Swiss Risk Losing Islamic Goldmine

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[Michael Fouad Chahine of Credit Suisse:] "The development of Islamic banking has so far been limited to countries with a higher percentage of Muslims (...). But this is changing as more international regulators accept the importance of Sharia. It is now also accepted as socially responsible banking". (...)

[John Sandwick of Encore Management:] "If no effort is made whatsoever, I am afraid the world will pass Switzerland by in the race to control the rich prize: which today is worth hundreds of billions, but in the future will be trillions of dollars of Islamic wealth."

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Worth knowing about

This is a misuse of religion. Sharia banking is a 20th century invention, and even some Muslims (Muslim Council of Canada) reject it as deceptive. It's lacking in transparence, self-regulating mechanisms and lends itself to money laundering. Suggested reading is Timur Kuran: Islam & Mammon. Also Rachel Ehrenfeld and others are taking interest in the problem, looking for legislative solutions to stop this dangerous phenomenon.

Next Step: Take Over Their Economy

And the idiots in Europe are caving in to the Muslims.


Because who can resist money?

But it's OK to sell your economy, your land, your culture, your way of life for some extra cash.

Not so different than what many in America are doing.

The decline of the Western Civilization is going on.

Only Americans and Europeans will destroy themselves, not by the hand of the Muslims who are smart enough to exploit cowardice, political correctness, Freedom, and Western Laws by invading peacefully the West after centuries of a failing attempt to invade Europe militarily.