On Racists, 'Racists,' and Harakirists

On their first date, my parents, together, couldn't have tipped the scales at more than 85 kg. On the date on which they conceived me, they probably still didn't weigh much more.

Their slimming diets had been involuntary. Their respective families had been wiped out by Germans, Austrians, and their numerous and more savage, Ukrainian, Latvian and Lithuanian volunteers.
My mother's brother was executed without trial on a busy street in front of her eyes, and her parents would be murdered a few days later in an extermination camp – all for the crime of philo-Semitism. They had been most likely denounced to the Gestapo by a local anti-Semite.

My mother's journey through darkness would last another three years. She would be one of four people who survived the liquidation of her concentration camp, and would appear as state witness in the trial of her camp commandant –- an Austro-German devil's incarnation, complete with a people-ripping Great Dane. She would marry a Jew and remain throughout her life a philo-Semite and supporter of Israel.

It is therefore not coincidental that when hysterical, historical and cultural ignoramuses started lobbying transoceanic charges of crypto-Nazism at Vlaams Belang and The Brussels Journal, I recalled the evening when I was sitting with my mother by the telly, and the news announcer said, voice unsteady from suppressed fury, that Jörg Haider's Austrian Freedom Party had just won 27% of the vote in the 1999 Austrian elections.

My mother, old and ailing by then, looked at me and said, "Finally, some common sense in Europe."

I am no expert in modern European history, and if I were, you couldn't trust what I say anyway, for bending with the academic zeitgeist, most likely I'd be manipulating data to make whitey look bad. But as one who has the calling of writing, and is a practitioner of Zen, I am a serious student of reality.

I will not pretend, therefore, that I know much about the history of Flanders, except what every educated and still non-zombified person knows: great horses, an unjustifiably lesser slice of the Belgian pie, thwarted self-determination aspirations, and, yes, a few battalions of Waffen SS volunteers – whom, incidentally, my father did his best to kill in the frozen forests of Galicia.

So I don't need an American neocon rushing, panting with the horrific discovery that there were Nazi-sympathizers among VB's founders, or that skinheads and racists vote VB or attend VB rallies. It figures, just as it figures that among Nazi sympathizers were Finnish, Estonian and Irish patriots – the latter including the father of one of the chief fomenters of left-liberal dystopia in the Western world, US Senator Edward Kennedy.

The issue of the sympathies of VB's founders is about as relevant as was the IED the hysterical left tried to put under Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was challenging the left's political franchise in California: the Nazi sympathies of Schwarzenegger père. And the issue of some unsavory elements voting VB or attending VB rallies is the same one the American left uses to libel the Republican Party.

Simply put, the few political parties like the AFP (FPÖ, Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, Austrian Freedom Party) in Austria, the Vlaams Belang in Belgium, the respective People's Parties in Denmark and Switzerland, the SD (Sverigedemokraterna, Swedish Democrats) in Sweden, and the unincorporated paleocons in the US are the only alternative to an across-the-board dominance of the Western world by the Western-world-hating left. So all who wish to resist the harakiri of their society and their civilization through leftist chimeras like unlimited Third World immigration, Islamization, and socialist equalization support the few parties that stand athwart the road to civilizational perdition.

It is a statistical fact that those who see the truth in these matters include a disproportionate number of the less educated, less affluent or even dispossessed whites. That stratum contains some simple minded people who look at the destruction of their societies, values, themselves, and, failing to comprehend the complex mechanism by which such disaster could have been wrought by their own kinsmen, fall for conspiracy theories, "the-Jews-did-it" theories, and other such crackpotisms.

To such as recoil at the ripe odor that sometimes emanates from a congregation of the proletarian "unwashed," one may point out that those doing the destruction, ultimately slitting their own belly in the demented belief that they are improving man and reality, include a disproportionate number of the highly educated, affluent and overwashed. It was their kind too that led the penetration of the West by Communism and Bolshevik savagery.

So, no, the racist tint on the fringes of VB is not the real issue. The counterjihad movement's recent collaboration with VB is not the real issue. And dragging The Brussels Journal into it is a non-issue altogether.
Even the far more objectionable, partially Nazi or neo-Nazi pedigree of parties like AFP or SD, or the anti-Israel or borderline anti-Semitic utterances of some American paleocons, are not something that ought to disqualify them from support by true conservatives as long as there are signs that they have genuinely cast off the blinders of the past. And with respect to the relevant parties, such signs are ample.
The more important issue lies elsewhere. In Europe, it lies in the conservative and anti-Eurabian position of the few right-wing parties that thwart the left's full domination of the continent. To divert attention from the magnitude and perils of this domination by hurling "Racist" and "neo-Nazi" stink bombs at the few obstacles to it is a brilliant tactic straight from Sun Tzu's The Art of War.

Allow me to rewind the tape here to that 1999 evening when I am sitting with my mother by the telly and she expresses approval for the Austrian Freedom Party. Now, if the R and N allegations made about VB are debatable, if not entirely irrelevant, there is no such doubt about the AFP. Jörg Haider, the architect of AFP's success, is a son of Nazis, a Nazi himself in the past and, in his heart, who-knows-what now. An encounter between Mr. Haider and me might not end peacefully.

But the Austrian Freedom Party is not a neo-Nazi party. It is a conservative and national-survival party, and thus another flimsy branch woven beaver-like into a thin, fragile dam that extends across Europe, attempting to stop a mighty flood of sick, self-mutilating, suicidal ideologies and policies that issue from the European ruling elite.

Stopping that holocaust-in-the-making, currently at a stage of administrative ethnic cleansing and cultural dispossession, is far more important than sniffing at the pedigree of the political parties that are doing the stopping. My mother – then 85 years old and a real victim of Nazism – got it. Charles Johnson and the contemptible weasels who prepared and fed him the "incriminating" dossiers on the VB, TBJ, and Paul Belien, don't get it. And it should be anticipated that the attacks will continue, as those wielding the harakiri blade hate the dam-builders with a hot passion.

Contrary to the crowing of neocons, the left has won its war with the right. Forever adaptable, probing for weak spots, switching tactics, it has transmuted from economic leftism to cultural leftism, from anti-capitalism to anti-whitism. It has taken over the TV and film studios, the book and music publishers, the news, the schools, the universities, and the institutions of law, to ensure control over the brain content of future generations. It has made allies with feminists, homosexuals and "anti-racists" to further its corrosive mission, and then, to deepen the fissures, it has allied with women-gay-and Jew-hating Islam. It has infiltrated the center-right political parties, and then the conservative movement, to the extent that see-no-evil "tolerance" has become the supreme creed of most "conservatives" rather than see-everything discriminating skepticism.

Triumphant, clever, hurling thunders of "racism" this way and bolts of "homophobia" that way; subverting and erasing the true meaning of important words and concepts such as 'liberal,' 'progress,', 'racist,' 'fascist'; forever haunting with the specters of Hitler and Pinochet, but never those of Stalin or Mao or Pol Pot, Idi Amin or, for that matter, Muhammad,  leftism has achieved the ultimate victory: almost-universal brain control. Akin to the supreme technique of the Japanese sword: muto -- the sword of no sword -- leftism is poised to slice through the Western civilization it hates, and it won't need anything as crude as panzer divisions or scimitars to achieve its goal.
Whether it will be in the form of Sweden prostrating itself on carpeted floors facing Mecca; or the Vlaams Belang hauled en masse to reeducation camps – there to learn the "proper way" of thinking; or some last-ditch Italian patriots laying down their lives against an overwhelming Eurabian force; or all United States citizens required to learn MexiSpanish while saluting the Mexican flag, nobody can predict. But it will happen, in one form or another.

All that stands in the way of the juggernaut is a few, sometimes simple-minded common folk -- some of them improperly racist, many more properly racialists, others just trying to hold on to their ancestral lands and culture. There is also a slim cadre of intellectuals and political leaders who see more clearly the creeping horror that the simple, less educated people may only be able to intuit. This is an insufferable affront in the eyes of the reigning left; one that must be punished by any means necessary.

The readers of this Journal, particularly its Fjordman essays, already know that a monumental putsch has been mounted in Europe. The unfavorable situation of those who speak the truth is unparalleled since the 1920s-50s USSR and the 1930s-40s Germany. But few realize that the same putsch in a different disguise, an usurpation of power by an elite hostile to its own people, has been unfolding in the United States.

Like Eurabia, the new New World Symphony is cacophonic too. Conducted by deceitful maestri in a multiculti tempo, its once heart-grabbing melody, spiced with American Negro soulful harmonies, has been replaced by the banging of soul-killing gangsta rap. Its string section replaced by mariachi, the symphony is no more. Some vestiges of its Bohemian roots may still be heard through the noisome thumping, but the dumbed-down population would no longer know a Bohemia or a Brabant if either hit it with the force of a Pilsner wagon pulled by a team of Percherons.

The US "conservatives" who point out with such schadenfreude that 5% of Western Europe's population consists of unassimilable Muslims, are tongue-tied when it comes to the inundation of the United States by a foreign influx of probably 50 million (i.e. 17.5% of the population)* immigrants, mostly primitive, semi-illiterate Third-World laborers who are culturally unassimilable and largely hail from a next-door country with historical claims on the very territory they are colonizing. Not to mention that even the "conservative" American president and the bulk of his "conservative" party are pursuing lunatic policies that, with respect to Muslims and the rest of the Third World, may be defined as "invade them and invite them."

A slow-motion, trickling genocide is being perpetrated by a considerable segment of indigenous blacks and imported browns  against the Euro-American part of the population, while the political and cultural elites of the country are interested only in suppressing the relevant statistics on crime and criminality or on IQ differences and their link to achievement differences. All that when not otherwise engaged in promoting the Kwanzaa, issuing postal stamps celebrating the Ramadan, and keeping the southern border open at any cost of life, public treasure or social capital. 

The farce of "affirmative action" that goes on even in the highest ranks of the government, the judiciary and academia displaces the more competent whites, particularly white males, with the less competent whose sole virtue is that they are not white males. This too is part of the self-inflicted disembowelment, for in the struggle for existence, which is what reality demands of individuals and nations alike, if you send a government official whose main qualification is that she is an Eskimo lesbian, to negotiate with a Chinese official whose main qualification is an IQ of 150 and a top score on the mandarin examination, the results of the encounter have been pre-determined.

In this society, everyone has grown up on lies that few are equipped to challenge. The older ones have grown up with plastic called leatherette, with cigarettes as symbols of sex appeal, and with Negroes in the front line in the Army but in the back line at the bus stop. And the younger ones have grown up in a world where a short coffee is "tall" and a medium one is "grande," and one's life is ruined for pointing out that the American blacks' mean IQ of 85, and not racism, is the cause of their underepresentation in the upper echelons of government, business and the professions.

We have gone from lies at one end of the pendulum's arc to compensatory lies at the other end of the arc, as though reality does not exist and all we can do is to invent a -1 lie to make up for the previous +1 lie. Our "conservatives" are liberals with a Biblical garnish, and our "racists" are those who dare to be color-and-race blind. It's in light of this maudlin American fog of hypocrisy, lying, confusion, and self-strangulation that the arrows shot across the Atlantic at The Brussels Journal ought to be understood.

The diminishing future of ethnic Euros everywhere is at stake, as is the future of the highest, if flawed, civilization that the human species has ever produced. Let's not divert from that to start Transatlantic "Racism" squabbles, doing the harakirists' dirty work.

(*) Govt stats quote 33 million, including 8-9 illegal aliens, but it is widely held that the estimate of illegals is off by 7 – 25 million.

My years at LGF

I have read LGF for over two years, with posting privileges for most of that time. My comments during my two years at LGF were consistently thoughtful, polite, and constructive.

During that same period, I have read TBJ, although never registered until now.

When Charles first brought the "VB are Nazis" issue to the fore, I was one of the first and few to plainly state that I would need to be convinced by the evidence.

Charles has not provided convincing evidence.

His arguments have been prejudicial, knee-jerk, vehement, sarcastic and emotional. But they have not been convincing.

He deliberately misquoted me on multiple occasions, with the intent of bringing the lizard army down on me. In fact, I believe I was the only lizard to ever have Charles make a deliberate, extraneous, separate comment clearly directed at me, personally.

When I would not submit to his attacks, he blocked my account. Well enough, I suppose, as I had left him a week before.

The articles and comments here on TBJ have likewise been consistently thoughtful, polite and constructive.

LGF was my red meat, while TBJ was my brain food. LGF made my emotional cholesterol too high. I'm better without it. The split was literally an answer to prayer.

The last thing the CounterJihad needs is an electronic circle jerking echo chamber. Forget him. He'll have his following, like many fringe noisemakers. But in the end, it won't come to much.

VB and TBJ have swayed me based on the force of reason and quality of argument. But the real winner for me, in ways Charles couldn't begin to comprehend (and I suspect many here won't either, but at least I won't be dissed here), remains the same.

I have weighed all sides and I choose.... Christ!

Rooted in Christ, growing in courage, sheltering freedom

great article.

My regards to Takuan Seiyo for a well thought out article and thanks to Paul for posting it. It was the best ten minutes I have spent this week!.


marcfrans writes:

I see TBJ primarily as "defending freedom of speech in Europe" and as "The voice of conservatism in Europe".  That can best be done under a 'big tent'.

Your comment about understanding TBJ as a 'big tent' is helpful, marcfrans. That epithet also well describes both the U.S. Republican Party and its conservative wing. Would-be ranters on both sides of the Deep Blue will need to keep that circus metaphor in mind in mind. It certainly helps explain all the clown acts one witnesses!



Perhaps author is aware of this but still I can assure you that many people is not. So one shouldn't mention it in "neutral way" and leave without proper explanation.  

Charles and LGF don't like this piece.

They've noticed the "blacks have a mean IQ of 85, which is the cause of their lack of achievements" part of this piece, and they don't like the smell. I've not read every comment, but I've not seen any arguments against the "claim", just moral indignation.

For something completely unrelated, I'd like to correct Charles Johnson and his lizards, since they have a habit of using the "F"-word. Charles has previously called Le Pen and his Front National fascist. I'd therefore like to quote Roger Griffin, who's supposedly one of the foremost experts on fascism:

"On the basis of his composite ideal type, Prowe concedes that, 'one might thus be tempted to speak of the present-day radical right movements as "fascist"', a term which in the way he has defined it even extends to Le Pens Front National, which my ideal type places in another category because it lacks a revolutionary vision of a new order." Source: Roger Griffin, International Fascism p.291

Le Pen and Front National may be racist(I don't really know that much about Le Pen and Front National), but according to Roger Griffin they are not fascist.

With regards to the "neocon-paleocon" issue: Maybe the words don't mean the same thing on different sides of the pond(s)? I.e. in Denmark we call right-wingers "liberals"(the largest right-wing party in Denmark, Venstre(Left), calls itself "Denmarks liberal party"), whereas "liberals" are left-wingers in the states...

A few representative posts from LGF on this piece..

...and that Charles Johnson claims that Paul Belien refused to debate him:

1) Belien, are you chicken?
/baaaawwwk, baaaawwwk, bawk, bawk, bawk!

2) How does one say "chickenshit" in Flemish?
bagette de shitte au bock

3) Paul Belien surrenders. It's about time.

4) BCS Standings
1. LSU 9-1
2. Oregon 8-1
3. Kansas 10-0
4. Oklahoma 9-1
5. Missouri 9-1
6. West Virginia 8-1 etc.....

5) Really. Illinois only at 19 after beating Ohio State? Clearly such math is beyond me with my puny master's degree.

6) (a Charles Johnson post) No tent big enough for Nazis!

Or to be more precise, no tent big enough for far-right ultra-nationalist European fascist-leaning parties with disturbing connections and Nazi (neo and otherwise) histories.

But "no tent big enough for Nazis" is easier to say.

7) Islamist Jihad and White Nationalism are two sides of the same coin, and we must prevail over both.

****Comments re: Paul Belien being interviewed on-air by Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugged****:

8) Islamic apologist liars make me sick to my stomach.
Good stuff, Charles.

9) (a Charles Johnson post) Belien can't even bring himself to say my name. Classic.


11) sick to my stomach. Going to make tea.

12) It is with sadness that I have to admit I don't like LGF anymore.
Like Fjordman and Nordish12, I'm another European who's had enough of the anti-European and anti-white stance at LGF recently.

political vocabulary #2

@ Armor

I suspect that the number of bloggers, that would  ACCURATELY and SIMULTANEOUSLY satisfy ALL your (partially fanciful) criteria, could be counted on two hands.  So, it wouldn't be worth RS's effort to devise a new political vocabulary for so few people.

Perhaps, they could be most accurately called "imaginary American bloggers residing in Armor's fanciful mind"?   I have never encountered such bloggers.  But, then, it is true that I really know very few bloggers.  

To be fair...

@ Rzeczpospolita

To be fair to the author, I think we can safely assume that he did NOT "buy into leftist propaganda", and that he must be well aware of both points that you make.  The content of his article made that clear enough.   He did not express any opinion on Hitler nor on Pinochet.  What he did do was describe the actual "specters" commonly used in leftism (or by leftists) together with other potential specters that are conveniently ignored by them.  The fact that the selective amalgam of these spectres does not make much sense, is not the fault of Takuan Seyo, but of those leftists.

So, yes, Hitler was a national-socialist, but contemporary socialists (at least its chattering elites, not its workers) are anti-nationalist.  And, indeed, the misdeeds of Pinochet are not comparable at all with those of Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and of the unmentioned Castro (who is still in power).  Moreover, you can safely assume that the mentioned Idi Amin and Muhammad do not make the popular leftist specter-list, for the simple reason that they were not 'westerners', and not because they could be seriously linked to any socialism.  I am sure, Takuan Seyo knows that too.


@ markpetens

Admittedly, terms like "conservative" and "right-wing" can mean different things to different people, but the same applies to terms like "progressive, liberal, and left-wing" as well.  Further nuanced distinctions are usually needed to bring clarity in any serious discussion.   What makes you think that the confusion between "conservative" and "right-wing" would be greater in America than in Europe?  And what is your problem with Giuliani?


@ RS

I agree with your perceptive comments about the misuse in Europe of the labels "paleo" and especially "neocon".  But it is perhaps a bit unfair to claim that TBJ has been "pushing forward" the paleocons and (extremist libertarian) Ron Paul.  A few articles and authors do not equate with "pushing", given that there have been many others of different shades of conservatism.  I see TBJ primarily as "defending freedom of speech in Europe" and as "The voice of conservatism in Europe".  That can best be done under a 'big tent'.


More ignorance of U.S. conservative movement, alas

Takuan Seiyo writes:

Simply put, the few political parties like the AFP (FPÖ, Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, Austrian Freedom Party) in Austria, the Vlaams Belang in Belgium, the respective People's Parties in Denmark and Switzerland, the SD (Sverigedemokraterna, Swedish Democrats) in Sweden, and the unincorporated paleocons in the
US are the only alternative to an across-the-board dominance of the
Western world by the Western-world-hating left.

There are two major problems with Takuan Seiyo's use of the labels "paleo" and "neocon".

1 - U.S. conservatism is significantly more complicated and nuanced than a simplistic paleos vs. neocon dualism. The best U.S. conservatives are neither.

2 - Paleoconservatism in the U.S. right now means an isolationist, strongly anti-Israel foreign policy and a highly protectionist economic policy. These political commitments put the U.S. paleocons in close alliance with the left wing of the Democratic Party.

Now for a reductio ad absurdam: Paul Belien is an adjunct fellow of the Hudson Institute in the U.S. Now it's certainly not a paleocon institution. So by Takuan Seiyo's dichotomous logic, it must be of the hated neocon camp. That must make Paul Belien a neocon fellow traveler.

I think Europeans should stop using the term "neocon" until they have some understanding of the journalists and publications to which the term properly applies.

I wish The Brussels Journal would stop embarrassing itself by pushing forward Ron Paul and the paleocons -- unless the Journal really is for an isolationist, anti-Israeli U.S. foreign policy and for thoroughgoing U.S. trade protectionism.

political vocabulary

@RS :

How should we call American bloggers who :
- spend a lot of time bashing the liberals
- think that the USA is a civic nation
- support gay activism
- have supported the invasion of Iraq
- pretend to worry about Europe's islamization
- gloat at our muslim problems
- denounce opponents of immigration as racists
- try to downplay anti-white racism or haven't noticed it
- warn Europeans against rising antisemitism and pretend not to know that it is a muslim immigrant problem

forever haunting with the

forever haunting with the specters of Hitler and Pinochet, but never those of Stalin or Mao or Pol Pot

Author bought leftist propaganda...
- Hitler is a national socialist, a leftist nationalist so lets leave him on this side
- I completely don't understand what general Pinochet doing in such horrific company?  This is  completely  different  scale of victims (and their quality), completely different  intentions and final outcome for nation and the country.



THX Takuan Seiyo

Takuan, that was the cleanest, clearest and most powerful article I have read on the subject in a very long time.

I have started to come to the Brussels Journal more frequently ever since that strange development began at LGF and even more since I have been deleted and banned there under another nick.

Do you write in other places? This is the first time I read you.

Imperfect 'tour de force'

This article by Takuan Seiyo is a veritable 'tour de force' in a number of respects.  He is very good at documenting and explaining the rather complex point of how the "cultural left" has gradually undermined 'rule of law' in Western civilisation in its pursuit of ideological goals, particularly as it pertains to Europe and North America.  Some of the planted 'links' in the article are wel worth taking the time to read.

As always, imperfections are to be expected, particularly w.r.t. the USA.  For example:

-- It is a gross exaggeration to refer to the disproportionate share of black/brown-on-white crime as a "trickling genocide".  Particularly in light of the moving references, made in the first part of the article, to REAL (and open) attempts at genocide in the past century in Europe.

-- The collaboration of the 'House-of-Bush' (and of similar short-term business-linked special interests) with the cultural left in keeping the southern border wide open, is well documented in the relevant planted 'link'.  But the recent 'conservative' counter-reaction as evidenced by the failed misnamed "comprehensive immigration reform" is ignored, and suggests that the author is again exaggerating.

While it is certainly true that "transatlantic racism squabbles" can only benefit the harakirists of the cultural left, it remains a mistake to formulate the ongoing culture wars in 'racist' terms of "a diminishing future for ethnic Euros everywhere".   It is ultimately a struggle about maintaining genuine 'rule of law', the separation-of-powers doctrine, and the preservation of the achievements of the 'European' Enlightenment, all of which require enforcement of a rational and sensible immigration policy.  In short, fundamentally the struggle is - and should be  - about culture and not about race. It is a struggle with the cultural left, and not with ethnic non-"Euros".


lost in translation

I've always seen LGF as a right-wing blog, not a conservative blog. That "conservative" means right-wing in America, complicates matters. Its webmaster seems to be a fan of Giuliani, which I'm not.

a few simple-minded common folk

There is a mistake in the title. It should be racists, "racialists", and harakirists.

"All that stands in the way of the juggernaut is a few, sometimes simple-minded common folk"

There are more than a few of us. In fact, most people are against the current policy of replacing our population with immigrants, but they won't say so publically because they are afraid of the lefties. (even though the lefties are only a small minority).

Any port in a storm

I seldom read LGF, so I don't know what Charles Johnson is thinking. But to repeat the title of my post: any port in a storm. One doesn't always have the luxury of having a party one can join that is exactly what one wants. One makes do with what is available.

As for the alleged racism of the unsophisticated, a similar thing happened here in America when busing was introduced into our schools. Generally, this was confined to cities and did not include suburbs, and also to public schools and not to private schools. In effect, it targeted poorer whites. And when wealthier white liberals called them racist for resisting, they lacked the sophistication to say what they could have: "No, we aren't racist. Your policies, however, are classist. They target poor whites and allow wealthy whites a break."

Up till then, the left had focused on poorer whites, but suddenly they abandoned them for blacks and ignored any complaints that poor whites had.

I assume the same thing is happening now with Muslim immigrants in Europe. Any complaints from their white neighbors will be ignored, because such people are poorer and generally not sophisticated enough to make their case. I assume that that's why we seldom hear about the rapes in Scandinavia that Fjordman talks about. The victims are poor whites and are presumed to be racist. Things will start to change when the elites have to worry about the effects of their own policies.

Europe sedated before the final brainwash

"leftism has achieved the ultimate victory: almost-universal brain control. Akin to the supreme technique of the Japanese sword: muto -- the sword of no sword -- leftism is poised to slice through the Western civilization it hates, and it won't need anything as crude as panzer divisions or scimitars to achieve its goal."

It's goal being of course the destruction by muslim hordes. We even might soon import these "islamic cars" now built in Malaysia (see link). The auto maker did not say if the car is programmed to blow up near jews or synagogues...