It Is Indeed the Constitution

It is really getting quite untenable for British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to continue pretending that the new European treaty is not the Constitution, hence no referendum is needed. Yesterday the Conference of Presidents, the organising body of the European Parliament, had its first meeting after the summer recess. And what was on the agenda?

Conference of Presidents
Thursday 30 August 2007

Organisational arrangements for the ‘Citizens’ Forum’/Agora meetings in 2007

The Conference agreed to postpone the holding of the first Citizens’ forum on the Constitutional Treaty issues from 18-19 October to 8-9 November 2007. [My Italics]

So it now seems that even the institutions of the European Union have given up pretending that the new treaty is not the Constitution but the “Reform Treaty” or that, as we are told by Brown, Milliband et al, it was just a tidying up exercise with all constitutional aspects removed.


"We have to stand up in front of our national public opinions,not give up to some of the popularisms we have in our member states"


Jose Manuel Barroso [Quoted in the British newspaper,the Telegraph,Wednesday 29th August,2007].


Contrast that statement with this one from the same newspaper on the same day.


"What is proposed represents an enormous transfer of national sovereignty to people who are not answerable to national parliaments".

Sir Antony Acland. 

Some time ago there was in

Some time ago there was in youtube an interessant video that show president (or might I say emperor?) Barroso saying that EU is an empire.

Oh!, a mild one, that do not go on conquest. It shows also swedish political comissar for the comunication, margot woellstrom (something like that. I am not strong at ethology) comanding to the journalists not to publish that information, wich they obediently they did.

In my country we used to call that censure.

 But there is a feature of empires that Barroso didnot, and couldnot, say European empire have not because it is common to all empires:

Empires dont ask opinion of their citizens!


The New Treaty of Versailles

Historians will view this as the New Treaty of Versailles.  The arrogant, anti-democratic, unfair document that will be the tipping point to european disaster.