Not a Comma Has Changed!

A quote from former French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing at his blog, 23 November 2007

I have taken on the work of comparing the draft of the new Treaty of Lisbon with the Constitution on the ‘nine essential points’ published on this blog.  To my surprise, and, to tell the truth, to my great satisfaction, these nine points reappear word for word in the new project. Not a comma has changed! The only thing is that you have to really look for them because they are dispersed in the texts the new Treaty refers to, namely the Treaties of Rome and Maastricht. The only difference is that the qualified majority voting is put off until 1 November 2014, while with the Constitution, it would have come into force straight after ratification. I do not see the interest of this delay and I think we could have done without it.

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an old European value: Population replacement!

When Giscard was president of france, he let in one or two million immigrants into his country (I don't know the real figure). Many of them came thanks to his immigrant family reunification program. (Later on, Mitterrand and Chirac accepted even more immigrants). Since then, Giscard has spoken against muslim immigration and said that his family reunion policy had been his biggest mistake. But then, I don't understand how he could be satisfied with the EU constitution which officializes the ideology of population replacement.

Article 2
"The Union is founded on the values of blah blah blah. These values are common to the Member States in a society in which pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality between women and men prevail."

In my book, pluralism is a code-word for multi-culturalism, which is a code-word for immigration. In real life, we know that most Europeans would rather not live in a pluralist society in a multiracial sense. They prefer Europe would remain European. So, I see this "constitution" as a weapon to further the rape of Europe.

By the way, the first EU job center for recruiting African workers for Europe was due to open this year in Bamako, Mali. It shows that the aims of the EU have been redefined. Originally, it had nothing to do with promoting immigration.

According to Soviet archives

According to Soviet archives partially scanned by Vladimir Bukovsky, 18 January 1989    our dear Giscard visited Moscow (together with David Rockefeller, Hendry Kissinger and Yasushiro Nakasone)  as a member   of  Trilateral Commission. Already at that time he consulted the idea of European federal state  with Gorbachev. Everything was already decided. Later miraculously he became the author of the EU constitution. Kissinger also  backed the idea of "Europe from Atlantic to Ural".    

Genuine constitution-making

Genuine constitution-making has three characteristic phases:


1 - direct popular election of representatives to a constituent assembly. The constitution cannot be drawn up by current legislators because they would have a conflict of interest. They would be liable to draw up the document in such a way as to favor their own interest as incumbents.


2 - the drafting of the constitution by the constituent assembly.


3 - the submission of the draft constitution to a super-majority vote of the entire voting population.


This is how constitution-making has been understood and carried out in the United States since the late 1770s. None of this has been observed in the case of oligarchy-devised European Union contract. The document that Giscard and his pals are trying to foist on Europe will have no legitimacy.