Dangerous Occupation in Europe: Ambulance Driver

Sweden’s gradual descent into the abyss continues. It isn’t stated in the article what ethnic (or religious) background the “youths” in this case have, but they frequently tend to be you-know-who:

“Youths” Attack Ambulance in Sweden

A gang of youths are reported to have attacked an ambulance in the early hours of Sunday morning. A number of other violent incidents were also reported in the town on a night police described as “very messy”. At around 1.30am police were called to Ljusdalen, north of Sundsvall, where ambulance staff called out to help a woman with respiratory problems suddenly found themselves under siege.

“The healthcare workers locked themselves into the ambulance when they were prevented from driving away,” said police spokeswoman Eva Lindberg. “The youths smashed the windscreen and aimed kicks at the ambulance,” she added. The ambulance staff eventually managed to escape and the situation had calmed down by the time police arrived. Just a few minutes earlier a 24-year-old man was stabbed in the thigh outside a party on Bergsgatan in the centre of town. “A dispute out on the street turned violent and one man was slashed in the thigh with a knife. The injury is not thought to be life-threatening,” said police spokesman Stefan Edin. A 22-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of having carried out the attack. Two girls also claim to have been assaulted on Bergsgatan, Expressen reports.

Similar incidents:

Sweden, November 2005

There are some neighborhoods Swedish ambulance drivers will not go to without a police escort. Angry crowds have threatened them, telling them which patient to take and which ones to leave behind.

Antwerp, Belgium, February 2006

An ambulance was told to switch off its siren because that might provoke the Moroccans.

Rotterdam, October 2006

Police officers were wounded when they came to the rescue of an ambulance which was attacked by a group of some 250 youths.

RE: loose conjectures

Nobody can say with certainty if one should blame Religion of Peace or maybe Absolut Vodka for this epizode.
From Fjordman's writings on this blog one could easily conclude that Swedish citizens are in general law -obedient Buddhists hooked on Prosac, their eternal peace interrupted by advancing hordes of.....(fill the blanks). Yeah, right. One picture is worth blah, blah..




I am not sure anymore if his obsession about bad&dumb in Sweden is because it lends crediblity to his theories about future doom & gloom or maybe it's local version of 'Balkanian love for neighbours'?

Re:Sweden's future - there is much more interesting article on changes to labour law and its implications in the same issue of The Local:




You lose credibility,Fjordman,by publishing loose conjectures like the one you offer here,and more to the point,such slyness is unworthy of you.


Too right.I'm still waiting for Fjordman to make a direct response to roughdoggo's criticism of his iffy translation/interpretation of that Dagbladet article from several days back.(see Fjordman article;'European Socialists Take Aim at "Islamophobia").

How about it,Fjordman?


Abyss Wallowing

Perhaps muslim or migrant youth were responsible for this incident. Statistically, one would be inclined towards thinking so. But the fact is, we do not know yet.

Given that there are enough incidents of this sort every day where we do know with certainty who is back of them, why not stick to reporting these instead? Or why not do some checking on your own, contacting Sundsvall, and then reporting what you find out, instead of indulging in loose speculation until the facts are established?

You lose credibility, Fjordman, by publishing loose conjectures like the one you offer here, and more to the point, such slyness is unworthy of you.

You-know-who or not

There is no way you can determine the ethnic or religious background of the criminals based on Swedish newspaper article. They never mention it in any newspaper.

Sometimes they do mention the suburb, in which the incident took place. In those cases you can check the ethnic makeup of the suburb and conclude that it must be you-know-who.

Recent troubles in the Gothenburg suburb of Angered are clearly inspired by the followers of the you-know-what religion, since the suburb in question has a significant population with immigrant background.

The Swedish wikipedia entry (http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angered) tells that the tram lines that go to Angered are commonly called "Orient express" or "Garlic express".

However, in the case of ambulance incident in Sundsvall, it is not possible to determine whether you-know-who are involved.

To Mystery Meat

"We should not assume that the people impeding the ambulance crew were members of the "They that must not be Named". It could have been native Swede drunkards, or boisterous college students."

If the offenders were not pictured, then we can be certain that they were the former.




What a superb idea! Maybe just maybe, if there were a few acts such as you describe, these people who cannot be named would get the message and return forthwith to the Third World.

Europeans need to begin pressuring their governments for the return of their right to self defense. An armed society is a polite society. These swine have got to be more afraid to be on the street than do the original ethnic citizens. They understand only fear. We've got to make them afraid. Caucasians need to stop wanting these people to love us. Its preferable and imperative for our survival that they fear us. They have got to be convinced that when they visit violence upon the indigenous population, there will be great and terrible consequences.

Procure firearms and become proficient in their use,

Don't jump to conclusions

We should not assume that the people impeding the ambulance crew were members of the "They that must not be Named". It could have been native Swede drunkards, or boisterous college students. Or, the ambulance crew could have done something disrespectful to the religion that must not be named or its prophet. In any case, the ambulance crew must apologize.

Just Carry Guns

If some of these punks got a head full of lead once in a while they might think twice.