Capital of the EUSSR 3: Attack of the Stormtroopers

A reader who wants to stay anonymous sent us this witness account of yesterday's SIOE demonstration in Brussels.

I attended the demo in Bruxelles and we were in the city early enough to see the police forming up in various backstreets complete with water cannon and armed reserve units. What are they frightened of?

The police initiated violence without provocation and I personally witnessed and photographed the officer who appeared to be coordinating the assaults on people.  This officer was busy throughout the encounter and was seen and photographed maneuvering frequently between groups of uniformed police and communicating with unknown others whereupon he re-directed the troops to another snatch operation against identified targets ... it was fascinating to watch and he became appallingly clumsy, predictable and blase about his nefarious actions - he obviously was having a really thrilling 'boys day out' telling 'the lads' who to pounce on next - a real hardline bully.

I witnessed first hand the un-provoked and un-warranted assaults on peaceful participants and stood near groups of armed officers waiting for their instructions listening to them in 4 separate locations whispering, nodding and calling up attention onto apparently specific participants who were moving around and circulating.

I am convinced the police were there deliberately to target specific individuals as they left many participants alone who clearly were not in their sights - myself included.

The vast array of armed 'stormtroopers' in backstreets and my witnessing of their subsequent initiation of unprovoked assaults against targeted participants leads me to firmly believe there was a counter-agenda. The SIoE demonstration was but a sideshow and Freddy-the-Mayor is just a stalking horse.

What is going on in Belgium? I saw this in East Germany some years ago, Northern Ireland and Chile.  But Belgium! What is happening ?


"Will there be legal action after this in Brussels?"


Probably.I suspect Freddy is consulting his lawyers at this very momemt.




Coming to Brussels,soon.The documentary film about gay men and women trying to live Muslim lives in Iraq,Pakistan,Egypt,and South Africa.It's by Indian filmmaker Parvez Sharma and it's called "Jihad for Love".Will 'Mullah' Freddy ban it on the grounds that it could cause offence to Belgian Muslims? And if he doesn't ban it,will it cause offence to Belgian Muslims,and if so, will Belgian Muslims take to the streets in angry protest? And if they do take to the streets in angry protest,what will 'Mullah' Freddy do about it?


"I am going to make sure that this film gets to every Muslim that needs to see it..." said Parvez Sharma just recently.


Everybody at the BJ should follow this story with keen interest.

Who said there were no neo

Who said there were no neo nazis in Brussels?

Didnot noticed them?

They were there and were given uniforms. Because them Dhimmi thiefmans tried to forbid demo. He already knew they were going to be violent.

Dhimmi Thiefman's NEONAZIS!

MSM in America

They have ignored this or have allowed the 9/11 ceremonies to overshadow it.

I just sent a link to Bill O'Reilly of FOX News (The O'Reilly Factor). He is pretty good about reporting things the rest of the MSM ignores.

These police are goons. They are akin to brownshirts and fascists.

I am amazed at how the demonstrators are so passive. I think if this happened in America the demonstrators would have started throwing rocks and fighting them. It would have been a lot more violent (see Kent State Massacre). Then there would have been a class action suit against the City, the Mayor, the cops involved.

Will there be legal action after this in Brussels?