Should Kohl Get Nobel Prize for Promoting EU?

It seems to be taken for granted that promoting the integration of the EU, an increasingly totalitarian political entity that is appeasing Muslims at home and abroad and may thus be paving the way for a new world war, should make you a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Der Spiegel writes:

Relations between Angela Merkel and Helmut Kohl, the former German chancellor have reached a new low point. Merkel has refused to actively promote the European statesman's nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

He wasn't even able to attend the glamorous gala celebrating the 50th anniversary of the European Union. Canceling that appointment was especially depressing for Kohl, who is the EU's only living honorary citizen. That makes it all the more comforting that European Commission President José Manuel Barroso used the celebrations in Berlin as an opportunity to propose an honorary title for Kohl that would crown a politician's life work in a way that no other title could: the Nobel Peace Prize. Kohl is a great statesman and a European by conviction, Barroso said. “Kohl deserves the Nobel prize for peace,” he added.

nobel prise

Arafat also got nobel prise. After all, Nobel earned his money by selling dinamite.

In Response - Go Helmut!

Thanks in part to Mr. Kohl, Europeans will never know war again, at least among themselves, as Mr. Kohl has helped ensure that there will be no Europeans left to war with each other.

@Amsterdamsky.... you need to look at this..


anyways more can be located here.... 

and they won the prize...

and yes, you will also find the entry for Yassir arrafat in Nobel Peace Prize...... in which they completely ignored that he was shouting "Al Jihad, Al Jihad, Al Jihad" behind the scene....

I think, the next nomination will be for "Ahmedinijad"..... After all, he set the British Marine hostages free..... the same British Marine hostaged Iran had captured from Iraqi water.

The Appeasement Prize is overrated anyway

Well if Tookie can get nominated why not Kohl?  The Appeasement Prize is overrated anyway.  Yassir Arafat, Kissenger among other tyrants.  Two years ago they gave it to some whacko african woman planting trees that says white people introduced AIDS into africa to kill africans.