Since When Do the British Have a Knife Culture?

A quote from The Daily Mail, 30 June 2008

A teenager was stabbed to death as he desperately phoned a friend for help. Ben Kinsella, […], was the latest victim of Britain's sickening knife culture. Two 16-year-olds were arrested and have now been released on bail.

The 16-year-old was out with friends celebrating the end of his GCSEs when a row broke out with youths in a pub near his family's £2million home in Islington, North London. As the 2am argument spilled outside into a brawl involving up to 50 teenagers, Ben fled up the road chased by a gang of black youths. David Dugdale, the friend he called, said: 'He was running and he rang me and just said, "Help me, help me", then the phone went dead, and that was it.

A quote from Larry Auster at his blog, 30 June 2008

That 16 year olds were in a pub at 2 a.m. is treated by the Mail as normal and unexceptionable, and I guess in today's Britain it is. This reflects the underlying reality that along with the laxity toward blacks that has helped unleash black racial savagery in Britain, the British whites themselves (or, rather, simply the British) have a laxity, an Eloi-like unconsciousness and carelessness, that opens them to that savagery.

Flag of St George

It's interesting to see the flag of St George both at the informal memorial to the boy and on the march in protest (scroll down the Daily Mail page). Until fairly recently the display of that flag would have been seen as "racist". And I think it's "racist" now: displaying it is an indirect means of protesting at what has led to the murder, i.e., mass immigration from the Third World.

It's not the British who have a "Knife Culture", that honor belongs to the people of the Muslim World who live by the knife.

Muslims are catching up fast with blacks for violent crime in some parts of the country, but in London blacks are still way out in front. Almost every fatal stabbing this year has been carried out by blacks, with a Turkish Muslim responsible for the exception, iirc.

Symptom not the cause

Maybe the police should address why young native brits feel so threatened they have to carry weapons.  Naaa, that would be racism now wouldn't it?

It's not the British who

It's not the British who have a "Knife Culture", that honor belongs to the people of the Muslim World who live by the knife.

What they are doing in Britain is hard to understand.