Scenes from Eurabia: Women Should Know Their Place

“Women are simply not accepted by the Muslim community,” says Mohammed. “So women had also better not do this work.” Mohammed is my colleague social worker [integration civil servant] in Antwerp’s immigrant quarters. He looks at me gravely. “That is just the way it is, and that is why I prefer not to work with a woman, that simply doesn’t work.” He is complaining about another colleague, a Flemish woman who is his superior.

Mohammed does not think that this mentality about women and work is wrong. In fact, whoever questions this attitude is wrong because it is his culture and belief, which is why he accepts it, he “understands” it and we, Flemings, do not. Consequently we must accept it, until we “understand” as well.

He sighs. Yesterday it came to a clash with his female Flemish superior. Together with a team of mostly immigrant co-workers, she organizes meaningful recreational activities for the mostly Moroccan youths in the neighborhood. The Flemish superior is also close to despair. Working together with Mohammed is not plain sailing.

She has no support from her Moroccan colleagues. On the contrary, slowly but surely she is being frozen out. Whenever she appears in the square several older man gather round her and start speaking the Berber language with her male colleagues. “They want to marry you,” her male colleagues of Moroccan origin laugh, “because we said that you’re not married.” In the evening the men wait for her and bother her, why won’t she? Several girls of Moroccan origin grab her phone. Her Moroccan colleagues look the other way, also when older kids who always start arguments with her kick her shins until they are blue and threaten her.

She did not want to discuss the complete lack of fellowship, the negative attitude of the Moroccan colleagues. Her problem was Mohammed. He didn’t want to work together with her. He walked away during a conversation with her and went to pray in the meeting room, calling on Allah to stand by him in the discussion with a woman! Perplexity on the part of his female colleague.

Naturally she submitted her conflict with Mohammed, and his praying in the meeting room, to the management. Yes, it’s annoying, but now what? The problem was bought before the staff manager. Who, strangely enough, made a completely absurd accusation. Not Mohammed, but rather the female co-worker, had overstepped her bounds. She had threatened Mohammed and provoked aggression.

How? By questioning his actions. Yes, that’s what Mohammed had said. To the staff manager of course. The female colleague stands as if hit by lighting. She doesn’t weigh half as much as Mohammed, she would be mad to wake up aggression by somebody who could wipe her off the map, Mohammed is also a kickboxer, she is not that crazy! She is left with her feeling of powerlessness. Not Mohammed. In this conflict she is getting picked on.

Her complaint about Mohammed’s behavior was not taken seriously anywhere. It should be, since Mohammed discriminates against women in the workplace, he is being accused by female colleagues of sexual intimidation, and above all he doesn't offer help to a colleague who is being assaulted by the target group. All for the simple reason that women shouldn’t be doing this work, because they are unacceptable for Mohammed and the target group, we must understand that, end of story.

Nobody confronts Mohammed about this utterly wrong attitude towards women. Worse still: the Antwerp authorities assume that by employing Mohammed they have “easier access” to the target group. In fact, the effect is usually the opposite. Mohammed supports the target group, shares a wrong attitude and doesn’t think of doing anything differently.

Because nobody has the courage to approach Mohammed about behavior that would be unacceptable in any other civil servant, we make no progress. Polarization and segregation increase and within a welfare system that employs thousands of social workers we are unable to achieve a change of attitude, which respects everybody regardless of origin, sex or belief.


If the politicians procrastinate any longer, there will soon be huge protest marches in Brussels by everybody who has had enough. Because these disparities disrupt society: not skin color, but the behavior of target groups is why people are being excluded at work, from discos and swimming pools. It is time for everyone who has had enough to get together, in everybody’s interest.

I dont complain this

I dont complain this woman.
She has what she desserves.
Look carefully at what it is told about her or her atitudes:
"questions this attitude is wrong because it is his culture and belief, which is why he accepts it, he “understands” it and we, Flemings, do not. Consequently we must accept it, until we “understand” as well."
"She did not want to discuss the complete lack of fellowship, the negative attitude of the Moroccan colleagues"

She is one of those multiculturalists who brought Europe near abism.
She only has what she desserves and hope she awake and resign that job to do something usefull.

The California syndrome

muaramiajuana:  "Also, if their delightful culture from "home" is so brilliant, why are they living in yours? "


We give them free money and a chance at smiting and robbing infidels.  How can they pass this up?


This is why California is such a mess.  During the 1960's all the scum from the rest of the states moved their because welfare was probably 3 times higher than the rest of the US.  Same with 3rd world immigration here.  Just a big flashing neon sign that says COME TO ME!


Indeed, I concur with your observations re California. I would add that in Ireland, there is creepy feeling of drowning in immigrants now flooding our streets, legal and otherwise. Serious concerns abound when viewing these same immigrants as they start to make demands upon the state for their 'rights'. What rights? They’ve been living here 5 minutes, yet the population are being told to toe the line when it comes to these lovelies. Ireland is just now getting on its feet after hundreds of years of subjugation, and a Famine that decimated the country, and for this we need to feel good that this shiftless lot are arriving in droves to yet again pick the country clean of any prosperity it hopes to retain? Add to this their insistence on keeping to the traditions and dress of their own mother country, and you have a recipe for trouble. The politically correct gang of goons who make such demands are the same rubbishy people who are forever insisting you open you wallet to Africa to feed the same people who have been going hungry there forever. But oddly enough, I don’t see St. Bono or Geldolf ever making a move to live on that fair continent, or toss their fortunes into the ever boiling pot of poverty. No, all you hear from them is the same mindless piffle only a jaded rock star could conjure up at the twilight of his career. Delightful to hear from you, on this, my first post.

Third World Rot in Belgium Hardens.

That this dross, Mo-Ham-Mad, is allowed to both live and work in Belgium is part and parcel of the fear and stupidity of the people of that country.  But why? Why do you tolerate those from the 3rd. world in the first place, only to see them belittle your Western way of life, but have no such problems when it comes to accepting Western cash for work never done? This guy ought to be send away to some etiquette camp to be taught some manners, but more to the point, where are the men in your country who should have taken this creep to task for speaking to a woman in such a derogatory manner? Also, if their delightful culture from "home" is so brilliant, why are they living in yours? To lay claim to ownership of citizenship means nothing: Just because you are born in a barn, dose not make you a horse, and these people are forever of the barn culture. For God's sake wake up and see that your country has been stolen from under your nose by 3rd. worlders, while you were being force-fed political correctness by your very own gang of idiots called the government.



She had to get a sex change to be able to drive..I've heard it all!!! I remember the US government declared that ''it would not compromise on women's rights'' when justifying the war in Afghanishtan. Then why is Saudia Arabia their ally? It bans women from driving for crying out loud....!! Oh well I guess they can't go to war with every Muslim country.

P.S. Thank-you Atlanticist once again for all of your great links!

They present this as cultural improvement?

"verbally abused by a male Muslim who was resenting her position. At one point he said "I will f*** your sister!""

Can you imagine that statement being made in the US? The boy would be in the slammer. Idiot! He needs to be slapped, and hard. 

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Mo Misogyny

A few years ago, a US customs agent in Washington State became suspicious when the sullen Middle Eastern - looking man in a car at the border between the US and Canada refused to answer <em>her</em> routine questions. So she and her colleagues searched the car and found explosives. He was promptly arrested.

Seems that Mo just couldn't abide answering a <em>female</em> authority's questions and that's what bit him in the a**.

I also recall Ayaan Hirsi Ali's memoirs "Infidel" where she recounts how a female Dutch social worker was being verbally abused by a male Muslim who was resenting her position. At one point he said "I will f*** your sister!" She responded "She'd probably like that."

He didn't get the humor.

Swastikas tats

Kapitein "I am sure that Muslims would be confused by the Swastika tatoo, as they'll appreciate its anti-Semitic but not its anti-non-White connotations."

They will think you are Hindu and no, they do not go in a different direction they ARE in some cases exactly the same as the Nazi swastika.  Any efforts to ban them should be construed as inciting ethnic and religious hatred and the politicians behind any such proposals should be immediately jailed and removed from office.

Likely solutions

They could dialogue.
The government could increase funding to this and similar agencies.
She could find a position more agreeable to her co-workers.

I must agree with Mohammed on this one...

Belgian women do not have any business being "integration civil servants." Firstly, they are aiding and abetting a hostile foreign group determined to colonise and restructure Belgian society. Secondly, they are directly exposing themselves to the threat of battery, harassment, sexual assault, etc. There are too many completely innocent Belgian women victimised by these 'people,' for me to concern myself with Ms. den Bogaard and her colleagues. If you want to be a female doctor or nurse (without borders) in South Africa - expect to get raped. Same situation here. I realize that this sounds harsh, but part of the problem with contemporary Western society is our willingness to embrace and sympathise with stupidity and insanity (doing the same thing again and expecting different results). I suggest that the female Belgian "integration civil servants" quit or bring along boyfriends who look like Edward Norton's character in American History X. I am sure that Muslims would be confused by the Swastika tatoo, as they'll appreciate its anti-Semitic but not its anti-non-White connotations.

Re: Atlanticist link

Link didn't work.  BTW I alway spell european europeon when I am bitching about them.  Probably should hyphenate it like you do.

This is pure insanity. If

This is pure insanity.

If it was a white man doing this to a female superior he would have been already fired. But a marrocan is allowed to do that.

Muslims are perverting our world. They must go. There is no place for them in Europe.

"Labour (PvdA) leader Wouter Bos will have to decide in the next few weeks whether to sign a declaration of support for his fellow-party member Ehsan Jami. Bos is not pleased with Jami's attempt to make leaving Islam discussible."

"One of the NSS’s honorary associates, Colin Challen MP, has proposed an Early Day Motion in Parliament calling for the freedom to change and leave one’s religion"

What a shit is this? What the hell does our MPs, british or dutch or anywhere, have to bother with religion?

They should bother with Islam only one time: BAN IT!

Re: Amsterdamsky

You sound overly optimistic.I'd say it's the top of the ninth with Mo' ("Babe" Ruthless) at the bat and the bases loaded.


btw 'Euro-peons',eh? So,you remembered.

RE:Atlanticist "or the

RE:Atlanticist "or the Mohammeds of this world will impose their cultural values on the Europeans"


So far the I would call the score as Mohammed 1, Euro-peons 0

No compromise option

Either the Europeans impose their cultural values on the Mohammeds of this world,or the Mohammeds of this world will impose their cultural values on the Europeans -There can be no compromise option.If anybody disagrees with this analysis then let them take up their argument with Mo'.