European Commissioner: “Islam Is Welcome. Immigration Is Moral Necessity”

Jacques Barrot is the European Commissioner for Justice. In an interview at Café Babel [in French; English is here] he gives some revealing answers which indicate that the European suicide is underway. He calls immigration an economic and moral necessity, adding that Islam is welcome in Europe.

Mr Barrot is a former deputy in the French National Assembly, from 1967 to 2004. He was one of the founders of today's UMP party, an institution that claims to be conservative. UMP is the party of Nicolas Sarkozy, who is known to the media and the world as a politician of the "Right." Barrot had previously supported Jacques Chirac, and before that had been a leader of the centrist movement. In 2000 he was convicted in a French court of "abuse of confidence". The case involved the diverting of government money to his party. He received an eight month suspended prison sentence but was pardoned by Jacques Chirac. Since 2004, Barrot has been a European Commissioner. He is also a Vice President of the European Commission.


Below are excerpts from the Barrot interview:

Does Europe need immigration?
Barrot: Yes. The demographic situation of Europe requires a migration that must be concerted. Europe's mission is also a desire to facilitate exchanges between countries. Immigration is both an economic and a moral necessity. […]
Islam is perceived by some as incompatible with European values of democracy, peace and equality of the sexes. What is the EU's position with regard to this problematical situation?
B: This way of looking at Islam as antagonistic to European values is a totally partial and erroneous view. Islam is a monotheistic religion that seems to me to be compatible with our principles of laïcité. What is not compatible, are all the fundamentalists, not only Islamic, who wish to segregate and exclude other religions. As soon as pluralism is accepted by Islam, in any case in Europe, Islam is welcome. What IS true is that we will always fight against the fact that in the Islamic milieu Christian communities are not always respected as they should be. But that is characteristic of a certain number of Islamic States, it is not characteristic of Europe. Europe favors religious pluralism and it is obvious that if Islam wants to exist in Europe, it must accept this pluralism.

A reader of Yves Daoudal’s blog over the interview:

This guy [Barrot] is the archetype of the majority of our elite. He is himself the son of a distinguished father, a deputy, he has been minister several times, he helped create the UMP, etc... What he thinks, what he says is the reflection of what all those in power think and say. That is what is terrifying. These people are burying France and her people ("the demographic situation in Europe requires a migration that must be concerted"), without even considering the issues of French birthrate, abortion, French identity, her religion.

I loved this sneaky attack ("...all fundamentalists, not only Islamic...") against traditional Catholics.

Jacques Barrot uses the term "migration", a word I see more and more as a substitute for "immigration." I guess the latter sounds more "discriminatory" than the former which, in its vagueness, refers to a natural and predictable process. When he does use "immigration" he speaks of it as a "moral" good, hence to be against it is to be immoral.

Here are a few more excerpts from the interview at Café Babel:

Early in October, [German] Chancellor Angela Merkel thanked the first immigrants , during the ceremony "Germany Thanks You." Can you conceive of such an event on a European scale?
Barrot: There are many such symbolic acts that could be imagined to show the immigrants that they really have a place here. We will probably work out this type of ceremony when we have written the new directive on the conditions for welcoming refugees.
The European policy of immigration is not founded on gratitude. Critics reproach you for constructing a "European fortress".
B: We have emerged from a security-driven period when borders had become an obsession. Today, the pact on immigration that the French presidency (of the EU) has had adopted is a balanced agreement where one finds both the legitimate desire to turn away illegal immigrants and that of a Europe more dynamic in the way it welcomes immigrants.
[...] Concretely, how did you convince [Spanish Prime Minister] Zapatero to sign the immigration pact since Spain benefits fully from immigration?
B: Mr. Zapatero, like the majority of heads of State, knows very well that what happens in one of the member States has an effect on the others, and that the States are condemned to stick together in solidarity. [...]

I like the word "condemned".
He goes on in the interview to describe how immigration will be strictly regulated so that each EU member state can determine the number of immigrants it needs and each donor State (African or Asian) can determine the number of skilled workers it can spare. He says that forcing illegals to return home is not to criminalize them, pointing out that the new directive will outline the appeals process they will be entitled to, and will monitor the conditions in which they are detained (i.e., confined in some kind of prison). He also believes that they should be induced to leave voluntarily in exchange for compensation. In other words, they will not be sent home?

Morocco is soon to be given

Morocco is soon to be given special status in the EU and is to join the common economic space, which means that they will have all the rights of Europeans, except the joining of European Union institutions.
There are over 32, thirty two, million people living in Morocco, over 98 percent of them are muslim.
How many Moroccans will choose to live in Europe? My guess is milllions of them.
This will all be put into place by 2013.
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French EU Thief

Tiberge : "Barrot received an eight month suspended prison sentence but was pardoned by Jacques Chirac."

Found on :
"Following this pardon French law bars any public reference to M. Barrot’s conviction and suspended prison sentence. If I were a French journalist it would be illegal for me to write this article, even though every word of it is true!"

Found on English wikipedia :
"In 2000 he was convicted in a French court of "abuse of confidence". The case involved the diverting of £2 million of government money to his party."

Found on French wikipedia : Nothing !

Dangerous crisis being created - islam cant co-exist with EU

Enlightened EU cant live in peace with islamofascism. The pakki fascists are manipulating the West to get more infidel tax in the name of bogus financial crisis - they already got more than 10000 million dollars - ie. 10 bil pretending to fight taleban.

Read how culturally backward the pakki fascists are who export anarchy into both the land of afghans and Indians-
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LAHORE: The body of an eight-year-old boy was found from the toilet of a mosque on Tuesday and police claimed that the child was killed after being sodomized.
Hadyara police station duty officer Shaukat said that Suhail was the son of labourer Yaseen, a resident of Pathankay Village in the Hadyara police precincts. The boy’s uncle Sardar said that Suhail was a student at a madrasa near his house. He said Suhail left the house around 11am to play
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The body was sent for an autopsy.
We are supporting criminals who are hiding savage jihadis like binLaden in their basements while opposing the Christian Serbs who have been turning in their own heroes. What an irony! Letting in more islamists into RU will be regrettable even as UK is regretting so many pakkis and banglas rather then smart genius kinds from India.

Can't co-exist? Says who!

Miriam: don't you realize that political and social elites can survive very comfortably while crime and social conflict ravage the middle and lower classes? As long as they can suck enough out of the economy to pay for their security and their pleasures--which they can always do, controlling the police and the courts--, everyone else can go hang. Europe (and then America) will become like Africa, but the elites will be perfectly happy because they will be that much more different and removed from everyone else--that much more elite.

This is what happens when conservative social solidarity is finally completely eroded by (left- and right-) liberalism. A loyal elite would limit immigration, excluding all potential troublemakers and burdens on the home population.

The real problem is not the EU, though

failing to have a brake at the wheel does indeed assure Europe that it is going to get to where it is fated in great time.   The problem is the Marxist view of culture as a construct obscuring the real sources of power; wealth.   Listen to the man's words, any employment is good employment, any culture is a good culture so long as does not overturn the compromise of lacite, no religion that is taken seriously, "fundamentalist", is good religion.

To quote someone else, each generation struggles to raise the next generation not to be barbarians.   One generation failed...


"As soon as pluralism is accepted by Islam.." Great, let's wait till then. Shall we repatriate Muslims until that time?

Islam is Welcome? By Whom?

From the dubious words of this man, the path for Europeans to retain their culture is trip-wired at best. Just what is it about the cult of Islam that draws these politicians like magnets, while at the same time they discard the cultural background of Europe like yesterdays fish? This man is ignorant to what true Islam really means, and so encourages those from backward and dirt poor countries to "yes, please, come and live in Europe, and I and my cronies will bend every rule to accommodate you, and be sure to bring tents for your wives to wear, as they are a hot fashion item in Paris this year." Dose this same politician ever wonder when prattling on about 'human rights' in Europe, why there isn't one Islamic or African country who has a 'human rights' code for white people who reside there? Cast your eyes to Zimbabwe and the white farmers who were murdered\beaten until finally all but a handful are now left. Last week, the usual suspects, i.e. the UN, Oxfam & Co. came out with the begging bowls to squeeze more cash for the 5 million now starving in that benighted country. And whose noses are they shoving these bowls under? Well it aint the African or Islamic countries, as they seen to be still stuck in that 7th. century time warp, so I guess it will once again be up to those nasty and racist Europeans and Americans to feed the starving people. It is all too familiar and dreary. But Islam is welcome in Europe.

RE: "Islam Is Welcome"

Barrot: The demographic situation of Europe requires a migration that must be concerted.


Note that public policies to increase indigenous birthrates - such as the financial incentives that proved so effective in Quebec - are not even mentioned.


Barrot: Europe's mission is also a desire to facilitate exchanges between countries.


Europe's mission is to facilitate the objectives, prosperity and peace of the inhabitants of European countries.


Barrot: Immigration is both an economic and a moral necessity.

Clearly the latter consideration is paramount.

Pluralistic Islam?

Barrot told the reporter, "As soon as pluralism is accepted by Islam, in any case in Europe, Islam is welcome." Doesn't that suggest that Islam will never be welcome? The very nature of Islam is anti-pluralistic. Any religion whose scripture states that apostates should be put to death is fairly obsessed with avoiding pluralism. And the fact that the Koran instructs that the state should be Islamic makes pluralistic democracy difficult, to put it mildly.

The EU isn't too discriminating.

As is the case with many governmental organizations, they seem to relish the idea of having the fox in the henhouse. I doubt Mr. Barrot would recognize a "moral necessity" if it bit him on the behind. His welcome of Islam and encouragement of immigration suggest that he has no allegiance to country or family.

Concilium Europa est delenda!

"He received an eight month suspended prison sentence but was pardoned by Jacques Chirac."

To have such a man in charge of EU 'Justice' seems to illustrate what the EU stands for. 

Concilium Europa est delenda!


"What he thinks, what he says is the reflection of what all those in power think and say."

I'm affraid you are right. But the real problem is the EU: a system that isn't subjected to electoral control. Thanks to the EU-construction those guys just do what they want, no limits anymore, no control, no contestation, no punishments. They think that everything the system wants will happen, there can be resistance but eventually it will die out because there will be to much migrants in the end.

It's like Fjordman said: the only way to stop islamisation is to dismantle the EU.