Ramadan in Brussels

A quote from the Brussels newspaper Het Nieuwsblad, 19 September 2008

Tramp Beaten Up For Drinking Beer During Ramadan

A forty-year old homeless man almost died when he was beaten up in Brussels by a man and his father, both Muslims, because he was drinking beer during the Ramadan. Rachid, the 19-year old culprit, beat his victim Serge with an iron bar with nails.

A few days ago Serge had an appointment with a doctor in a policlinic in Blaes Street. He arrived early and, since he had to wait, Serge opened a can of beer. At that moment an elderly Muslim who lives above the policlinic came downstairs. He objected to Serge drinking a beer in public during Ramadan, the Muslim fast. Things escalated when his son Rachid came downstairs, too.

Father and son beat up Serge. They threw him out of the building on a pile of rubbish bags. Amidst the rubbish Rachid found an iron bar studded with nails. He seized the bar and smashed it in on Serge. The tramp tried to protect his face with his arms, but could not prevent the bully from hitting an artery on his legs. Blood poured from the wound.

An eye-witness called the police. Meantime a group of youths had joined in beating up Serge.

The victim was immediately taken to hospital. He had lost two liters of blood. The doctors confirm that it is a miracle that Serge survived his ordeal. The police arrested Rachid. His father tried to take his place, but that did not happen.

Isn't multiculturalism grand?

Europe has invited a virus while simutaneously shutting down its autoimmune system (overwhelming it with politcal correctness.)  

Dark days are ahead.