Does the EU Support Racist Violence Against Whites?

The EU's official watchdog against "racism" complains that native Europeans do not censor themselves enough. Notice that there is not a single word about the massive wave of racist violence facing white natives in Western Europe. We're just supposed to shut up while the Multiculturalists dismantle our nations and use them as dumping grounds for the excess population growth of Islamic countries:

This is from Associated Press (24 June): EU Rights Agency Warns Racist Violence Persists in Bloc

Racist violence and discrimination persist across the European Union, and most members of the 27-nation bloc aren't taking advantage of tough legislation to crack down on the scourge, the EU's rights agency warned. Britain and France lead a list of nine countries credited with actively fighting racism and xenophobia, but most other EU members aren't making the most of a tough EU-wide "racial equality directive," the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights said in its annual report. "Racism, discrimination, entrenched disadvantage, racist violence and harassment have remained a fact of life for many individuals in Europe," the agency warned. "Effective and dissuasive sanctions are crucial to fight ethnic and racial discrimination," it said. "Without these, discriminatory attitudes and behavioral patterns are unlikely to change and victims remain defenseless."
From 2006-2007, Britain punished 95 offenders with sanctions – more than all of the other 26 member states combined -- said the Vienna-based agency, which polices the EU in an effort to stamp out discrimination in employment, housing, education, health care and other key areas. It also singled out Bulgaria, France, Ireland, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Finland and Sweden for making good use of existing legal tools to fight discrimination. By contrast, a dozen EU member states -- the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal and Slovenia – issued no sanctions at all during the same period.

One of the organizations cooperating with the EU's Fundamental Rights Agency is the Swedish left-wing organization Expo, which most of my readers should be familiar with. One of the co-founders of Expo, Tobias Hübinette, wrote this in 1996:

To feel and even think that the white race is inferior in every conceivable way is natural with regards to its history and current actions. Let the Western countries of the white race perish in blood and suffering. Long live the multicultural, racially mixed and classless ecological society! Long live anarchy!

According to his CV, Tobias Hübinette worked for Expo until at least 1997. In other words, he continued doing research for this "anti-racist" organization after having advocated the extermination of whites and the violent destruction of an entire civilization. Hübinette has continued promoting "Multiculturalism," even received awards, and is currently working for the Multicultural Centre of Botkyrka, Sweden. To some, "Multiculturalism" apparently means "death to white people and their culture," nothing more and nothing less.
The founder and editor of Expo magazine from 1995 until his death in November 2004, Stieg Larsson, worked with Hübinette for years. Larsson left behind three unpublished thrillers which have become major bestsellers after his death, in Sweden and beyond. Apparently, working with a person calling for the genocide of the entire white race did not prevent Larsson and Expo from being treated as a credible source of information by the European Fundamental Rights Agency regarding "racist violence" in Sweden [pdf]. Not only is Expo linked to from the Agency's website, Expo has received hundreds of thousands of Euros – presumably sponsored by European taxpayers – in direct financial support from the Agency [pdf].
Antifascistisk Aktion (AFA), a group that supposedly fights against "racists," openly brags about numerous physical attacks against private citizens with their full name and address published on their website. Leading Expo member Charles Westin in October 2007 published the book Brunt! ("brown," as in "Fascist"), where he let members of AFA contribute some of their intelligence on "right-wing groups." In addition to Mr. Westin, the book was co-authored by Mats Deland, who is a journalist in the major national newspaper Aftonbladet. Why is it considered OK that a representative of one of Scandinavia's largest newspapers, with close ties to the country's largest political party, cooperates openly with an organization known for physically assaulting members of a legal opposition party critical of mass immigration, even in their private homes? And why does the EU support Expo when it has such extremist connections?
To my knowledge, Tobias Hübinette was not publicly denounced by Expo for his calls for genocide of whites in 1996, and he apparently continued working for this "anti-racist" organization afterwards. Yet the European Union's official "anti-racism agency" gives substantial financial support to this organization, whose co-founder called for mass murder of a particular race. Does the EU endorse the genocidal agenda of Expo's co-founder? His statements are publicly available, and have been so for years.

I have never seen, neither by Expo in Sweden nor by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights on a European level, a single study tracking the massive wave of racist violence, gang rapes, stabbings and murder directed against white indigenous Europeans in cities across the continent, at least the western half of it. Do the lives of whites simply not matter to the EU and its leaders? As the EU is deliberately breaking down existing nation states through mass immigration of alien and sometimes hostile peoples, the EU is directly responsible for triggering this wave of racist violence against the indigenous peoples of an entire continent. If the EU wants to fight against racism, it should start with abolishing itself.

EU: Direct, active elections for European citizens

This year for the seventh time between the 4th and the 7th of July the European parliament will be elected. To many European citizens this seems to be the only way possible to take part in the political process. Still only few know that things have changed with the treaty of Lisbon.
The treaty’s article 11(4) says that every citizen’s group concerning Europe in entirety with a million or more votes has to be taken up in the political decision-making process.
It is important for me to share the knowledge that political participation in Europe is possible beyond political parties, especially since the European parliament will be elected this year. Europe-wide, direct, acitve votes for European citizens' are possible.
Please notice the Link I found on an Austrian Website:

Socialists need mass immigration

It's so obvious, Europe's socialists need mass immigration.  It's where they find new constituents. Immigrants are a maleable, needy and beholding ready made group that keeps them in power. Diluting and displacing the native population is an advantage for them.  Misplaced white guilt and the fascism of pc censorship have been effective tools.


The Koran will never permit Muslims to integrate into Western secular societies especially where their numbers hit a tipping point in their favor. The cynical EU elite know this but they don't give a damn. Staying in power is all that matters.


No option other than to become Europeans? Of course they have another option, they can retain their original identity, which is precisely what many are currently choosing to do.

I think that the quote is a

I think that the quote is a good illustration, though, of the reasoning of our governments and "elites"-no European superstate without mass immigration of people who are incapable of assimilating into local and national cultures...

No Europe without Muslims...

"The Irish are first and foremost Irish, the Danish are Danish, the Germans Germans and the Belgians are primarily Flemish or Walloon. Immigrants who are prevented from becoming Irish, Danes and Germans but who are called upon to be more European that Europeans ever were, have no option other than to become Europeans. They will be the first true Europeans. No Europe without Muslims."

@ cephran

Oh yes, the strange thing is that everywhere I travel they think I amone of "them".
I am so used to move in different areas of the world that they cannot imagine me as a foreigner.
Strange but true.

It's Just Not Cricket

Apparently, when India and Pakistan play international cricket matches, you wouldn't believe some of the racist comments the players throw at each other during these games. How do I know? Several Indian and Pakistani colleagues have told me so, and they are hardly likely to make this up just for my benefit.  

White racism

This is not surprising, and you have put it perfectly.

Immigration is in itself already a form of anti-white racism, removing
white european people the right to their nations for continuing to be
what defines them ethnically speaking - which is one of the most basic
features of a nation, with culture, history and language.

Here in France we see the same people fighting against "racism" and
"discrimination" advocating for "positive discrimination", which means a
legal racial-based status. It seems a paradox, but it isn't, because
it's intended mainly for non-whites immigrants, who will be given jobs
and houses rather than French origin people.

So the so-called "antiracism" is only "anti-white racism".

@ Fjordman

Since 2 days I saw the unbelievable anti-racism comedy during the European soccer championship.

Soccer is tremendously popular and the EU plus its minions have highjacked it for their "anti-racism" propaganda.

The intention is clear: saddling the Europeans with a gigantic guilt complex.

I am in France now since 1 month and yesterday I was questioned by my French friends about the Vlaams Belang. It seems there was a one-hour program on a French digital channel, made by French and Walloon producers, about the "Flemish racism and the extreme racism of the VB" The caviar-socialist mayor of Antwerp Patrick Janssens was featured in the program as defender of the anti-racist movement.

My French friends were convinced that Flanders was in a nazi-grip and when I told them I voted VB I was looked at very strangely.