Capital of the EUSSR 6: Belgium Apologizes to Italy, Not to Flanders

The Belgian government has offered formal apologies to Italy for last Tuesday’s brutal arrest of Mario Borghezio, an Italian member of the European Parliament (MEP). The Belgian Ministery of Foreign Affairs assured the Italian ambassador to Brussels that in future it will do “everything possible to guarantee the immunity of MEPs.” How Belgium can give this assurance without punishing those who are responsible for last Tuesday’s police violence is not clear. Brussels is the capital of the European Union and houses the EU institutions.

The Belgian authorities have so far not offered apologies to Belgian MEP Frank Vanhecke, the leader of the Flemish-secessionist Vlaams Belang, which is the largest party in the Flemish Regional Parliament. Borghezio and Vanhecke were arrested together, but Vanhecke was publicly humiliated by policemen subjecting him to a genital hold. This is police behaviour which as The Washington Times wrote yesterday “would get any American policeman thrown off the force.”

People who have been molested and/or arrested by the Belgian police last Tuesday and want to press charges can contact Belgian lawyer Hugo Coveliers (in Dutch, English, German or French) who will press charges on their behalf.

Too much to expect?

It's probably too much to expect but I see no reason why either Mario Borghezio or the Italian government need to accept this apology,unless and until the same courtesy is extended to all of the aggrieved parties.

Re: persian

I'm sure you are familiar with the author and journalist Amir Taheri.He seems  reasonably hopeful that there can be positive change in Iran in the not too distant future.Do you have any thoughts on the matter?

@ persian

Having known many iranian educated and intelligent people, I am sure the matter is not hopeless. Thanks to Carter, your country went to the dogs, a country which could have been a counterweight to the Bin Ladins and Saddams of this world.
The political and strategic importance of the region is so tremendous today, that a solution is not immediately possible.
I pray that the iranian people can take matters in their own hands before it comes to a conflagration where the whole world suffers.
Good Luck


New header, Mr. Belien... and perhaps a new focus for the Brussels Journal?

I hope Mr. Coveliers has some bodyguards.


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