Capital of the EUSSR 4: Slovak Christian-Democrat Says Belgian Violence Reminds Him of Communism

We received the following e-mail from the office of Vladimir Palko, one of Slovakia’s leading politicians. Mr Palko, who is a member of the Slovak Christian-Democrat Party KDH, was Interior minister from 2002 to 2006 and is currently a leader of the Slovak opposition. Mr Palko says the behaviour of the Brussels mayor and police reminds him of the behaviour of the dictators in his home country prior to the fall of communism in 1989. (pb)

Dear Mr. Belien,

Vladimir Palko, MP (Slovakia) wrote a letter to Alain Cools, ambassador of Belgium in Slovakia and publicly protested against un-legitimate use of force against peaceful demonstrators in Brussels, during the demonstration against islamization.

In his open letter, Palko wrote:

Police-force without any reason attacked legally elected politicians in free elections. Until today, I thought that something like this is possible only in Lukashenko’s Belarus, in today’s Europe. Moreover, I do not understand why it is forbidden in Brussels to demonstrate against islamization of Europe. Islamization of Europe is a serious problem. We can have various opinions and disagree about solutions needed, but it is highly important to freely discuss about them.

Palko compares the whole procedure of Brussels municipal and mayor authority and Belgian police-force to the practice of Communist power in Slovakia, prior 1989. Communist constitution officially recognizes the right to assemble, but in practice no such right existed.

I remember it from my own experience, when I participated on so called ‘candle demonstration’ for human rights and religious freedom on March 25th, 1988 in Bratislava. Communist police-force had also ride down a peaceful demonstration by force that time, however, Communist regime fell down next year.

In his press release for media Palko said:

Gossips that demonstration in Brussels should have been abused by neo-Nazi extremists were not proved. And those who participated have not expressed any signs of extremism, have not committed any vandalism or violent behavior.

Palko believes that such a policy of Brussels municipal and mayor authority and Belgian police-force we could see on September 11th, is a threat to liberty and protest against it.

I hope that in future we will not hear about such events anymore and that European Union where we live together will be area of liberty, not a soft-tyranny.

For your information, Palko (1957) is a mathematician, former university teacher, former vice-president of secret service in Czechoslovakia (after 1991-2), former interior minister (2002-2006) and now opposition MP for the KDH-party.

This is not the first time

This is not the first time the police in brussle protected Evil Islam and treated the anti evil islam inhumanly,does anyone remember 75 iranian passengers simply refused to evacuate the Luftanza plane iorder to protest to EU for looking after The Mother Of World Terrorism which has been The Terrorist Ayattolahs of Tehran for almost 30 years?
I happened to be one of those proud passengers and we had many documents suggesting that 9/11 was masterminded-financed and orderd by Tehran but can anyone guess how we were treated by the police after we met some EU members of parliment ?


We already said that law enforcement was punished.




You didn't prove any point.



Law enforcement was found guilty.



In Brussels, that was a peaceful assembly that the government said was Illegal, and then was disbursed by law enforcement.



The Kent State assembly was legal, law enforcement didn't break them up until they felt threatened enough to shoot back.  Even if law enforcement lied about the --incident that spurred the command to fire-- there is enough camera footage and eyewitness testimony the protesters --were in fact getting violent, which did in fact threathen law enforcement--.  And again, law enforcement was found guilty.


Will the Brussels law enforcement be found guilty?


You conveniently forget the fact that the Kent State students were also throwing rocks and bottles at the Guardsmen. That has been firmly established legally and historically.

If I were a Guardsman and they started throwing rocks and bottles at me, I would be very tempted to shoot them.

Kent State vs. Brussels

I actually don't really believe any of the testimony of the guardsmen.  If they are not lying then Kent State was very different but I think all too often police make up stories to justify their violence.  Anyway, here is a quote and a link.


"The Adjutant General of the Ohio Guard later said that the Guardsmen had come under sniper fire, a claim that remains unproven, and seems very unlikely. One witness claims to have heard an order to fire, which is also unproven, as are allegations that one Guardsman boasted of having taken deliberate aim at one of those killed. As for the four students who were killed, two of them were simply going from one class to another, and one was a member of ROTC. The other two students shot to death had participated in the protests."



free assembly # 2

The shallowness and inability of Amsterdamsky to make proper comparisons remains astounding.  Those 'coffeehouses' in Amsterdam clearly leave lasting 'traces' behind.

He does not seem to understand the difference between 'Brussels 2007' and 'Kent State' almost 40 years ago.    Not only were the 'demonstrators' at Kent State violent, but the subsequent police counter-violence was ex post thoroughly investigated and adjudicated.  A number of policemen went to jail and the State of New York paid major fines and 'compensation'.     Does anybody want to make a bet about similar consequences in 'Brussels' in the near future? 

Nobody is perfect in trying to live up to certain minimum 'democratic standards'.  But, most regimes in the world do not even pretend to try.   Perhaps, the regional government of the Brussels Region of Belgium should apply for membership at the 'new' UN Human Rights Council.  They might find a lot of like-minded (concerning freedom of opinion expression) regimes there, such as Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Cuba, China.... Last year, the US  wisely decided no longer to participate in that particular charade.


Legal proceedings against the Brussels Council and Police.

Its great that some are protesting at Freddy's Islamic police rampage. What's needed are prosecutions. The matter should go to the European Court of Justice as it is evident that the Belgian courts are now so degraded by bias in this case that they cannot be relied upon to arrive at even a semblance of justice. La pauvre Belgique. Triste Pays!

In the U.S., free assembly

In the U.S., free assembly (protests), are fine, however, if law enforcement feels imminent threat, they can defend themselves.



Kent was different then Brussels.



In Kent, after the crowd starting turning threatening, throwing rocks, bottles, rightly or wrongly, law enforcement fired back.


The Constitution provides for protest and self defense.



What happened at Brussels wasn't the same.  The protest was deemed illegal and it was peaceful.


Sounds like Communism to me.

Without Freedom of Assembly You are Not Free

Without freedom of assembly you are not free.  The US Constitution protects this explicitly but that really has not prevented police and judges from abusing it ala Kent State and the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention.