Fruity gael

Surely the slogans should be: Get those melons squeezed by Brussels sleaze! Say yes to national emasculation!

Is that me just shaved?

Although I'm 48, I'm nearly the spittin' image of that guy in the blue "underwear". The only difference is that I have hair (not too much just right) on my arms, legs, and chest and I fill out that underwear a little better in all the right places. Other than that its like lookin' in a mirror. Amazing! :)

By the way, I guess they don't have any good arguments and that is why that have to use "sex" to sell their dictatorship of the elite few. Ireland you'd be wise to keep the "tyrants" you got at home than trade them in for bigger, far worse and more distant, "tyrants" of the EU.

Recipe for success

Lisbon tart.





Blind bake one giant pastry case.






The bitterest Lisbon lemons you can find, and sufficient miracle berry powder to make the whole thing palatable.



Cooking time:



As long as it takes.




Serving suggestion:



Spoon feed to voting public.