Strange Paradox

A quote from The Irish Independent, 13 November 2006

Amnesty International, which is campaigning against the death penalty is, however, increasingly moving towards a position of supporting globalised abortion. The Catholic Church – which has opposed the death penalty since the 1940s (Pius XII was vehemently against it) – has stated that it will have to withdraw support for Amnesty if this measure goes ahead. In Britain, too, Anglican Bishops have simultaneously opposed the death penalty, while conceding that doctors may be moved to kill off disabled babies. Here again is a strange paradox in matters of life and death. Wrong to execute a convicted tyrant: right to extinguish an innocent new-born.

Pro-Death? Part II

Do I come across as being pro-death to you?

Certainly in an era in which there are far too many people inhabiting this planet as evidenced by increasing environmental degredation, and increasing socio-economic inequality and struggle.


In this day and age, Christians are pro-death as well. Christians (except for elements of the Christian Right, who are hypocrits) are not only against capital punishment but population control as well. While the Vatican has been adept at denying contraception and abortion to large swathes of the undeveloped world, hindering its development, it has been unable to either feed these new hungry mouths or providing them with meaningful socio-economic opportunities.


Christian morality and Western medicine are more responsible for the undeveloped world's ills than any despot or ideology, as they eliminated natural population controls - which turned farm surpluses into deficits, and full stomachs into famine.


The Christian emphasis on human life is not selective, which is the point. However, if you cannot feed those you "save" you have no business saving them.

Pro-Death? Part I

I am an advocate of execution for certain serious crimes (multiple and pre-meditated murder) and serious criminals (serial murderers, serial rapists, and pedophiles). Having said that, the minimum incarceration period for rape should be increased to 20 years, 10 years for aggravated assault, and there should be a 30 years "3 Strikes" penalty for repeat felony offenders. I also believe in euthanasia or assisted suicide if the person wants it, subject to the approval of a medical board, etc.


As far as abortion is concerned, it is a necessary right for women, however, there should be economic and/or criminal penalties for those who are habitual abusers of this procedure.


Additionally, I am a proponent of the sterilization of those women who habitually give birth to drug-addicted or alcohol-afflicted babies, and the option for euthanasia for those unborn foetuses who are "guaranteed" to be seriously disabled i.e. poor quality of life, etc.

as much as I hate Islamists....

I have to agree on one thing they feel - that western civilisation is decadent and only getting worse....  I don't blame them, in a way, not wanting any part of the west and hate their 'freedom'.  I'm no longer a Catholic but 'hurrah' for the Catholic church to take a stand as opposed to the black churches in America who are for abortion... sad.

Strange Paradox Indeed

Can one really call this a 'civilization' when a society will not protect the weakest among us? 


Why is the life of a murderer of more value than the unborn, the disabled or the elderly?


If this is a measure of civilization then the Neanderthals beat us hands down.


While I am a proponet of the death penalty (as punishment for crimes involving murder) and of the pro-life issue (for the unborn innocent child), I have to admit that the Church is being consistant with this view.....unlike the hypocrites that are the leftist organizations such as Amnesty International.......

The Splendor of Truth

This is the case where the true teachings of Christianity are still taught by the Roman Catholic Church. Her moral authority on this has unwavered since her inception. The other Christian sects have fallen into heresy.