Body Politics: Bimbos in Parliament

<!--Flexible ... Alina was a gymnast-->

A quote from The Sun, 28 December 2007

These ladies may look like they have come from the pages of a high-class glamour magazine but they are the face – and bodies – of Russia’s political future. […] They are all former Olympic athletes who have been elected this month in allegedly corrupt political elections for dodgy Putin’s party. And they have one other thing in common. They have all peeled off for racy photoshoots in various Russian magazines.

Viktor Gribachev, a Russian political analyst and former press officer for the Russian parliament, said: “We are definitely ahead of all in terms of ladies with sex appeal among our MPs. These young women are full of energy and eagerness to become serious law-makers.”

Slow news day?

Maybe I'm missing something. I'm not sure I see the newsworthiness of scantily clad women using age old techniques to work their way up the food chain.

Or are you adopting British media techniques in an attempt to drive your hit count up?