A Judge Warns: France Should Prepare for Civil War

A quote from the French judge, Jean de Maillard (Vice-president of the Superior Court of Orléans, and a professor at the Institute of Political Science in Paris), 28 November 2007 [here is an English translation]

When two schools, a library, a police station, a garage and several other buildings on a list already forgotten are set on fire, not to mention dozens of vehicles each day, we are used to it. It has become almost a routine.

However, the second night of Villiers-le-Bel marks an escalation that the media and the government would probably prefer to hush up, but which may be the start of a new stage: the use of firearms. In truth, the surprise is not that the rioters began to use them, but first, that they hadn't done it sooner [...] and second, that they are still confining themselves to hunting rifles and lead shot. The suburbs however have been armed for a long time with caches of quality war weapons, lethal weapons, against which the bullet-proof vests will be useless.

In other words the situation is explosive in both meanings of the word. It seems that from one riot to the next the techniques harden, the methods become more professional and the police and gendarmes will soon have to confront, if they have not already, experts in urban guerilla warfare [...]

I am convinced that up until now we have been lucky that the thugs and future murderers in the suburbs have not yet dared to use their fire power. I hope that the public authorities will become aware of the imminence of calamity and especially that they will finally seek solutions. I would not like to be in their shoes, for the margin of maneuverability, if there is one, will be very narrow. Yes, the perpetrators must be mercilessly punished. But repression, in the long term, solves nothing.

And people must stop dreaming, those on the Left and the others: neighborhood police are not a panacea either. You cannot graft an ethnic police force ["police communautaire"] on a society that is this sick and torn apart, in which the members are in open rebellion against society. Police are a means, not a solution. Educators will not be useful either: you cannot cure cancer with a placebo. To shower the caids [a type of governorship, originally found in North Africa and Moorish Spain] with subsidies to buy armed peace will be the chosen way: it will provide only a short respite. Is there another solution? I don't know, and I am very happy not to be in government.

Will a dead cop change things?

So far the little punks and jihadis have the upper hand, just what is Sarkozy waiting for to use force and put a lid in this?  Would a dead cop make the difference?


Since the left will always appease these little creeps, I guess the question is, at what point will the French wise up, stop defending their cushy benefits above their lives and degraded culture and start making serious choices?  I guess that question could be asked all over the EU. 




Sarkozy is an utter fraud. He is a neo-conservative (phony conservative) which tells you everything you need to know. For those who thought Sarkozy would be the safer choice than Le Pen because a vote for Le Pen would be a vote for "fascism" and amount to throwing their vote away now have only themselves to blame.

Convict the leaders of the riots and deport them

When you allow large immigration from ‘diverse cultures,’ such as Islamic cultures, you invite problems that will destroy the culture of the host country. They arrive not speaking the language or understanding the history of their new resident country. They are angry that other people have more possessions than they have.

Since they don’t have many job skills and they don’t speak the language, they can’t find jobs. They are not required to assimilate into the culture of the host country. They retain their native culture and habits, not fully understanding the legal system of the host country.


Any convicted immigrant criminal should be deported with their entire family. Anything less is regarded as ‘weakness’ and the immigrants have contempt for weakness. The immigrants worry about deportation to their third world country, so send them back home.



If the French don’t use strong force and deportation they will have a problems that will ruin their number one industry; tourism. Who wants to visit a country torn by riots and tear gas? The riots destroy the fabric of the host country


"the start of a new stage: the use of firearms. In truth, the surprise is not that the rioters began to use them, but first, that they hadn't done it sooner [...] and second, that they are still confining themselves to hunting rifles and lead shot. The suburbs however have been armed for a long time with caches of quality war weapons, lethal weapons, against which the bullet-proof vests will be useless."

Are they doing something about this? Perhaps they should consider some special operations to invade, disarm and round up these "youths" who are stockpiling weapons... especially after so many police were injured.  It would be discouraging for anyone in France to join the police force if they knew that their leadership does nothing to stop this growing menace.  Intolerable!


Bruno's comments about Sarkozy's Jewish blood reminds me that Barak Obama's father is a Muslim, though Obama himself is an adult convert to Christianity.  In other words, he is an apostate and therefore deserving of death, according to the Koran.  If Sarkozy's administration in France elicits nutty conspiracy theories from Muslims, imagine what an Obama administration would elicit from them (assassination attempts?). 

Riots = tip of the iceberg

The riots are useful because they show to everyone in spectacular fashion that France now has a race problem. But riots are not the real problem. The real problem (apart from the population replacement) is that immigration from the third-world destroys our lives at every level. One immigrant pupil in a European classroom causes a lot of damage by himself. We know there are now no-go zones for Europeans in our cities. But even in places where immigrants are relatively few, we do not feel as safe as we used to. The atmosphere is tense everywhere except where there are no immigrants. But people usually deny this. They will no longer go in some streets, but they will deny that they have been intimidated by the presence of immigrants!

During the riots that happened two years ago, Sarkozy was Chirac's minister for the police. I thought the reason he did not crack down on the rioters and arsonists was because he was preparing the next election and did not want to be criticized by the socialist party (although maybe he would have gained popularity by using repression).
But now, he's been elected president, and he is still doing nothing. It is surprising!

The police does not need to start shooting, at least not to kill. But the rioters should be sent to jail and kept there.

Sarkozy sending mixed signals in Algeria

While Sarkozy seems today the best person to face an eventual civil war in France, recent things he said make us wonder if he is not trying to appease the stinking beast of islamofascism.
While in Algeria, Sarkozy made surprising remarks, like "there is nothing more similar from an antisemite than an islamophobe"
Of course these remarks were designed to counter what a high-ranking minister from the Algerian regime had said shortly before his arrival in Algeria, something like "Sarkozy is the man of the jews and of Israel, and he has some jewish ancesters", which is not surprising as the corrupted Algerian regime shares much common ground ideologically with the islamists, and because the conspiracy theories and other weird antisemite clichés are widespread here also like in other muslim countries. This is the psyche of the arab street and it alas is shared by their governments and media, nothing surprising here. What is more surprising is seeing Sarkozy trying to deflect the grotesque antisemitic remarks against himself by considering legitimate interrogations about Islam as being on pair with antisemitism.

His answer is not very satisfying : He misses the point here : first, jews are and have been attacked, have been exterminated when they did not exert violence on other people (ask the german jews in the 1930' and the french jews in 2000-2002). There's nothing to compare with the thousands of people killed all over the world in the name of Islam, and the least we can do in front of this phenomenon is to regard Islam as potentially harmful, divisive and, yes, DANGEROUS. Are we going to be finger-pointed because we dare to question this religion, after so many people died in its name ?? Where Sarkozy thinks he goes when he compares the natural hostility to this religion (that many otherwise-tolerant people feel for this culture), to antisemitism ???
So, I'm having second thoughts about his response to the riots, he could be tempted to make similar moves in the suburbs if the situation deteriorates and play friend with the thugs. Hard to know, we'll see.

Civil war

Finally somebody who knows what he is talking about.

I have written it here and on LVB's blog several times: we have imported the third world street mafia. The only remedy is to be harder than they are, like in their home countries.

First shoot the caïds, yes shoot the top gangsters and do not accept petty crime, slap heavy prison sentences on petty crime like in New York. Further do not accept any lack of the local language anymore, if they don't know the language stop social benefits and afterwards, or at the same time split up the ghettos, do not accept the wild ghetto urbanisation anymore.

The difference will be immediate.