Life in a Dutch Jail

The biggest Dutch newspaper, De Telegraaf, had an article today about Esserheem, a prison near the Dutch town of Veenhuizen. The paper got hold of a series of photos of life in jail. The prisoners in Esserheem, who include murderers, bank robbers and drug dealers, live the lives of five star hotel guests. They have no reason for complaint. “Life is nowhere so relaxed as in Esserheem,” Martin K., convicted for two murders, says.

The prisoners have their own Grand Café. “In our own café ‘Club 91’ we have a party every weekend,” Martin says. “Whilst enjoying a delicious snack, an icecream or a malt beer, we play pool or listen to music. If the weather allows, we play tennis, as we have a tennis court outside.”

Below are the pictures. The prisoners of Esserheem probably dread the day when they will be released, as nowhere will they be able to live as “relaxed” as in jail.






May I point out that above mentioned story was already yesterday available on the dutch blog Which I think should be mentioned as a token of respect to your dutch colleagues.

logic correction

"Which I think should be mentioned"

The assumption here is that PB only could have known about the article through geenstijl, an assumption that is tenuous at best.

Maybe PB found the article through geenstijl, equally likely is that he did not, because, e.g. someone emailed him the url of the Telegraaf article, or, having a background in journalism, PB is in the habit of reading newspapers.