Population Replacement in the Capital of Europe

In 2000, the Belgian authorities voted a so-called “Quick Citizenship” Act, bestowing Belgian nationality on foreigners as a simple procedure. Everyone who has lived in the country for a number of years (usually seven, but in some cases barely three, and sometimes even only two years) is entitled to Belgian citizenship. One does not have to speak the language nor prove one’s will to integrate in the host country.

So far the Quick Citizenship Act created 337,904 “new Belgians” – an average of 4,277 per month. Belgium has only 10 million inhabitants. One million of them live in Brussels, Belgium’s as well as the EU’s (and NATO’s) capital. While in 1960 7.3% of the Brussels population was foreign, today the figure has risen to 56.5%. The latter figure refers to non-Belgians (26.3% of the Brussels population) and to foreigners who have acquired Belgian citizenship since 1980 and their children (30.2%).

According to Jan Hertogen, a Marxist sociologist, the Brussels population replacement  “is an impressive and unique development from a European, or even a world perspective.” Hertogen’s figures show that in 1991 28.5% of the Brussels residents held a foreign nationality and 4.5% were naturalized or “new” Belgians. In 2005 the number of foreigners had stabilized at 26.3%, but the number of “new Belgians” had grown to 30.2%. Hertogen expects that by 2020 75% of the Brussels population will be of non-Belgian origin.

Belgium is an artificial country, consisting of 6 million Dutch-speaking Flemings and 4 million French-speaking Walloons. The Francophile Belgian authorities reckon that foreigners will not feel much loyalty to Flanders because most of them speak French. Brussels, which used to be Dutch-speaking, has become a French-speaking enclave in Flanders.

Today, 589 of the 661 elected local councillors in Brussels are French-speaking. 170 of the 661 Brussels councillors are “new Belgians” or foreigners. Most of them are Muslims. 168 of the 170 foreign councillors are registered as Francophones. Foreigners make up 28.5% of the French-speaking and 3% of the Dutch-speaking councillors.

Stalin #2

@ pvdh


This is getting worse, and you are now talking complete nonsense.   The famous Belgian education system is showing its true colors. 

Stalin did NOT move people around to create "natural boundaries" or natural countries!  He was a tyrant who ruled by force many different peoples against their own will.   Within the Soviet Union (his empire), he moved people around, both individuals and groups (peoples), to 'punish' them (for opposition) and to 'develop' Siberia.   He also pushed people further away on the 'edges' of the Soviet Union, in order to expand his geographic empire (e.g. Eastern Poland and the Baltics).   And he was the titular head of an 'internationalist' ideology.  The reality on the ground, of course, was very different.  It was 'Russian' rule, through a very small clique, by an anti-nationalistic 'Georgian'. 

artificial country #2

@ pvdh

Are you still doubting that you are not being serious?  In answer to some rather chilling statistics in the article, you respond with sarcastic comments about....nazi-Germany and, of course, about modern-day Israel.  What is the relevance of your response?  But, it is obvious, that putting your head in the sand makes you feel better while ignoring the data presented.

Once again, Israel is a democracy where fundamental individual human rights of citizens are being protected, and where political power changes regularly in a 'democratic' fashion.   This is NOT the case in any of its neighbors.  Take Irak, for instance, that is a good example of an 'artificial' country, with no genuine 'national' identity.  As you well know, its history over the past century shows that 'order' is possible in such a country, but only under a brutal and vicious tyranny.  Democracy and freedom are not possible in the long run, unless they can rest on the power of enough people taking self-responsibility that accompanies genuine 'identification' with national community.   We could endlessly debate all the sociological factors that accompany such identification, but we should be able to recognize virtually immediately whether such identification exists in sufficient degree in specific country-cases, or not. 

No one can predict the future with precision and certainty.  But the article provides 'evidence', in the form of specific data, that suggest that Belgium runs growing risks of insufficient 'identification' with national community.   Looking around the world, it is not difficult to predict that 'order' in such an environment can only be maintained through increasingly repressive measures from 'above'.    Bad policies in the name of bad ideology will increasingly undermine individual freedom.  Societies to thrive need common values and common 'affinities', of which language is obviously a central one, unless the country is highly decentralised (e.g. Switzerland is the exception that 'confirms this rule').          

an artificial country

"an artificial country" as opposed to "a natural country" like for instance...?

In Israel some good intentioned guy proposes to change the national anthem because he thought it was not possible for an Arab citizen to identify with such an anthem. (http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/850285.html)
I would say, it’s just a song. Some idle words on a probably lousy tune. Not so for the Zionists. The author is despised and spit out by his own community in the comments that follow the article. Probably Arabs and non-Jews are artificial citizens in the natural country called “Israel”. As I fail to grasp the concept, it’s obvious I can’t grasp it’s applicability in practice. But I'm trying: The Germans had figured out what a Natural Germany should look like. They included the countries boundaries in their anthem during the third Riech. Accidentally artificial citizens within these borders like Jews or slaves where Germanized, expelled or exterminated. Just to restore the natural state the country had once been in. (Or didn’t it?) Perhaps Israel and the future independent state of Flanders could include their boundaries in their anthems too. “From the Euphrates to the Nile… “Or “From the Meuse to Dowaai.” That sounds very “natural” to me. As for the artificial citizens within those boundaries….


How Could I miss him? He was the biggest creator of “natural countries” of them all. (Do I notice some contradiction in the terms “creator” and “natural”, or is this my imagination playing tricks with me?) Strange enough, his “natural boundaries” seemed to overlap a bit with those of the Germans. Anyway, in his infinite wisdom and to glory and honor of the east-European nations, he moved around some 5 million people, killing almost half of them, just to create “natural states”. I think I'm beginning to grasp the concept now.

Quick Citizenship or

Quick Islamic Occupation Act? How ironic, 'Old' Europe prevented from falling behind the Iron Curtain of communism, only to surrender itself behind the Muslin Veil of Islamism.

Europe must return to the Faith or she will perish

I am reminded of Hilaire Belloc's famous statement:

"Europe must return to the Faith or she will perish."

"The faith is Europe and Europe is the Faith."

Above all else the common unifying historical force in Europe has been Catholicism--not nationality. I happen to be of Walloon heritage but first and foremost I am a Roman Catholic. Whether the European left, who claim to be enlightened, like it or not, Europe's heritage is Catholicism.

A reconversion of the West to Roman Catholicism is necessary to avoid becoming Eurabia.

Real Clear Religion

Why not to state clearly?

There should not be any explanations:"If Moroccans and Turks can serve as MP's why not a Flemish speaking Belgian?"- if people do not adhere to the values of the land and impose theirs (which are garbage and backward )they should not serve in any capacity...Oh yeah, but they do not impose, they are sneaking them in...One just can wonder, what this all will lead to.

"Quick Citizenship" = Treason & de Winters

I can not think of a more treasonous act than what the Socialists did with the "Quick Citizenship" act just to get re-elected. It is really ironic that after commiting this act of treason they are trying to run de Winters out of politics. I am certainly not a huge fan of de Winters due to his very right wing religious views but I would certainly vote for him after this. Come to Holland and run for EUMP dude! You are welcome here!!!! If Moroccans and Turks can serve as MP's why not a Flemish speaking Belgian?