Who Is the Extremist Here?

A quote from the VRT (Dutch-language Belgian public television), 28 August 2007

Udo Ulfkotte [the organizer of the banned anti-Islamization demo in Brussels next Sept. 11] (in German):

I do not understand why I have to defend myself. When one million people take to the streets in Turkey no-one says: These people are extremists who protest against the Islamization of Turkey. No-one would dream of saying a thing like that. But if the same thing happens here, in the heart of Europe, they say: These people are extremists. Can you explain this to me?

VRT journalist:

But you do know that Hugo Coveliers [Ulfkotte’s lawyer] is a little bit of a collaborator of the far-right [Vlaams Belang]…

Hugo Coveliers (in Dutch):

I find it totally inappropriate of you to say that not just I, but also the Vlaams Belang are far-right… It all depends where you position yourself in politics. If you, as most VRT journalists do, are a left-winger, then people who are centrists are to the right of you. But who belongs to the far-right here? Obviously the mayor of Brussels [Freddy Thielemans, a leading member of the Parti Socialiste (PS)], who acts in an authoritarian fashion. The PS, by the way, a party which has been convicted for corruption – many members of that party have been convicted for corruption, but that is never mentioned – that is the party that is now adopting an extreme authoritarian position. And don’t forget: Mussolini was a socialist!

Udo Ulfkotte (in German):

I have worked for the Frankfurter Allgemeine [Germany’s leading (conservative) newspaper] for 17 years, I am a writer and I am currently a professor in security management at a German university. This is exactly why I am so fascinated by the mayor banning this demonstration for security reasons. […] You want to know why I am here, in the offices of the Vlaams Belang? If someone in your family, your child for example, falls ill, you are not choosy when help is offered. In Belgium the only party which offered to help me was the Vlaams Belang. […] As a German I come from a family that made mistakes during the Second World War. I have learned that we should not make that mistake again. […] [Upon hearing that the case has to be brought before French-speaking judges] I seem to be in one of Kafka’s novels.

explanation for Udo Ulfkotte

The comparison to Turkey is wrong on several accounts:

1. Nobody in Turkey suggests the Muslims don't belong there.  Protests against the Islamic party in Turkey do not carry a racist or xenophobic message, by definition.

2. The protests in Turkey were a reaction to the  election of the Islamist candidate as president. They were purely political. This is far from being the case in Europe.

Islam In Europe


The History of Political Correctness

From socialist and communist.. I have something special here...

<a href="http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8630135369495797236&hl=en"> The History of Political Correctness</a> 

Tech Hitch with Google's Video on Political Correctness

perfektm ... you are a star!

I followed your link to the Google Video site, but was able to watch only the first 2.5 minutes of what appears to be an absolute Classic.

I then tried to download the same from the Google site, but the same problem.

Instead, I recommend you go straight to the source, and visit the Free Congress Foundation website. You can download the movie to your harddrive directly. It is an MPEG-4 file format and a broadband connection is highly recommended: it is a large file.

Sony PSP, Video IPod, or Palm Handheld Owners can also watch and share this important movie at their leisure.

Here is the link >>> Free Congress Organization ... then scroll the page down until you see the movie mentioned near the bottom left of page.

A tale of three jerks

Comunist jerk would have said:

"See! he comes from a kulak family"

Nazi jerk would have said:

"See! he comes from a jewish family"

Leftshit jerk woul have said:

"See! he comes from a nazi family"


(impersonating any mainstream Belgian leftish intellectual)