead man walking. They are not having babies, and they have no spiritual conviction. Like the Eloi of HG Wells' novel The Time Machine, Europe will go down - not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Secrets to Islam's success

are diabolical:

  1. fear of the sword
  2. peer pressure.  Those absent from regular prayer sessions are noted
  3. brainwash:  5 times a day.  Combined with forced bowing down in mosques
  4. domination: non-muslims are treated like secondary citizens
  5. high birth rate from 4 or more wives.  Muslims are commanded to have sex as often as possible.  Mohammed did that all day long!
  6. ganging against individual => surrender by fear
  7. lies to outsiders
  8. lies to muslims about going to heaven as martyr

Communism or fascism pale compared to islamic religio-political system.  For example they didn't use sex and martyrdom and 5-times-a-day brainwash as Islamists do on people from tender age.  With so much brainwash muslims are no longer rational.  No one can expect them to be rational anymore.  Political negotiations are vain because they will be lying while negotiating but turn around and do the opposite.



Leftist tactics inferior

The left should be well aware of the threat Fjordman pointed out. They have used the same strategy to obtain their power and ability to control political agendas. When reading the article and substituting leftist for muslim, I think you see what is meant.

It takes very few to control the agendas and dialogue, and to change the cultures and history of free people. It is usually minorities who are focused and committed who make changes and rise because of their cooperation and cohesiveness to powerful positions. Usually this is through grassroots efforts leading to change at the top.

In the case of both the leftists and the muslim power it is a top down imposition of power over the populace. The imans direct a determined cadre of dedicated supporters to control or influence their power base while the leftists accomplish the same through their social engineering apparatus, the monopolists, press, educators, etc.

The leftists tactics will have a difficult time against the doctrines of the zealots of muslim supremecy.

Now We're All Going to Jail!

Thanks a lot Fjordman! I think I'll wait quietly on the can for the Thought Police - I mean anti-racist/integration/multicultural harmony committee to bust through my window on a siege ladder - after all it's the best seat in the house for moments like that.

Oh boy

Oh Brussels Journal, now the Belgian anti-racism center is going to be really mad! "Muslim immigration threat to democracy"???!! Oh-oh, now you've done it.

Small Steps

Simply take small steps: 5 Year Immigration Stop. Asylum Stop. National Census and Proof of Citizenship Requirement of all those within the borders.


Then maintain implacable when the wailing and whining starts.


This sets the ground rules.


Reinforce national language requirement and forbid display of any foreign language sign without certified native language translation alongside.


Impose facial recognition requirement under CCTV legislation with refusal to issue any ID or permit access to banks etc


The formula

"Muslims can thus undermine Western democracy in two ways: By massive immigration and infiltration of established, especially Socialist, parties until they can be turned to serve the Islamic agenda, or by simply creating a climate of fear and distrust that gradually makes the democratic system unworkable. In Western Europe right now, they are making significant headway on both accounts."


It's obviously a formula that has worked.  It certainly did in Lebanon. 


I posted this once before on another link, but I think it is crucial that Western peoples watch it.  Brigitte Gabriel has lived through an Islamic takeover...just barely.


Brigitte Gabriel speaks at the Heritage Foundation
Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America
Based upon her personal experiences, Garbriel addresses the West’s lack of understanding and ignorance of the ways and thinking of the Middle East. She identifies mistakes the West has made in consistently underestimating the single-mindedness with which fundamentalist Islam has pursued its goals over the past thirty years.

Video: To view hit 'View Event'


I work w/ Pakastani engineers, too

do I get half the money, RobsPear?

one thing of interest is the many, many reports in US, Can, Euro of families where the parents are more-or-less placid (they immigrated for a reason and find their new country/environment acceptable though they remain Muslims) whereas their children become radicalized and in some cases dangerous. this is something worth pondering. 

I think the false argument

I think the false argument here is that all immigrants from muslim countries are 1) practicing muslims 2) unwanted immigrants. The current immigration system in the west gives preference to asylum seekers and family unification schemes. I would bet money that a Pakistani engineer trying to immigrate anywhere in europe or the US will find this completely impossible. Is it any wonder that we are having the current debate on immigration with a system so dysfunctional? Fix the system first and hope its not too late.

Re: I think the false argument

I work with several Pakistani engineers, so I guess you'd better send me that money, however much it is. As for whether they are practicing Muslims, I know that some of them at least take the whole thing seriously. Other than that, even if what you had said was true, I don't see how that affects the article at all - it is discussing how the Muslims are taking over, not trying to say that restricting immigration sould be a solution.