Marital Import: The Cause of Europe’s Rapid Islamization

Second-generation Muslim immigrants in Europe marry people who have arrived straight from their parents’ homelands, rather than immigrant youths of their own ethnic background who have also grown up in Europe. Research by Hilâl Yalçin and Ina Lodewyckx of the University of Antwerp reveals that almost three quarters of the Moroccan and Turkish community import their spouses from Morocco and Turkey.

“Marital import” is on the rise. In the 1970s 41.4% of the Moroccan immigrants in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, married a partner who lived in Morocco, while almost all the others married a member of the Moroccan immigrant community in Belgium. In the 1980s the number of spouses arriving fresh from Morocco had risen to 48.8%. In the 1990s that number rose even further to 60.3%. Between 2000 and 2003, 65.4% of Belgian Moroccan youths imported a spouse from Morocco. The figures are even higher for Turks. Today, eight out of every ten Turkish youths whose family emigrated to Flanders between their 7th and 17th year of age marry someone who lives in Turkey. And six out of every ten Turks who were born in Belgium or moved there before their 7th birthday do so, too.

The researchers point out that people in Morocco and Turkey regard marriage to a Belgian Moroccan or a Belgian Turk as a means of gaining access to the “promised land.” Often, however, they encounter serious difficulties and their inadequate education combined with an insufficient mastery of the Dutch language lead to “social isolation.” Nahima Lanjri, a Belgian Moroccan and a member of the Belgian Parliament, says that children of these marriages “are often considered to be third-generation immigrants, but this is wrong since one of their parents has had to start from zero.”

The study of the Antwerp researchers does not mention the fact that Muslim girls in Belgium are often married off by their families to relatives (such as first cousins) from their home country. The study also fails to mention the dramatic demographic consequences of “marital import.” It increases the speed and extent of the islamization of Western Europe. The following simulation may serve to clarify this.

Assume that couples on average have their children at the age of 25. Assume also that no-one dies within the next 50 years and that the immigrants remain Muslim, i.e. do not convert to Christianity or secularism. In these circumstances, without marital import in the Muslim community (i.e. the immigrants marry other immigrants) and with couples having an average of three children, the Muslim population will increase eight-fold in 50 years.

In this model a population of 8 immigrants, constituting 4 couples, will have 12 children, who 25 years from now will constitute 6 couples with 18 children. The Muslim population will then be 8+12+18=38. In 50 years from now the 18 children will constitute 9 couples with 27 children. The population will have increased by a factor of 8, to 38+27=65.

However, if wedding partners are imported the situation alters dramatically. Assuming in the above model that two thirds of the brides and grooms are imported (the current situation in Flanders is even worse, with three quarters of the Muslim marriage partners being imported) and that every couple has three children, there will be a 30-fold increase of the Muslim population after 50 years, rather than an 8-fold increase.

In this situation a first-generation immigrant population of 4 couples also yields a second generation of 12 young Muslims. The latter, however, import 8 partners, constituting 10 couples with 30 children. The Muslim population will then be 8+12+8+30=58. The 30 children by importing 20 partners constitute 25 couples who have 75 children. This will lead to a Muslim population of 58+20+75=153, which is a 30-fold increase.

If two thirds of the partners are imported and every couple has four children the population will multiply by 50 after two generations. This is also the case if all the partners are imported and every couple has three children.

Middle Age Men

It seems some peoples thinking never left the middle ages. David Dennis Said "Nearly everyone in this scenario is far better off then they would have been if the importing of females had not occurred." These men aren't looking for wives and partners. They want a servant, a sperm dump or a baby machine. Sometimes even a punching bag. These scared little men are afraid of an equal. Does Mr. Dennis really think the women are better off or are their feelings ignored in his calculations. Stop glorifying the past. Human history is a story of want and fear and death. We are capable of so much more. It costs the same to train and maintain a scientist as it does a soldier. Can you imagine the strides humanity would make if every soldier was a scientist. The future is ours to seize if we have the courage.  Don't go running to the past.

@ David Dennis

@ David Dennis

Since you are interested in finding a wife, just a suggestion to take a look at Russian, Ukraine, and Latvian women. Slavic women have a good reputation for being well educated, beautiful, and western orientated. I met an outstanding woman at ‘’ and after many emails we met in Saint Petersburg. She is a doctor, very loyal, and beautiful. She has a strong moral character and she has no 'anti- male views'- she does not have that unhappy anti-male point of view found on many US universities.

Being a Russian doctor does not mean she makes any money. Her family background is good, especially good in Soviet times. She drives well and she looks like a European or American. You could pass her on the street in America and she would not look foreign born, not that I worry about the views of my neighbors.


If you visit this site, be sure to use their search engine to find the right height, weight, and age. You can also search certain countries.


About the increased immigration to the West, I think many Muslim men wish to find new wives who have not been ‘corrupted’ by living in the West. The new wife would be very interested in moving to Europe and having a better life style. Life in a Muslim country would seem grim by comparison.

Calculating Change in Populations

20,000 Muslem youths
80,000 Flemish youths

If 50% of the Moslem youths eventually marry an immigrant and bring them into the country, that means that instead of that age group being 20% Moslem, it becomes almost 30% Moslem.

If the Moslems average 3 children per married couple, in the next generation, there will be 45,000 Moslem children in the next generation.

If the 80,000 Flemish children average 1.5 childrne, there will 60,000 Flemish children in the next generation.

If the 60,000 Moslem children eventually marry and 50% of them bring in an immigrant spouse, there will be 90,000 Moslems in that generation compared to 60,000 Flemish.

National suicide is not really that far off.

Proper formula for population growth

It's quite simple and looks like this:


growth% = 100 * root_a((i%/100 + 1) * n) - 100


Where growth% is percentage growth per year,

a is the average age of birth giving women,

i% is the percentage of birth giving women that have been imported,

and n is the number of daughters born per woman.


Using the Turk population in Denmark in the early ninetees as an example:

n~1.75, i%=98%, a~25

Which yields growth% ~ 5.1%

That's a 12 fold increase in Turks in 50 years and 144 fold in a 100 years.

This engine, which is fueled by Danish taxes and Turkish illiterate peasants, would have run out of fuel pretty quick - if it wasn't for the new governments tightening of immigration rules.


That's a remarkable formula you've got there mister boegh. I'm not sure I understand it though as I don't seem to be able to reconcile your figures. Could you perhaps elaborate a bit. Certainly the average age of giving birth in the formula is most surprising. If I read it right, it means that the higher the average age, the faster the population will grow, or am I missing something?

Actuarial calculations

As an actuary, I made some more advanced calculations, and I agree with paul, there certainly is an issue.

If there would be no external marriage the growth of the Turkish population over fifty years would be 2.6 With external marriage of 75% this results in a growth of 7,45.

Interesting though is the reason people give to chose for a partner coming from the mother country, stated in the report and not mentioned by Paul..
Girls find boys Turkish boys over here much too conservative and not educated enough. They are looking for a more modern partner in Turkey. For the boys it’s exactly the opposite. Boys find Turkish girls over here to “western”. They are looking for a more conservative partner. It is obvious that this reveals a strange split within the migrant community. The female population is adapting and integrating much faster then the males. In my opinion this is because of the undeniable surplus the west offers them. Not only the degree of freedom is much higher, they are less discriminated as the male part of the population. That leaves the male part of the population trapped in a very hostile situation from within and from without the community, leading to a whole range of reactions from conservative-fundamentalist to the formation of gangs engaged in crime.
So we should try to get them out of this situation, trough education and more chances in this society. A very difficult task that will cost a lot of money and that will take years. Nowadays however we are doing just the opposite, alienating them more and more.

Supply and demand is a tough law to repeal.

Well, this is really pretty simple.

In their home countries, men are king, lord of all they survey.

So the relative status of women rises significantly when they move to Europe, while the male status decreases dramatically.

The male has a choice: He can either marry someone who will never treat him in the way he wishes and expects, or he can find someone who still has the values of his native country. Furthermore, all his relatives help him, and his potential spouses are eager for the golden ticket out of the Middle East.

In the mean time, the females become perfect companions for European males, because compared to native European females they will treat their men superbly. And of course there is a serious shortage of younger Europeans and younger European females, and so there isn't a lot of native competition for the European man who likes younger women.

This demand used to be satisfied by younger European females, but now there are very few of them, and so the gap in the market is satisfied by the middle eastern women.

Put this way, do you really think this can be fixed by education? Nearly everyone in this scenerio is far better off then they would have been if the importing of females had not occured.

Finally, here's an intriguing factor you might not have noticed. I do not think middle eastern women have lost their allure by coming to Europe. Many of the European males who fall for the first-generation middle eastern females may find themselves smitten ... and converted to Islam. You ignore the single muslim women left floating around by your scenerio at your peril.

All of this may seem a bit theoretical, so let me give you a concrete example of a similar situation. I visited the Philippines early this year, with the idea of researching whether it would be a brainy scheme for me to find a Filipina wife. I come from the US, where low birth rates have decimated the population of younger women, leaving many middle aged men, including myself, lonely.

What I discovered very quickly is that it is extremely addictive to find a woman who caters to you and doesn't mind doing it. So to be in a society where that does happen, and to be dumped into a hostile place where it doesn't, would be very unsettling. I can tell you from a very straightforward view that most men would probably be happier with a wife whose main life goal is to make them happy than with a US/European woman whose main focus is work and career.

Now, understand that I am not talking morality, I am not talking about what people should do, I am talking about their desires and what they WILL do. If cute, young foreign women are available, and there are no cute, young domestic women available, well, I think you know the rest.


PS Why not look at native middle aged women? One big reason is that the USA has become a very unhappy country over the years and most people my age (44) are unhappy, cynical and a horror to be with. I am considering staying in the Philippines with my Filipina wife (should I find her) instead of returning to the USA and facing down the gloom and deep pessimism of US life.


I see you have a problem with the function root_a()
It's the best way I could find to indicate the a'th root of something.

Hope it helps.

Maybe this looks better? :

growth% = 100 * a'thROOT((i%/100 + 1) * n) - 100


There are two problems with your statistics:

1. You take as a given that the number of kids per family is 3.  This depends on the specific community you are discussing.  The birth rate in the Muslim community is going down. There is also a difference between the birth rate by 1st generation and 2nd generation immigrants. 

2. You assume all kids get married.  This would mean that the percent of singles in the Muslim community is 0.

Islam In Europe


Muslim birth rate is still higher the European average

Esther, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis have been in Britain for decades now and their birth rate is still more than double the British average. There's no reason for me to doubt that it's not the same in other European countries.

The trend in high birth rates will not likely go down very much if they keep bringing in foreign wives.

Over the complete cycle, the estimates imply an average of 1.8 children per white woman before the age of 45.9 This was very similar for Caribbean women (1.8) and slightly higher for Indian women (2.3).

But the outstanding differences related to Pakistani women (4.0children before 45) and Bangladeshi women (4.7).

Birth rates

I can't find the numbers you give in the report you link to from the site. Can you help with page numbers or something?


Page number for birth rates

Bob Doney, it's on page 14 of 78 in the chapter titled 'Teenage births to ethnic minority women'.

The chapter is primarily about teenage births but it also mentions adults.

In Response to Mission Impossible:

"Please be informed that if a White Male wishes to bring home to Britain his Filipina / Indonesian / Thai / Chinese wife, he is effectively treated like a criminal and has (along with she) to "jump through hoops" over several years just to get official blessing."

Actually I am in full support of this red tape and want it to be extended to include all non-European spouses. While this may seem highly prejudicial, lumping together Muslims and non-Muslims in the non-European category, I have very well thought-out reasons for supporting such barriers as those noted above.

@Kapitein Andre

Yes, but the comparative numbers are small (vis-a-vis ethnic Brits bringing home Asian wives) so their political / demographic effect will always be miniscule. I am only talking here about quantities in the 'tens of thousands' maximum, perhaps much less.

Furthermore, these women are being brought in from high-cultures that normally earn our respect. Such women also tend to integrate with little difficulty.

For decades, a highly discriminatory policy has been applied to foreign born spouses of British males (I mean authentically British males, not just the "I've got the passport" type). The same restrictions (or hurdles) against foreign spouses have not been felt by white women, who don't appear to have been troubled much when acquiring black husbands from the Caribbean or Africa, etc.

I would not consider your view prejudiced. But, the objective here is surely for immigration policy to be changed so that it does not discriminate against our own people or against the male gender.

In Response to DavidE:

While I commend the Danes on their age restrictions, which in my opinion don't go far enough, I believe that the benefits of the welfare state with regards to child bonuses, tax exemptions, etc., are an integral part of any programme to raise the fertility rates of indigenous Europeans.


Though it is unfortunate that Muslims and other non-Europeans are taking advantage of this "largesse" to increase their numbers at the expense of Europeans, the governments' hands are only tied insofar as they adhere to the principle that everyone is equal before the law.


Why should Europeans have to give up their social democracy because of Muslim free-riders who ultimately want to abolish it anyways? Ultimately, Europeans will have to discriminate: they can either do so now at the borders, or later on the battlefields of what once were their bustling cities. Paris and London (relatively) survived two world wars, but I doubt that they will come through the challenges ahead unscathed.


I am sick&tired of reading this Non-European taking advantage of Welfare system of European states. Reality is only Islamofacists (Muslim immigrants) are abusing your system and ya’ll are happily letting them do that. I personally know so many Israeli&Indian(non-europeans) living and working in Europe for years with out any attention of taking Welfare from state. So much so one of my friends were without a Job for couple of months(after working 12 years in same company) but never even claim Jobless allowance (which would be totally justified after paying taxes for 12 years) instead of taking money from the state(Germany) found another job and still paying almost half of paycheck in taxes. So STOP Basing all non-Europeans and focus on the real problem (Muslim Immigrants).

The Danish Solution

Denmark countered this by prohibiting spouses younger than 24 years old from gaining Danish residency. So that is a possible solution. And, here's another simple solution:

Stop paying the layabouts welfare! Welfare should be limited to 2 children per father. And, it should be time limited.

Look, you can't blame these guys from coming into France or wherever to live on the gravy train. They are doing the smart thing. The payors of this largesse are the ones that have to get their act together.

The Enemy Within

DavidE is of course correct. The first people we have to blame (and then deal far more effectively with) are our own: those left-wing ideologues responsible for internationalizing our welfare system.

Immigrants are making rational choices. The fact that these choices end up subverting Western Civilization is an issue only we have the power to address ... but not yet the will. Or at least, the will is lacking from our political class.

Yet again, this all harks back to the cultural-Marxist poison that infects students as they pass through the Arts faculties of nearly all Western Universities. The only students who are immunized from this nonsense are those educated in the Science & Engineering departments.

Kapitein Andre ... to add to your comment. Please be informed that if a White Male wishes to bring home to Britain his Filipina / Indonesian / Thai / Chinese wife, he is effectively treated like a criminal and has (along with she) to "jump through hoops" over several years just to get official blessing. You may contrast this, as I know you will, with the red-carpet treatment given to these accursed Muslim immigrants from India, Pakistan, and North Africa.

Is there a legal solution?

Typically, in Western countries, if a citizen marries a foreigner, that person is either fast-tracked or given automatic citizenship, because to do otherwise would impinge on the original citizen's rights. However, it is precisely this cornerstone of Western immigration law that is being exploited collectively by Muslims and other non-Westerners to gain entry into the West; indeed, this results only in their increased demographic weight and political clout.


I propose that foreigners, even spouses of citizens, be not given special treatment by immigration authorities.

Outlaw first cousin mariage

There might be one way to reduce muslim immigration into Europe.
Outlaw marriage between first cousins.

There's one thing that almost all muslim countries have in common and that is high levels of consanguinity.

The BBC had a program on last year that showed 55% of all marriages within the Pakistani community in Britain were first cousins. That figure was even higher in places like Bradford (75%) and they had the same problem of marrying people from their home country.

It's likely that the muslims immigrating into Belgium and the rest of Europe also have significantly high levels of first cousin marriage.

Within Turkey the mean rate of consanguinity is 22.6%.

I think Morocco has similar numbers to Turkey.

If we look at other muslim countries the levels are even higher.

In Pakistan 61.2% of all marriages are between first or second cousins.

If Europe can outlaw that practice it may reduce the numbers of persons immigrating into their countries through marriage.

Another solution could be to raise the age of marriage to 21 or higher.

Multiple wives, multiple apartments and multiple families

I read a Paris news article about a Muslim immigrant who married and had a large family. He returned to Morocco to marry his second wife and start a new family in a second apartment. Later he returned to marry his third wife and start a new family with her in Paris. He has never divorced. Now he has eighteen children. His third wife complained about her poor apartment.  All of them live on the French welfare system.


like stated below, there are reports of men marrying multiple wives...all imported. I therefore believe these numbers are conservative, with upside potential as the only option. Horrible...

This is dramatic.   My

This is dramatic.   My question: do we know the actual statistics at present, or are these cleverly hidden by the government?

Needless to say, the exodus of ethnic Europeans will accelerate as Islamization proceeds.  So, by mid-century it is a certainty that many European countries will be part of the Umma. 

Do you Europeans have a passport to some other country?  More importantly: do your children.  13 of my great-grandmother's brothers and sisters died in the Holocaust because they had no passport.  Don't make the same mistake.  Think ahead.


The first model gives effectively an increase by a factor of 8 (65:8≈8), but for the second model, I find a factor of 19 (153:8≈19) and not of 30. Nevertheless the figure is still alarmingly high.



Model 3 - two thirds of the partners are imported and every couple has four children - gives: 8+16+10+52+34+172=292 or a factor of 36 (292:8≈36).



Model 4 - all the partners are imported and every couple has three children - gives: 8+12+12+36+36+108=212 or a factor of 26 (212:8≈26).