Give Us Today Our Daily Regulation

A quote from John Blundell in a Heritage Lecture, 22 December 2006

It is not even clear how many E.U. regulations there are! When pressed on the matter, a British minister said that “as far as the government has been able to verify” the number of sets of regulations enacted between 1973 and 2002 as a result of E.U. membership was 101,811. But Britain, like other applicants, was obliged to adopt the acquis communautaire – the existing body of E.U. regulations and directives – on entry. The total number of sets of regulations to which British citizens are subject as the result of E.U. membership may be in excess of 200,000, with an average 2,500 new sets of regulations being added each year.

"Needless to say the EU

"Needless to say the EU Constitution document (book more like it) was the largest, by a factor of 10(?)."

The US constitution was drawn up by people with a lot of common sense and their feet on the ground. They lived the real life.

The EU constitution is drawn up by lawyers ... who don't have their feet on the ground ... who design the constitution based on what they have learned in law school and not based on common sense (= sense shared by most people; this is the reason why most people reject the EU constitution, at least if they have the chance to do so ... long live the democracy).

Compare the Respective Constitutions

@cqruita ... suggest you search back a few weeks in the Brussels Journal archives.

Find the article that displayed (via photo) three well-known constitutional documents - thus highlighting a wide descrepancy in their physical sizes.

I would suggest that should form part of your "better answer." Needless to say the EU Constitution document (book more like it) was the largest, by a factor of 10(?).

EU vs. US federalist system

This week I had a fight with someone over the Us vs. EU federal system, and the other guy called me "superficial" :)
My argument was that in US the federal government has a lax policy towards the states, which will not be the case here, with so many regulations.
Can someone help me with a better answer?