Notker Wolf on Islamization: «Tolerance Is Good, But It Doesn't Mean We Should Surrender.»

Notker Wolf, the Abbot Primate of the Benedictine Order, in an interview with the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag about the islamization of Germany and Europe:

Welt am Sonntag: What do you think about the influence of Islam on the western world?
Notker Wolf:
There are certainly some groups that have set the islamization of Europe as their goal. I think that in itself is a serious thing. In Germany the Turkish association Ditib recently demanded that the «Word on Friday» be broadcast on public television. I only wonder: How can it be that these people demand all rights in Germany for themselves, while at the same time Christians are seriously discriminated in Turkey? Why are we, Christians, not allowed a theological faculty in Turkey? Why are we not allowed to have any church property there? Meanwhile, the mayor of Munich even breaks building regulations to approve a mosque, just to win the votes of the Turks. That is unbelievable! Tolerance is good, but it doesn't mean we should surrender.

It goes without saying that the mayor of Munich, Christian Ude belongs to the social-democratic SPD.


Bottom line is, there is a population replacement going on. A more Muslim Europe is going to look more like the Middle East than Europe, really. But, since the continent has all but abandoned Christianity and native people are not reproducing (actually, the governing elites want to promote more abortion, euthanasia and gay marriage, all things which, morality aside, only reduce population growth), I don't see much way out. Lots of Bosnias in Europe's future.

Population Replacement, not islamization

Pretending to worry over "the islamization of Europe" is stupid. The only way Islam is making progress in Europe is by replacing Europeans with muslim third-worlders. Europeans should not accept to be pushed out of history, but why should we care about the religion of the people replacing us?

Talking of tolerance is irrelevant. If one of your neighbors suddenly converted to a crude, violent religion, you might decide that tolerance is the best policy (and you would be wrong). But what is happening now is that we are being replaced by Turks and other similar people. It isn't the same at all. Making arrangements to replace Europeans with third world people is wrong. It is malevolence, not tolerance. It is a betrayal of Europe and of our children. The only sensible policy is to send the Turks back home. They should be expelled all the faster because of their violent religion, but they should really be expelled whatever their religion is.

The reverse equivalent of what is now happening in Europe would not be to build a theological faculty in Turkey, it would be to organize massive immigration to Turkey, so as to replace the local Turks with Europeans.

Turks have no patience for Christians. One reason Armenians have been slaughtered by Turkey is because they were christian. But Turkey does not express remorse. It is forbidden by Turkish law to say that the Turks have slaughtered the Armenians and are still occupying their land. Unfortunately, the European Union's reaction has been to avoid any reference to its christian heritage, so the Turks will feel more comfortable entering our club!

Amsterdamsky said: "I could care less about churches in Turkey and Saudi Arabia"

For my part, I wish the Turks would go back to Central Asia to practice their religion.

Bartholomew I, the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople, was born in 1940 on Imbros island, in the Aegean Sea. According to wikipedia, the population replacement on the island went like this :

year : 1927 | 1970 | 1975 | 1980 | 1985 | 1990 | 1997 | 2000
Turks : _157 | 3970 | 4403 | 4879 | 6524 | 7626 | 8330 | 8640
Greeks: 6555 | 2621 | 1540 | 1068 | _586 | _321 | _248 | _254


In Reply to logicalman

Romans were barbarians to the Greeks, Anglo-Saxons were barbarians to the Romans and Africans were barbarians to the Anglo-Saxons (insert joke here)...and now Muslims are barbarians to the entire Western world.


Using the term "barbarian" implies some sort of moral comparison, which is always open to criticism. If people simply stated: "I do not like Muslims and I do not want them around me. Period," there would be little room for argument.

Mosques = Internet like bases for immigration and terrorism

I could care less about churches in Turkey and Saudi Arabia I just don't want any more mosques here.  They are like the internet for both terrorists and immigrants.  You can take one hub down and the others pick up the slack.  These guys figured this out centuries ago.


>>I could care less about churches in Turkey and Saudi Arabia I just don't want any more mosques here.
Are there any Churches in Saudi Arabia? hello wake up Amsterdam... there is None/Nil/Null/Nahi

>>They are like the internet for both terrorists and immigrants.
I am a immigrant, but i never go to mosque... don't go in conflicts with states and other democracies... we all have to unite against this global threat. can't u see all those peoples are suffering.. who fought Nazis. Serbians are suffering, British are suffering, so called "Radical Hindus and Sikhs" are suffering, Jews are suffering, Americans were suffering... do you need any other prove..

Even now Germany, Italy and other are facing danger because they are no more radicals...

Oh man, I m a Hindu teaching West. I can't believe this.... i learned to look documentations from Europeans.... and when Europeans have to show intellectuality... they seems to be dead.

come on, check this out....

Where the division was between Muslim and Non-Muslim due to Islamic terror... things are changing towards Christians and Non-Christians. West is moving at victim end.... Please try to understand... i don't want to loose such loving People next to barbarians... Please wake up

tolerance towards the intolerants

Muslims are the most intolerant class of people - no, of barbarians - who take advantage of Western world's principle of freedoms to try - and succeed mostly via European's stupidity - to force their murderous way via instilling fear in spineless politicians and via false propaganda.


It's sad to see reporters repeating muslim's untruths without checking facts, and in doing so help propagating institutioned lies.  In words and in deeds, Mohammed tricked and lied his way to conquer tribe after tribe.  With modern communication media available now, it's undiscerning or coward politicians who contribute to the problems associated with muslims.


Yes, tolerance is one thing, undiscerning between wrong and right is another.  Making bad decisions lead to bad consequences.  Always.

In Response

As evidenced by this quote, religion and ethnicity/race are hand in hand when it comes to Islamization. Europe is not allowed to be either Christian or European, but when the tragedy of multiculturalism and immigration comes to its conclusion, Turkiye, Iran and the Arab states will remain Islamic and Turkish, Iranian and Arabic respectively.