Belgian and Dutch Parties Try to Put Genie Back in the Bottle

Belgium introduced voting rights for non-Belgian residents in order to counter the “islamophobic” and Flemish secessionist Vlaams Belang (VB). As a result multitudes of Muslim candidates were elected in major cities in last Sunday’s local elections. In Antwerp the immigrants are now demanding an alderman’s post in the city government, which consists of the mayor and ten aldermen. In Brussels the Parti Socialiste (PS) is embarrassed at the election of Murat Denizli as a Socialist councilor. Denizli is a hardright Turkish extremist belonging to the Grey Wolves. In the Netherlands political parties are facing serious problems with Turkish candidates who refuse to acknowledge the 1915 Armenian genocide.

In Antwerp all the mainstream parties have (again) teamed up in a coalition in order to keep the VB out of local government. In 1989 the Belgian parties signed an agreement – the so-called “cordon sanitaire” – that, no matter what the outcome of the elections may be, they will never enter into a coalition with the VB. The VB has 20 of the 55 seats in the new Antwerp city council. The new governing coalition of Socialists, Christian-Democrats and Liberals holds 33 seats. Of the latter 9 seats are held by Muslims (7 Socialists and 2 Christian-Dems), which gives them real vetoing power within the new coalition. The most popular candidate on the Socialist list of mayor Patrick Janssens is Fauzaya Talhaoui. She got more votes than any other candidate apart from Janssens himself. Talhaoui wants to become a city alderman, but her demand is posing problems for the mayor, who had already promised the position of alderman to other politicians before the elections.

Yesterday the Brussels newspaper Le Soir ran a front page article about the problems in the important Brussels borough of Schaarbeek. The paper says it had been widely known for three months that a member of the Turkish Grey Wolves was a Socialist candidate there. (It should be noted, however, that Le Soir, the largest paper in Brussels, failed to disclose this to its readers until yesterday, well after the elections.) The election of Murat Denizli, Le Soir says, has led to “open warfare and an identity crisis” within the PS because the Grey Wolves are know to be “ultra-nationalist, racist, anti-European.”

Denizli was introduced on the PS list by the Schaarbeek PS leader Laurette Onkelinx, who is also the Belgian vice prime minister and minister of Justice. Schaarbeek PS members told Le Soir that last April the local section of the PS had rejected the list of candidates which included Denizli and “other immigrants adhering to rather religious and conservative Muslim values.” Onkelinx, however, demanded that the candidates be accepted because “they are popular and the party had to win the elections at any price.” Today it bothers many traditional indigenous Socialists who failed to get elected that the party sold out to the immigrant hard-right and the Islamists. “The end justified the means,” one of them told Le Soir. They are condemning a multilingual electoral campaign which was conducted partly in Turkish and Arab and during which Socialists visited mosques to attract voters and held “ambiguous speeches denying the Armenian genocide.” “Whenever one of the Belgo-Belgians [the indigenous Belgians] complained he was told off for being a racist.”

In the Netherlands general elections are due on 22 November. Since the Muslim vote tipped the balance in favour of the Socialists in last March’s local elections, both the Socialists, currently in opposition, and the governing Christian-Democrats are putting forward dozens of Muslim candidates. However, when Wouter Bos, the Socialist leader, removed the Turkish candidate Erdinc Sacan from the list after the latter had denied the Armenian genocide of 1915 in a Turkish newspaper (a Turkish paper in Turkey that is) this led to an outcry both in Turkey and among Turks in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Christian-Democrats removed two Turkish candidates, Osman Elmaci and Ayhan Tonca, from their list for the same reason, eliciting another outcry from Amsterdam to Ankara. Last week the Dutch newspaper NRC-Handelsblad commented that the parties “are frantically trying to put the genie back in the bottle.”

The Socialists are nervous because the position of Bos’s running mate, Nehabat Albayrak, on the matter of the Armenian genocide is not clear. Albayrak, who already is a member of the Dutch Parliament, refuses to comment on the issue. Nihat Eski, another Dutch parliamentarian of Turkish origin, though he sits for the Christian-Democrats, is being called a traitor by many Turkish voters for saying that he thinks the 1915 genocide is a historical fact.

In Belgium Emir Kir, a leading Socialist politician of Turkish origin and the Brussels secretary of state for monuments, is campaigning for the demolition of the Brussels monument that commemorates the genocide of the Armenians.

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I think you are very astute

I think you are very astute in your assessment, Poitiers. The reason the media, the establishment, the church , and schools are lined up against Vlaams Belang is that the left is the establishment and the media is their mouth, while the leadership of the respective groups are usually as leftist in their views.

It upsets them when a movement not within their control establishes itself to a point that it cannot be ignored by them. Their favorite tactic, with which the media is a partner and master is to ignore all movements which they cannot control.

Until a party such as Vlams Belang comes in they then can label their own groups as conservative groups and castigate those groups, as if they were real, to point out how middle of the road and reasonable their own leftist policies are. Unfortunately, many cannot understand this and accept the reasoning, even adopting it as their own view though it often is against their own personal beliefs and values. Movements
not affiliated with them which are too big to ignore are the labeled as extremist and radical or reactionary and many of the electorate buy it.

There are few groups truly to the left of the establishment and their media and the ones that are generally
share their primary views to a great degree, or serve to make their leftist view seem more reasonable to the public. As they have no values, except to increase their own power, influence, wealth and ideology, they openly defy the values of the poplace. So far, they are very successful.

They are the ones who use subversive tactics to incite hate of commonly held values in order to defeat the values and liberties of the people and ignore the will of the democratic citizenry.

They will overcome

A few years ago a high ranking turkish islamic cleric was asked if islam will ever militarily invade europe again. His answer was, why should we? All we have to do is immigrate and then USE your democratic laws to take over. As you can see democracy is wonderful for islam, and when islam takes over there will be NO democracy only a theocracy. All those in power now shoving God out the door will wake up to having another god shoved down their throats.

Radical confluence

I'm glad it isn't going unnoticed of a dangerous trend in politics, namely the alliance between the socialist left and the ultra-orthodox totalitarian immigrants. It is I think a classic example of the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

In this case judeo-christian civilization is the common enemy and both camps will use the other to undo it. It is a fact that the left often uses "aggrieved" immigrant/coloured peoples as the iron fist and shock troops for their totalitarian expansion of government. Islam is incompatible w/ democracy and is open about its militarism towards civilation. Its heartening to see the rise of the Vlaams Belang. They are trying to conserve the institutions of liberal civilization, and in Europe it is rare that a party of the right is willing to even use the terms free market and judeo-christian w/ out blanching.

A sure sign that the left is politically impotent is when they try to expand the electorate to non-citizens, and felons. Unfortunately, all popular opinion, the media, the establishment, the church, the uni's and schools are lined up against the likes of the Vlaams Belang. Europe won't slip easily into the ummah. It may end not w/ a wimper but with a civil war. One only need look at other bi-cultural societies to find out where Europe may be headed. Think Ulster, think Sri Lanka etc.

"Since the Muslim vote

"Since the Muslim vote tipped the balance in favour of the Socialists in last March’s local elections,"


I don't know a single person that voted.  I do, however, expect a good turnout for the national elections.  Clearly the Dutch seem to think that local elections are pointless and from the lack of change or mayoral turnover I think I agree.  I am still learning the sytem but I believe most or all of the mayors are appointed not elected so I am not sure who is actually elected.  Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...parking tickets to foreigners seems to feed the machine.  They will boot you in Amsterdam if you are just a few minutes late. Big bucks.

What fucking shared values?

I for once would like to know what "our shared values" are. I am sick of hearing this idiom, but for the life of me I can't figure out what values I share with those licey tantrum-prone idiots.


The Belgians do indeed need to put the genie back in the bottle.


Their very survival is at risk. 


Listen to one who knows...Brigitte Gabriel.

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Based upon her personal experiences, Garbriel addresses the West’s lack of understanding and ignorance of the ways and thinking of the Middle East. She identifies mistakes the West has made in consistently underestimating the single-mindedness with which fundamentalist Islam has pursued its goals over the past thirty years.
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So they can't cooperate with Vlaams Belang in any circumstances because they say Vlaams Belang is racist. But they can list members of Muslim racist organizations.

The election of Denizili could be a good thing! If his election doesn't wake tha native Belgians up, nothing will!