...Sarko Had Better Bully France’s Thugs

In my previous post I mentioned that 297 cars had burned during the night of July 13-14. Now it seems that another 295 were torched the following night, making a total of 592 cars destroyed – 150 in Ile-de-France (the Parisian region) and 145 in the provinces. In addition, 98 persons were arrested and 58 were placed in custody in all of France. The figures just for Ile-de-France are 48 arrests and 29 in custody.

However the worst crime so far took place in Asnières, in the department of Hauts-de-Seine (Parisian suburbs). TF1 reports:

He may lose an eye. On the night of July 13-14, a police commissioner was injured by a pyrotechnical device during a confrontation between young persons and the police. "The wound is extremely serious," according to a police source.
The commissioner, about 30, was visibly wounded by the ricochet of the pyrotechnical device while violent confrontations between about 50 young persons and the police were taking place in the northern neighborhoods, considered dangerous ["sensibles"], of Asnières. The commissioner received a visit on Monday from Interior Minister Michèle Alliot-Marie.
The socialist mayor of Asnières, Sébastien Pietrasanta, called these confrontations "extremely serious", and spoke of gangs of "well-prepared and hooded" young persons who attacked anyone and anything that represented order and institutions." According to a source at the office of District Attorney ["parquet"] of Nanterre, these were" blatant acts of urban violence, an unprecedented violence, premeditated," that pitted "from 30 to 60 persons" against the forces of order.
The mayor said that the following night had been "calm", but SICP, the union of police commissioners, expressed anger once again at the "regular rise in violence at holiday time," stressing that the use of fireworks and firearms has become "almost systematic" against the police forces.

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It is a calm night

Why continue to allow Muslims to emigrate

I agree that Muslims will not peacefully co-exist with Western society, their ultimate agenda is to convert and control, then why continue to allow Muslims to emigrate into the West?

A new approach is needed.

People who want something done about the violence might get a better government response  by emphasizing the carbon footprint  of all those burning cars. 

It's so much more fashionable than the  personal safety of your constituents.

@Amsterdamsky RE: "Sarko Had Better Bully France’s Thugs"

Point taken. However, the response to the plight of New Orleans is not without precedent - American law enforcement authorities have historically permitted civil unrest, riots and low-intensity conflict in non-White areas, as well as the existence of "no-go" areas. When problems break out, they usually move to keep them reasonably contained and from spreading into affluent and commercial districts.


Moreover, I gather that French authorities are pursuing a similar containment policy with regard to the banlieues. Modern democratic states are not willing to suffer appalling casualties to establish law and order in areas of such marginal importance. The American experience, along with those of the UK, France, Australia and others, have indicated that certain groups - especially Africans (irrespective of religion) and Muslims - are incapable of co-existing with the larger state and society around them; more importantly, once state and society have left them to their own devices, their alternative is chaotic anarchy and the worst aspects of tribalism and religious zeal.


Not since the Axis and Allies fought room by room, house by house, and street by street for every inch of European soil, did Western states commit the necessary manpower and materiel to occupying a territory. Of course, the consequences for a stubborn defender were considerably harsher than an interview with Canadian intelligence officers.