France Wants to Ban “Anti-Youth Repellent”

Roselyne Bachelot, the French Minister of Health, would like to ban outright the “anti-youth” device known in France as Beethoven, and in England as The Mosquito. The device, a CD that emits ultrasounds at 17,000 hertz over an area of 20 yards, is designed to disturb the hearing of the young, which is much keener than that of adults. Businesses and apartment buildings where gangs congregate and commit mayhem use the device to repel the youth, and it seems to work! At least in England where it has been in use since 2006, in front of certain stores, in buildings and parking lots.

But according to Bachelot, as quoted in Le Figaro:

I hope it will be totally forbidden whatever legal form that may take. [...] This ban requires an inter-ministerial effort: we have been working together with other government officials ever since the issue became a public controversy. [...] We have no study on what its effects are: the question of its harmlessness is therefore raised both for young people and pregnant women. Since this is a question of health, precaution must be exercised.

It is hard not to be amused by this. Nobody is allowed to speak negatively of the “youth”, arrests are infrequent and short, cops are restricted in what they can do to stop criminals, the media use doublespeak when describing criminals, and yet it is clear that the citizens are at their wits end and resorting to a type of “insect repellent” to get rid of the troublemakers. Life is unlivable in many neighborhoods, but no one is willing to stop the root causes of violent behavior.
French readers will enjoy Le Conservateur and his readers’ comments. He feels the device has no future in France since it is bound to be regarded as discriminatory against a particular group (i.e. criminals). He and his readers also suggest that just playing classical music loudly might do the trick, and speculate on how undesirables could be dispersed by the sounds of the great composers of Western civilization.

Whines on crimes

Kapitein Andre, what are the 'more constructive means of tackling crime and political unrest'? Who said it (mosquito) had anything to do with political unrest?

The only way of stopping Europe's moral and behavioural decline is by preaching the Gospel - but that would prove the Establishment wrong if it succeeded, so is avoided at all costs.


"The only way of stopping Europe's moral and behavioural decline is by preaching the Gospel - but that would prove the Establishment wrong if it succeeded, so is avoided at all costs."

Moreover, it would involve self examination and true introspection, i.e. "metanoia", activities that most arrogant elitist types avoid like the plague.

"He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.” – Thomas Paine

A better idea

Why not give all adults who are free of criminal charges and convictions a gun and ammo. I hear that lead passing through the cranium causes an unpleasant sensation in youths and stifles their urge to cause trouble.

RE: "Anti-Youth Repellent"

The Beethoven/Mosquito impinges on the public's enjoyment of public places. There are more constructive means of tackling crime and political unrest, ones that are more effective than an unpleasant whine, and which produce less collateral damage. Law-abiding citizens should destroy these devices if they are disturbed by them.

If so why are these the ones

If so why are these the ones people are turning to? People must be feeling pretty desperate and flat out of options if they are resorting to these methods. Also, these methods seem to work. If there are better ways wouldn't people be using those instead. Also, "Crime and Political Unrest"? More like societal degeneration.

Plus, could you start listing the more effective options of which you speak? I would be interested to hear any suggestions of how to tackle the issues.

zzz !

It makes sense that someone called Citizen Z would not approve of mosquito repellents.


I'm strongly against these tools to keep the scum away.

Like most 'solutions' they invent, they have impact on -everyone-. That is, all young people.
This has to stop!
Just like they do with camera's on busses. And counter terrorism laws? Don't make me laugh.
It are all examples of what the world already is and become even more, big brother situations.

If you make the sum, and go to the roots and look for things that are in common, you'll always bump onto immigration.

the media use doublespeak when describing criminals