Sarko Tells Czechs to Raise EU Flag

A quote from Bruno Waterfield at his Telegraph blog, 16 December 2008

The French President has lined up with the Euro-MPs who used a private visit to the Czech head of state's residence, on Dec 5, to upbraid Mr Klaus for not toeing the EU line.

"It was a wound, it was an outrage to see that flags had been taken down from public buildings," said President Sarkozy, speaking in Strasbourg.

Mr Sarkozy went on to criticise President Klaus for having the nerve to fight back, in his own home, against the EU politically correct police in the form of a brigade of hectoring MEPs from fatuously titled "Conference of Presidents".

"The presidents of the political groups, should not be treated in this way, neither should the President of the Parliament, neither should the symbols of Europe," he threatened.
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easy one (2)

Then you agree that we 'palefaces' aren't the only ones who are capable of racism. Good to know. Kindly remember it, or I shall be forced to remind you.

easy one

"I'd be interested to read your views on the Melanin Theory."
Total rubbish, fascistoid, as any anthropometric approach.

insolent midget

Until recently, the EU flag could be seen as a symbol of Europe and of friendship between Europeans. Now, it has become an anti-European symbol. Turkey and Northern Africa will become part of the EU if Sarko and his friends have their way, even though he made French voters think that he would be an immigration restrictionist. So, here is a liar, a crook, a destroyer of Europe, and a midget sermonizer, who thinks he can teach others respect for Europe! He reminds me of the treacherous American neocons who think they can give lessons in conservatism to real conservatives.

In Brittany, the french administration has finally become more tolerant of the Breton flag, but half of our town halls will still refuse to put it out, out of fanatical devotion to their french masters. By contrast, france's tricolor rag is everywhere, and the prefects keep writing to the mayors so they will put out more tricolor rags...

@ kappert

I don't suppose that there is even the slightest possibility that your "answer 3" might actually address the question. What am I thinking? Of course not, because you don't have any answer and we both know it. What's more, everybody else reading your drivel knows it too.

Sarkozy, good leftist totalitarian school!

While at home Sarkozy promised to remove the EU flag from the PROJECT of constitution. Everything  to reject the result of democratic referendum. Why should Klaus  raise some unofficial flag?





Yet, I forgot, South Korea sent a bunch of protestant missionaries to convince the afghan people, sponsored by .... I think they regretted the voyage, as well as many European missionaries before.
One thing is what you believe, another is what you want the others to believe ... leave that to sarkozy & co

Question for kappert

The knowledge that a spineless pacifist would argue that we should use the borders created by the Romans, one of the most efficient killing machines in the history of warfare, as the template for our idea of what constitutes 'true' Europe is a hoot.


Q: Had the Romans managed to incorporate into their empire all the lands previously conquered by Alexander the Great, would  'true' Europeans now be talking about Europe spreading East as far as the foothills of the Hindu Kush?


I agree that you shouldn't worry about the Alexander Archipelago and the Juan de Fuca Strait, nor about the Spanish-speaking US territories.
On the Hindukush: the missing quarter of Christianism is already there by the most recent and modern interpretation of the Bible stories.
And don't forget that Europeans ARE in the Hindukush, trying to catch some well known terrorist, if I'm not mistaken.

@ kappert

Where to begin?


Let's start with that "Russian province of Alaska", shall we? Bullshit!


You mean the Russian colonization of  Northwest America, which started as late as 1745. Those Russian colonized territories later came to be known as Russian North America and only came into the possession of the United States of America in 1867...


"Mexican provinces OCCUPIED after the 1848 war". Again, what rot.


FYI this is how it works in the REAL world. Fight war, win war. Win war, dictate surrender terms and conditions. Fight war, lose war. Lose war, pay the price of that defeat. (Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo).

NB The same would apply to any country dumb enough to employ unilateral pacifism as its primary defence strategy.

BTW From whom do you suppose the ('true')  Mexicans obtained Mexico in the first place and by what means do you imagine they achieved it?


Ditto those Roman provinces.

I could go on but why on earth bother? Trying to educate you in the 'ways of the world' is like trying to tutor an amoeba in the art of calisthenics.

uneuropean behaviour (2)

Before you can punish someone for "uneuropean behaviour", or "learn" from the U.S. of A., one need first  define what one means by Europe and the U.S.A. For example, I suspect that you, depending upon your current mental state of health, time of the month etc., would define the U.S.A. as the 50 states of the Union minus 'Aztlan' and Hawaii, Alaska, Florida, Coshise County  etc., and Europe comprising of, well, Europe, N. Africa, Turkey, Russia, the Arctic Circle and the Levant (minus Israel, of course) etc., ... 

not quite

Of course, the definitions! U.S. of A. are 13 states with follow-up conquests/annexes, like the Russian province of Alaska, and the Mexican provinces occupied after the 1848 war. Hawaii is clearly a victim of the Cold War, as well as Guam, Micronesia and Palau, though the last ones not officially 'US American soil', but nobody knows that. Native peoples do not count as they are due to be extinct.
The Union of Europe (the one with the blue flag) covers the whole Abendland, including former Roman provinces (that is Israel!) and the three quarters of Christianism (orthodox, catholic and protestant). That's why 'true Europeans' do not see any boundaries in their world-wide actions.

@ Sagunto

Not bad, but I think we should stop there, or else we could see in excess of "fifteen Correspondences" all vying for attention


Is there no punishment for 'uneuropean behaviour' ??????
Europe should learn from the U.S. of A.

"Conference of Presidents"

It doesn't take a Nostradamus to predict that this is all going to end very badly.Sooner or later, Klaus will be forced to capitulate and 'reconnect' with 'reality'.


Anagram: "Conference of Presidents" = "Seen, reconnected rip-offs".