Sweden Learns That Appeasement Doesn’t Pay

While the largest political party in Sweden, the Social Democrats, are launching a formal cooperation with the Muslim Brotherhood for the mutual benefit of both (Muslims predominantly vote for Leftist parties) Muslims are openly threatening the life of cartoonist Lars Vilks ("Let his destiny be a lesson to others," as one Muslim preacher warned during a free speech seminar in Stockholm organized by humanists and ex-Muslims).

Islamists are pushish for a boycott of Swedish firms. Websites run by militant Islamists have listed the names of over 100 Swedish companies as possible targets in the ongoing row surrounding the publication in Swedish newspapers of Vilks’ caricatures of the Muslim prophet Muhammad. Detailing the addresses, maps and logos of Swedish businesses, the websites called for their readers to boycott these firms and "take revenge" on Sweden for the publication of the controversial cartoon.

It should be mentioned here that when Britain, Israel, the United States or any other country gets attacked by Muslims, this is always blamed by the media on past colonial history, occupation, aggressive foreign policy etc. Well, Sweden doesn't have a colonial history, its political establishment is among the most anti-Israeli in Europe and Swedish media have always been critical of US policies. Muslim immigration to the country has created the worst rape wave in Scandinavian history (which was indirectly blamed on global warming by the nation's largest newspaper some weeks ago), and the authorities have more or less abandoned their third largest city, Malmö, to Muslim gangs.

In short: It is hardly humanly possible to appease and grovel for Muslims more than Sweden has done, yet for some strange reason, Muslims don't get less aggressive because of this. On the contrary. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned here somewhere?

The swedes that still leave

The swedes that still leave in cities like Malmo should grab wifes or childs of politicians and jornalists culty of this invasion and release them in the worse part of the city to that these politicians learn on the skin how it is to leave among the people they bring in and defend.

Belgians who live in Molenbeek or Antwerp should do the same with relatives of their politicians and journalists.