Pigs to the Rescue

Two months ago when Muslims planned to build a mosque in Windsor, white hooligans decided they had had enough. They attacked Muslims in the streets and tried to burn down a milk factory owned by a local Muslim. Ye olde English fighting spirit. Despicable. Not very subtle, either. Typically Anglo-Saxon behaviour, as the French would say. From a people genetically infused with the extermination impulse, as Ralph Peters would argue.


Danish Vikings appear to be more sophisticated. On Sunday night, residents of a Copenhagen suburb protested against the construction of a mosque by drenching the building site with pigs’ blood. A video of the act – showing the men pouring a red liquid on the ground (and speaking in English so the whole world would understand) was released to the media anonymously. Muslims consider pigs to be unclean. Hence, they are not allowed to build a mosque on pig-infested soil.

Someone once suggested that the remains of Islamic suicide bombers should be buried together with pig entrails. That would deter them because they are convinced it would prevent them from entering heaven and enjoying the 72 virgins Allah promised to those who die for the faith.

Contemplating the Danish act, a series of questions spring to mind.

Would the construction of mosques really stop if the building sites are “polluted with pig”? Would it violate human rights if the Dutch were to offer would-be immigrants a dish of pork sausages which they have to eat before being allowed to settle in the country, instead of showing them pictures of topless women and kissing gays?

Is an indigenous European allowed to make pig noises when he meets an immigrant in Islamic dress on the bus? Nay, that would be offensive. But if it is, why is it offensive, while the wearing of the veil or the burqa is not supposed to be offensive to us? If people in free societies are allowed to dress as they like, are they not allowed to snort as they like either?

Is a farmer who calls his pig “Muhammad” a racist? If he is, Europe has already submitted to Islam – the religion that literally means “Submission.” If he is not, let’s make the pig our secret weapon, the symbol of European resistance, the statement that we will not, never, submit to pig-abhorring fanatics.

A year ago, when Winnie the Pooh books were banned in British kindergartens because Pooh Bear had a little friend called Piglet, some people launched the “Save Piglet” campaign. Europeans, however, need not save Piglet; Piglet will have to save them.
I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.
- Sir Winston Churchill

@Hidalgo Hero

That's a depressing piece of news. It obviously didn't work for Spain - soon to be New Morocco - so its a useless endeavor.

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@ Amsterdamsky

The "Bible" that caused the most killing is called "the Communist Manifesto".

Many of its followers have posters of Ché on their walls and wear t-shirts picturing his face. Some Christians have Christ on a cross on their wall. At least He doesn't have blood on his hands. And yes, Christianity has blood on its hands too. But at least Christians don't call themselves peacefull while worshipping a murderer like Ché or Mohammed.

Concerning pigs: I wouldn't mind being a pig for a day or two. So many people try to behave like them, so being a pig must have something to it.

Burkas in Londinistan

I saw my first burkas in London last week.  Clearly voting is not going to stop the Islamification of europe.  I don't blame the brits for being fed up.


"Guns and death don't seem to bother them when they're brainwashed with the illusion of 72 virgins in heaven. "

All children of Abraham.  People forget that the majority of the world is hindu and buddist and the three religions that cause the most suffering and wars are all from the same "Bible".

Saudi Experience

 When I was building hospitals in Sandi Arabia, we couldn't get pork, but sure 'nuff we could buy BEEF tricked out to taste like pork: beef pastrami, beef 'porkchops', beef hot-dogs... all halal and cheap on the expat market...

 But then, that was in 1983-85...


Today? Yes, use their irrational fears and their ignorance, against them. Their leaders want to keep them ignorant of Baha'u'llah, the Glory of God? Then help the Muslims to experience the full discomfort that comes from such ignorance.

Caruso, too, was a caricaturist!

Pig Roast

Since the blood and entrails are accounted for, respectively to the mosques and suicide bombers, I propose that the heads be delivered to the media as a message for them and the politicians.  That will leave the tail and feet for other messages.


 We can then have a damn good pig roast in our own neighborhoods!

Hurrah the Danes for their imagination and courage

Now let's go a bit further: mix pig blood with permanent red ink.  Muslims may consider washing the pig blood away to make the land clean again, but with a real mixture of pig blood and unwashable red ink (or pigment), the pig blood vestige will stay.  And that should be enough to deter muilding of mosques for a long time.

 Yes fight them with the weapons they're afraid of.  Guns and death don't seem to bother them when they're brainwashed with the illusion of 72 virgins in heaven.  So stupid.  Heaven according to the Bible is for spirit creatures such as angels.  There's no sex (and marriage) there, as there's no physical body there.


Hooray for the Danes.

Personally I have considered the idea of flying with a pound of bacon in my carry on suitcase in the event of a terrorist attack to thwart their ambitions of a suicide mission.

Pork. It's the other white meat.

Get a Winnie the Pooh bumpersticker

Muslims obviously feel so offended by Winnie the Pooh's piglet that they started banning it from cartoons (sick..).

What comes next? Daisy Duck in burqa, Donald Duck in trousers - no more piggy bank? Seems that a lot of Muslims can't even take cartoons for what they are. What are their children supposed to laugh about, anyway?





Lock them in a room, make them watch "Babe" over and over and over... until they beg for mercy.

@ @ @ @

Hmm replace the European stars with pigs?

Or just pig tails,
symbolized like this: @

I just finished eating a breaded pork cutlet some five minutes ago, and I can say unequivically, that it beats 72 virgins any day of the week.

You have strange tastes!


Sorry, I've stumbled into the Monty Python fanzine by mistake. I was looking for the Brussels Journal.

There again, no one expected the Indian Mutiny.

Bob Doney

Pork: The Other White (Nationalist) Meat!

I just finished eating a breaded pork cutlet some five minutes ago, and I can say unequivically, that it beats 72 virgins any day of the week.


And I can't believe Winnie the Pooh was banned because of Piglet; I'm certain the thought police would ban fair skin, eyes, and hair, and the cross and crucifix if they thought (no pun intended) they could get away with it.

Today on the menu at Club Gitmo.....

Pork Chops and Applesauce, with a Jack Daniels chaser....Followed by a free concert performed by AC/DC, and Ozzy Osbourne.....Shove some swine down their throat, that will make them squirm....Maybe even tell some dirty little secrets too.......Just maybe!.......