Paris Is Burning

As predicted Paris is burning. I am in the US at the moment and will not return to Europe until 13 November. I cannot cover events from here, but No Pasaran is a good place to keep informed, though there are others as well.

Japan and Europeans

The Japanese have very few migrants at the moment, and a rapidly aging population (already in absolute decline). The median Japanese is 43 years old. Given the slow-motion islamification of Europe, I wonder why Japan dosen't overcome its historical reluctance to allow immigration, and encourage Europeans to relocate there?

I am sure they would attract lots of young and educated Swedes, French, Brits, etc...Japanese culture is quite "cool" at the moment, and Japan is still a tech leader.

Will You All Be Required to Convert to Islam?

Keep hearing, and I believe, Islam will dominate the political, cultural, and social fabric of Europe, or most of it, in the next circa 20 years (perhaps the Germans will relocate and reapply their backbone). Formerly Catholic France will be required to convert to Islam or be killed, yes? If so, will they and other Europeans not be required to bow/pray to Mecca five times a day? Going to "church" just went from once a year, at Christmas, to five times a day! Somebody's God should be pleased.

One Problem

I hope the previous comments are right about a civil war in Paris and that the French citizens have had enough of this. The problem is that France is a nuclear power. If the Muslim population continues to grow through birthrates and immigration, they gain more political clout.  Thus, these nukes may end up being controlled by Muslims or weak politicians courting the votes of these Muslims.  I do not want that.  I hope the time comes where France will step up and realize their culture and way of life is in real danger.  Moreover, how they react to this problem will impact the rest of Europe and the world.

French victory

The French will rise up and quell the Islamic uprising. The will of the free french people will triumph over the mid-evil mullahs and suicide bombers. they have been patient long enough in dealing with the law breakers and religous wacos that are trying to destable the country. with one voice and mind the great french people and military will win the day. A new holiday will be made to celebrate the victory and the march through arch de triumph!......WAAAA HA HA HA !!..Oh common who am I kidding the french will surrender like little school girls like usuall.The french government sees the only enemy is george Bush and the Americans. well have fun france in your civil war, learn to wear those viels and turbins.

nice 1 captain A

all we need now is ralph steadman to draw us a cartoon and its fear and loathing paris

I spent a few strange

hours in the Banlieu a couple of years ago because it was near a youth hostel I stayed at. Horrible architecture, horrible housing, and menacing young thugs walking and driving around. They look stare at you in a very menacing way when driving past. I've also spent time in the middle of the Bronx at night. Needless to say I felt much safer in the Bronx at 11pm than I did walking around the Banlieu in the early evening.


Was that the North Bronx or the South Bronx?