Welfare Immigration is Killing Us

I got some angry comments at Jihad Watch some days ago when I posted an essay saying that: “The welfare state is now just a big pyramid scheme where Leftist parties take our money and give it to Muslim immigrants in return for voter support. The welfare state in fact provides insecurity, since it is used to fund the Muslim colonization of the continent.”

Well, read this article [in English] in the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten:

Half of the first immigrants to Norway in the first half of the 1970s are now living on state payments. The study focused on 2,500 immigrants from Pakistan, India, Turkey and Morocco born between 1936 and 1955, and compared with a control group of Norwegians of the same age. In their first ten years the immigrants were actively employed, and as many were employed as Norwegians. But after this period their activity declined sharply, and by 2000 half of the immigrants were unemployed, compared to 13 percent of their Norwegian peers.

Yet despite this, the Norwegian Minister for Labor and Social Inclusion Bjarne Håkon Hanssen from the Labor Party was in Pakistan a few weeks ago and asked for more immigrants from Pakistan, because this would be good for the Norwegian economy. I think what he really meant was that it would be good for the Labor Party, since most Muslims vote for the left-wing parties because they give them more money.

What does Muslim immigration cost Europe?

Immigrants cosume welfare 3.3 times more/as often as the Danes

Tax-based welfare is the problem and immigration the same

You are 100 p.c. right. Immigrants in Denmark consume 40 p.c.
of all welfare resources, and at the same time they try to make us believe they are so few.
It is a serious dilemma for the top. When it comes to crime acts its the same. We cannot understand why immigrants, 18 years old or less, represented 82 p.c. of the crime acts in Copenhagen 2004:

http://danmark.wordpress.com/2006/06/24/indvandrerkriminaliteten-blandt-unge-vokser-voldsomt/ (in Danish)

Mainstream documentation (in Danish):

PS: Perhaps we should add the naturalized ones and their children born after the naturalization.

J. E. Vig

Top and Buttom in Denmark

http://danmark.wordpress.com/2006/06/14/top-and-buttom/ :

"In all the Western welfare-democracies the debate is going on in these years: Is it possible to rearrange the welfare, and if it is possible, is it necessary then to make substantial changes or just larger or smaller adjustments? In all the countries the welfare is financed partly by the insurance principle partly tax-financed. The taxes are mainly income tax and value added taxation. In Norway 1.3 mio. live on public transfers (2005), of which 625,000 are pensioners of age (Norway’s population 4.4 mio.), in Germany the official unemployment (2005) on about 10 p.c. has to be doubled in reality, when the expelled ones without any connection to the insurance arrangement on the German labour market are counted in.
The international competition that has to be called globalisation these years pushes the development further. The developing countries, the Eastern countries and the Far East begin to supply products and labour to much lower prices respectively much lower wages compared with those of the old welfare-democracies..."

Two generations of welfare:

J. E. Vig

Islamofascist caliphate is ok in Norway?

Our President, Mr Bush, has been warning about impending doom that establishment of caliphate from Europe to Far East, entails. And yet, that Norwegians have blindly invited pakki immigrants is indeed shocking! In Thailand, even schools are targeted acccording to BBC.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/5252528.stm ; http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/5250322.stm


Concrete evidence of pakki export of terrorism into India

Here are many items of news that are concrete, compelling and clear in substantiating evidence of savagery being exported well inside India/Afghanistan:-

"  ....Ultra's dad's house in Kerala searched  
Thiruvananthapuram, Oct 28: Police today conducted searches at the residence of the father of Pakistani militant Mohammed Fahad in Kozhikode to determine the Kerala connections of the youth who was arrested from Mysore.

A police team ....... searched the house at Kappad, near Kozhikode, which belongs to Fahad's father Abdulla who migrated to Pakistan in 1970s, police sources said............

Mohammad Ali Hussain and Fahad, members of Pak-based Al-Badr, were arrested yesterday after a gunbattle with Karnataka police which foiled a terror plot targeting Bangalore, the country's IT hub... "

In Memory of 3 of the Many Martyrs in the Way of Allah

Lukhnow: The Indian police have claimed to have killed three Pakistanis allegedly involved in planning a bomb attack ...
According to Indian claim, the three gunned down are important commanders of Jaish-i-Muhammad who were identified as Commander Huzaifa, Ustad Abu Talha and Faidhan Pamla. They were equipped with automatic weapons, large amount of ammunition and hand.. "
"..Mujahid Sayyid Faidhan Pamla  belonged to Lahore. An architect by profession,

he belonged to a comparatively well off family. He left the easy life and went to Afghanistan seeking ... the Path of Allah. Later he joined the Jihad in Kashmir ..."

-------Indians use the polite and civil word, "Ultra" to indicate a savage and barbaric terrorist! How advanced is their culture!!

Norway foolishly canceled pakki debt too!

It is a cruel irony that you in the EU have been rewarding bad behavior of the pakkis who have the epicenter of all global terrorism and nuclear black market that sold designs from Libya to North Korea crossing several continents. 

The shoulder fired missiles the pakkis sold to al-Qaida was the one that was used in Kenyan situation.  The military style weaponry supplied to the talebans in plenty by the pakkis are killing NATO troops on the West and murdering Indian troops on the East. It is the pakkis who traffick the taleban-made opium based drugs into India and EU, in exchange for high-tech weapons.

Did you know that Norway foolishly canceled millions of dollars in debt pakkis owed to Norway as well?!  Who is to advise the Norwegian authorities against this pretty foolish decision?

Importing pakki savage fascists..

EU has not learnt from the mistakes of the East Indians who have been too tolerant and so trusting of the islamofascists that they made an islamist usurper, a President now at the very top level [yet all over again] rather than any from the lowest caste! Upper 'caste' islamofascists [called "ashrafs"] have been exploiting everyone including their own low caste muslims called "Dalit muslims" [for whom the rich ones are now begging jobs form the Govt after 900 years of exploitation!!]

Of all, pakkis are notorious as a nation of some of the worst types of rogues and tricksters - main source of all savage terrorists not only exported across the borders to the West and East but also across the whole wide world [London bombing were linked to pakki jihadi hub].

Take any illegal activity, we find the pakki fascists involved including the current nuke crisis in Iran or N Korea.

If they pretend to help us, we dont need to be fooled!! Importing pakki savage fascists is the worst thing anyone can do..

Immigrants consume 40 p.c. of all Danish welfare resources

"The immigrants from less developed countries load the Danish public sector 3.3 times more than the Danes in average (calculated compared to their percentage of the population) – according to the latest reports from the public established Danish Commission of Welfare, supplemented with a few quotations from the same: “…the immigration from less developed countries to Denmark load the public finances substantially. The participation in working is low – especially the women. Among those on the labour market the unemployment is high – among other things because a lot of them do not have the qualifications to get a job at a lowest wages of the market…” “…Immmigrants from less developed countries receive more from the public fonds than they contribute via taxes. The reason is that they have low career participation and as a rule do not leave the country again before they get old. They receive 2.6 mio. dkr. more in a lifetime than they contribute to the public sector…”

Read more: http://danmark.wordpress.com/2006/11/04/six-goid-reasons-to-count-the-immigrants-in-europe-correctly/

J. E. Vig, M.Sc.(Economics)


Amsterdamsky is a druggie. He moved from the USA to the Netherlands so he can smoke dope freely. If you look at the history of his comments you'll see a pattern of woeful ignorance and lack of rationality.

That's why his comments are so idiotic. Frankly, as an American, I'm glad he left our land.

wake up europe

Oh Europe, where are your men of bravery and courage?  Please stand up and recognize the threat you face before it is too late.  Western civilization is at stake. 

Do not bend to intimidation or fear, remember your roots and your past.  Freedom is always one generation away from extinction.


Strong Conservative

Six Good Reasons

An example from Danish reality:


An extraction:
As on the other hand the official Danish projection of population was presented in the newspaper Jyllands-Posten 29 August 1999(refered to in JP 21 August 2005), and it showed 13.7 p.c. immigrants and descendants totally in the year 2020, professor P. C. Matthiessen who commented the figures, was almost attacked via the media.

The account is even in a worse way:
Information of Denmark reports: There were already more than 690,000 most foreign foreigners, naturalized and their children 1. January 2006 corresponding to more than 13 p.c., and Danes will for certain become a minority between 2035 and 2045, if it continues:http://www.lilliput-information.com/uscan.html (corrected official status in English) and http://www.lilliput-information.com/edu/index.html (realistic graphic projection in Danish)

J.E. Vig, Denmark

Polish catholic workers

Polish catholic workers might be more tolerant than muslims but they are still causing problems here.  If you can't deal with gays and weed DON'T come to the Netherlands.  I really see little difference between muslims, catholics, jews and christian evangelicals.  They all look to their imiginary god and his "Holy Book(s)" to impose medieval (and earlier) methods of social control and idiology on the rest of us. 

Imanginary God???

I really see little difference between muslims, catholics, jews and christian evangelicals. They all look to their imiginary god and his "Holy Book(s)" to impose medieval (and earlier) methods of social control and idiology on the rest of us...

AmsterdamSky, It's comments like this that just prove to me that ignorance is alive and well, especially in the EU. Such comments will lead to the eventual fall of EU (either to the Muslims, or to some other form of totalitarianism, that is, of course, unless we Americans are stupid enough to come and bail you out yet again!).....

If you can't see the difference between Islam and the rest of the world's religions, how "medieval" they may be, then you my friend are blind.....The difference, plain and simple is this: What religion has a holy book that preaches and condones the slaying of those who choose not to abide by it's murderous teachings.....I can think of only one!...In short, Catholics, Jews, Evangelicals, Othodox Christians, Protestants, Hindus, Buddists, Shitos, and anything else that is Non-Muslim, are NOT the ones who are dangerous, are not the ones that are political to the extreme, and are not the ones that wish to impose total "social control!"..Especially thru violent means....Get a clue!

To oiznop

"that is, of course, unless we Americans are stupid enough to come and bail you out yet again!)....."

Sadly we're doing the same thing in the USA. Between the Muslims, illegal Mexican and Central American immigrants many of whom are criminals and our own native born homies, there won't be enough of us left to bail OURSELVES out.


The Democrat Party in the U.S. has been doing that for a long time. I think the Euros are imitating them... didn't the UK hire Algore as some kind of advisor?

I don't read Norvegian but

I don't read Norvegian but if the Minister for Labor and Social Inclusion
really went to Pakistan to ask for more immigrants that's appalling. Not only does Europe (France is on the forefront as usual) witness a broad and insane  Muslim aggression against its moral values and last not least the very life and existance of its people, Pakistan is also one of the hotbeds of radical islam.

Why not go to Russia/Poland, Brazil, south America in general , China or at least some Christian or pagan part of Africa to get workers? Shouldn't there be plenty of work force willing to come to Norway, especially that Pakistan surely does not provide any skilled work force  ??? And work force that you needn't worry about turning into an occupying force?

Seems to me that the Norvegian government is determined to lead its indigineous people as quick as possible to that banquet in Walhalla..

they see French suburbs and they want to set them up in their country???

..and you can't even blame the EU... They do it all on their own. Probably the minister will also make sure he gets a robust workforce from Pakistan -  probably directly from the Afghan border regions. Well trained for a jihad existance in the West.

Buccaneer's comments

Europe has lost it's will to survive. It's sad given that so many of them died in two world wars to preserve a freedom that their descendents enjoy but have no motivation to preserve.
Caucasians are committing ethnic and cultural suicide by ommission. Even the lowliest animals have an instinct to continue their species. The greatest culture in history (Western culture) is about to become extinct and no one is worried enough to take action.
First there was the EU that began to erode the individuality of the various countries; even to the adoption of the Euro with its images of monuments and structures that don't really exist. So much culture and history was contained in the currency of France, Italy, Spain etc.
Then there was the massive influx of THird World people whose "religion" makes it impossible to assimilate into their host culture. Instead they create microcosms of the hell holes from whence they came. They came not to assimilate but to conquer and the true Europeans are allowing them carte blanche to do it.
Henryk Broder urges young Europeans to leave before it's too late. What an insult to all those who died defending what he would so cravenly surrender. Another secular philosopher laments that he was never able to fight for freedom but only to enjoy it.
No one is too old too fight for freedom as long as he/she can squeeze a trigger.
DO Europeans really want to watch while the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Notre Dame, David, L'Arc de Triomphe, Escorial and other treasures too numerous to name are destroyed by rifle fire and RPGs to the cry of "Allah ahu Akhbar"?


Why Pakistan and not India? What about China? This seems to be deliberate, Eurabia all the way. My question: what the hell are you Norwegians doing about it? If I were you, I'd start getting my Aussie papers in order right about now.

europe need immigrants ?

nice, instead i will say that even european youth have no job..
i am a indian, and i see european youth without jobs.. and i feel sorry for that...
does europe really need immigrants to do various Job ? Europe really need to think about it...

i Love this culture a lot.... a culture who has given me so much love...i also need to think of it... and i think, europe really don't need imigrants now... it has enough...

i am a indian, and i think, the stuff facist tried to spoil indian democracy... they try this now in europe.....

i will stand will europe, even if i need to relocate back to india for this... if india is my motherland, then europe is a place, which has given me my livings... i will stand with europe to defend it...... really europe need no immigrants....