Global Orgasm against Bush

At last a way to stop Islamofascism, war, earthquakes and President George W Bush. The Global Orgasm is obviously the way.

The idea seems to be if countless millions are reaching a state of sexual ecstasy simultaneously on Friday 22nd of December then world peace will break out, Bush will indeed discover that Osama is quite a cute fellow after all, and that nasty fellow Ahmedinejad in Tehran will discover that the Isrealis are utter sweethearts.

This is the First Annual Solstice Synchronized Global Orgasm for Peace, leading up to the December Solstice of 2012, when the Mayan Calendar ends with a new beginning.

For pity’s sake they even have a page pretending to prove the science – hosted at Princeton University!!

Well I don't think I can make it...

...however, I'll be there in spirit; in other words download voyeuristic video clips of the event afterwards. I'll have to make the 22nd a party night - I'll put on my tight dancing pants and head out into the night nice and decent.

EGGS, PEARS, NUTS - Yea its Princeton

Where is Gore? "Hello Monica...this is Al".

Where is Clinton? "so sorry-I'm spending the night with Hillary".

Where is Carter? "I'll join in- I'm invited by the UN to give an anti-American speech at that time and that is always enough for me".

Where is Hillary? "Sorry, I'm watching tv with Bill-some boring ass giving a speech at the UN. I'm saving mine for 2008, anyway."

We Got Our Bus Tickets....

The U.N. is co-sponsoring the event. Already people here are making plans in Florida to travel to simultaneously held events in Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando @ Disney World, Tallahassee, and Panama City, FL.

However, a bunch of our "Chamber of Commerce" members are taking a bus to New York for the exciting event. The event in New York City will be held at Rockefeller Center and aired live by MSNBC. We are all excited...not prematurely though!!!

If interested in going to New York City for the event, better make arrangements now for overnight accomendations are getting filled quickly. It took our group 4 attempts to find a hotel with available accomendations.

I have heard that, regardless the event you may attend, to get their early. The first 100 people get free body lubricant and that is not just NYC.

Oh and the event is clothing optional. Hope your coming for everybody will be there!

I'm going to get some Peace!!!!  See you there!!!

Silly enough to be satire.

The website reads: "The Global Consciousness Project, Princeton University, runs a network of Random Event Generators (REGs) around the world, which record changes in randomness during global events. The results show that human consciousness can be measured to have a global effect on matter and energy. . "

I refuse to believe this is serious. The only rational explanation is that this entire website is an elaborate joke, satirizing New Age progressives.

It's not hard to do.
For fun, check out the random postmodern text generator.

Why President Bush is reviled...

Neo-Marxist educators and academics - who believe that human nature can be engineered and legislated, that we our products of our environment, and that history is linear - have convinced Western students that we are somehow moving towards a world of peace, harmony, and equality. They understand Islam just as little as the Republicans do.

And . . .

Regarding the deep, sincere concern for the environment that you credit the European leaders with having:  why, then, are their proposed solutions so lame and insignificant?  The Kyoto Treaty is a bogus "solution" that suggests that the Europeans don't see a serious problem either.  They are no more willing than Bush is to spearhead an expensive technological effort to reverse global warming (not merely reduce the speed of its acceleration a tiny fraction).  Again, this is so bloody obvious it hardly warrants saying; yet I have never heard a single European admit this simple truth.  To do so would take away a useful weapon with which to bash Bush and the Americans, which the Europeans apparently need to do, for reasons Freud himself probably couldn't figure out.

@ Bob Doney

I am, in fact, delighted to hear that you speak up against stupid anti-Americanism on blogs.  But do you do so in person, in the office or at the pub or at a dinner party, when it will actually cost you something?  In a public discussion about politics in America, there will be give and take, with some Americans defending specific European actions and others criticizing them.  In Europe, I've never experienced this.  All Europeans understand they are to condemn the United States in the broadest terms or remain silent -- and they do.  And might I add one comment about the reason you gave for speaking against stupid anti-Americanism (because, you said, without America the entire West would be impoverished and lacking freedoms): I hope that's not your only reason.  I hope that you speak out against stupid, blind anti-Ameircanism not simply out of self-interest but also BECAUSE THE FACTS DO NOT JUSTIFY IT.  If the West is to win its battle against Islamism, we have to value logic, face reality, and respect factual evidence -- these are our strongest weapons.

Global warming

Global warming is the perfect subject for European hysteria.  Worst-case scenarios are accepted unanimously by the elites, the electorate accepts elite opinion unthinkingly, and there is no way to disprove these scenarios except over time.  One can, however, examine the blame machine more closely.  Temperatures have been rising for 150 years, yet Bush has been in office only six years.  Even if Kyoto limits were met by the industrialized nations including the United States, C02 levels worldwide would continue to soar.  How do these basic points escape notice in Europe?  What is going on here?


On the other hand it's pretty obvious that we can't carry on pretending that 10 billion people can prosperously share this planet without us all conserving its limited resources. I'm sure you would agree, but I'm not convinced that George believes it deep down in his Texan oilman's heart.

Bob Doney

Where is European incredulity?

I'm not surprised by goofy statements -- coming from anywhere.  We emit plenty from the United States.  But what amazes me is the lack of ridicule that goofy statements by European leaders and journalists and academics receive.  But then I think back to my college years:  my American classmates were naturally inclined to question anything imposed from above, especially when it sounded stupid and self-serving; my European friends, on the other hand, were inclined to sit obediently in class, memorizing what the authority figure told them.  This served them well in some subjects -- languages, for instance.  But in most subjects, it left the Europeans dutifully accepting whatever they were told -- until, of course, they finally crack and start voting for Le Pen or making ape noises at football matches when a black player handles the ball.  Can't a significant minority of Europeans take a little initiative and loudly reject stupid anti-Americanism -- for their own good?  Why are the fools so vocal, and the sane people so docile? 

Stupidly anti-American

"Can't a significant minority of Europeans take a little initiative and loudly reject stupid anti-Americanism -- for their own good?"

Hello, Frank! I reject stupid anti-Americanism. Without America it is highly likely we would all be living in grinding poverty under some sort of totalitarian rule. I have spent endless hours on blogs and forums making this and related points.

But this is probably not much help to you, because according to our fellow-contributors I am the village idiot, stupid, have my head up my arse, don't understand economic and math(s), and am the site pest.

Ho hum. You can't always choose your friends.

Bob Doney

The anti-bush hysteria seems

The anti-bush hysteria seems to even be growing. The BBC coverage of "global warming" case in point. Now every time there is a crop failure in Africa now it's George Bushes fault (despite the fact that Russia is the only one meeting Kyoto and that is only because their economy collapsed and is still smaller than when the targets were assigned). Every act of terrorism in the world against civilians also for invading Iraq.

Drought and pestilence

We've had a drought here in the south of England for the past couple of years, which definitely presaged the End Of Civilisation As We Know It. Hosepipes were banned and doom was forecast. I can't remember anyone actually blaming George, but it was implied. Since August it hasn't stopped raining.

But the hosepipes are still banned.

Bob Doney