The Politics to Watch in Europe

Anti-Semitism is on the rise in Europe. This cannot be denied, although the media prefer to downplay one of its main causes: the Islamization of Europe. Last week’s Economist referred to the problem (though only in passing) in an article on Muslims in Europe where it mentioned fights between Muslims and Jews in rough parts of northern Paris.

Denis MacShane’s column about “Europe’s Jewish Problem” in last week’s Newsweek, refers to Jewish kids from North London afraid to go home on public buses on account of anti-Jewish attacks.

Mr. MacShane, a Labour MP and Britain’s former Europe minister, states that the British National Party and Islamist ideologues are the two anti-Semitic groups in Britain, He does not mention that the North London buses are being terrorized by Muslim gangs and not by BNP thugs.

When addressing the problem of rising anti-Semitism in Spain, he refers to a third cause for the rise of anti-Jewish feelings: “the anti-Israel language of Spain’s liberal-left intellectual and media elites.” The anti-Israeli bias of the intellectual and media elites exists in Britain and other European countries too.

In my opinion, the main causes for the surge in anti-Semitism in Europe are, first and foremost, the growing appeal of Islamic ideology on immigrant populations in West-European urban areas, and, secondly, the anti-Israeli bias of Europe’s intellectual, political and media elites who, eager to please Muslims, blame the latter’s anger for the West on the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians. If only Israel (and the Jews) would disappear, the Arabs and the Europeans could live in peace and harmony, they reason.

The European elites are more than willing to sacrifice Israel in return for good relations with Islamic dictators. The anti-Israeli propaganda, such as the al-Dura hoax, staged by the French state-owned television network France 2, is intended to stir anti-Jewish feelings among the population and prepare the ground for abandoning Israel.

Given the extent of the media bias against Israel it is a small miracle that anti-Jewish feelings are not more widespread among the indigenous, non-Muslim, Europeans. Neo-Nazi parties remain fringe groups. They sympathize with the anti-Semitism of the radical Islamists. Meanwhile nationalist parties, who purge themselves from anti-Semites and realize that Israel is Europe’s front post in the war against Islamic radicalism, are growing in the polls.

“As jobs are lost and welfare becomes meaner and leaner, the politics of blaming the outsider can only grow,” writes Denis MacShane. “The hard-won European politics of breaking down frontiers and trying to legislate for tolerance will get harder to defend, still less to promote. European populism and the anti-EU nationalism of both the right and the left is now the politics to watch.” Mr. MacShane fears the European populism and nationalism. I think it is the best hope we have got.

clarity given

@ Nataraja

Thank you for the clarification.  I think we broadly agree on the principles involved here.    I suspect that many in the VB party do too.  The problem, or the disagreements, arise when one tries to apply the principles to concrete people and to whole political parties. And I am sure we all can suffer from 'selective' vision in that regard.

Whether "It's on the rise in its ugliest form", may or may not be true.  We tend to see contemporary horrors more clearly and with more passion than past ones or distant ones.  It surely is not just on the rise in Europe, but in much of the rest of the world as well.  And in Europe it is largely the direct result of the abandonment of 'common sense' and of the basic priniciples (you described so well)  by governmental, educationional, and media elites.

Clarity, please

@ Nataraja

1) Indeed, people don't know very well what it is that you are "oppossing".  You constantly harp on a Mr Raes in the VB, and on other notorious antisemites in that party.  I certainly support you on that particular 'front' against irrational prejudice.  But, given your constant 'theme', it is very reasonable for Cogito to ask if it is "really" antisemitism that you are opposing.  And in your last response, what do we get?  The same theme, for the umpteenth time.....Raes and "jewish sufffering".

2) Why don't you try to answer Cogito's question?  Because, if antisemitism were to be your true 'enemy', you would surely not single-out the VB party but also the various "Islam-hugging parties" (who have undoubtedly their own jew-haters).  Clearly, all parties have their own 'wackos', including antisemitic ones.

3) I think - but, please, correct me if I am wrong - that the real reason why you constantly complain about the VB party is the party's opposition to large-scale immigration and to 'multiculturalism'.  So, I think that your 'antisemitism bit' is just a smokescreen.   Like everyone else, you are entitled to your opinions.  But it would be nice, and advantageous for all involved, if people would be better informed about your true opininions and concerns. 


Fair enough, Ill try to be clearer:

I want: sensible, balanced, intelligent conservative criticism of societal illnesses, which includes the unbridled immigration and "anything goes" cultural relativism (I do for example think its strange to be accused of denying islamic antisemitism, I have fulminated against this on several occasions. Yet, in this case it seems like another attempt of avoiding the actual point I was trying to make here).

I do NOT want this criticism to be served with a stench of race-based hate-speech, antisemitism, and blind essentialist stigmatizing of large groups without distinction.
The latter is what VB serves.
Its on the rise in its ugliest forms in eastern europe and russia, and I wish to keep on fighting that, without embracing the uncritical left.


Is antisemitism your reason to oppose the VB? Really? Why not oppose Islam-hugging parties even more then?

I don't think antisemitism is your reason to oppose the VB. You know why? Because pro-semites, like me and many others, know that VB is the Belgian version of the GOP with the strongest prosemite and proamerican line of all Belgian parties. Now that I am thinking about it, I even doubt you are prosemite.


you don't know a thing, cogito,

about me and who Im opposing.

But if you seem to anyhow like to counter my criticism of VB for the sake of it, maybe you could bother mentioning at least why according to you Roeland Raes still gets all credits and protection within VB. Unless you see this guy as a "prosemite"? His never-ending negationism and diminishing of jewish suffering was recently defended by VB-leaders Frank Van Hecke and Marie-Rose Morel on Belgian TV.

Come again, Belien?

If the "nationalist parties"... "purge themselves from anti-Semites"

could you tell me why your own party Vlaams Belang still keeps on harbouring notorious negationists and anti-semites like Roeland Raes?


As long as the electorate of Vlaams Belang needs to breed on this kind of figures (It would be interesting to see the number of dual memberships of VB members in Voorpost, Ijzerwake, Sint Maartensfonds, ...)  in order to keep its head up I'm afraid the "unite with Israel against Islam"-campaign will keep on bumping into closed doors.


@ Nataraja

You really have to take care of your anti-Beliën frustration. I normally like your more intelligent comments, but your anti-Beliën bias shows too much. When has Mr. Beliën ever been anti-semite? And when he calls for the parties from the right to stop the anti-semites in their midst he does exactly what you want him to do. Don't twist everything around please, it reflects negative on you. You are better than that.


you might want to read my comment again.
I asked Belien the simple question why Vlaams Belang still has, AMONGST OTHERS, the notorious antisemite and negationist Roeland Raes in their party ranks if the nationalist parties allegedly (see Beliens article) want to get rid of such elements.
I did not get any answer on that, nor do I expect any, because Belien knows that VB still depends way too much on people like Raes.
Thats why new parties like NVA and LDD were created.
Thats why VB will keep on running against walls.
Thats why I will keep on criticizing them. Thats why the VB logo which I see at my left hand side as I am writing this irritates me tremendously.
If this has to be called an "anti-Belien frustration" I leave that entirely up to you.

Common interests

Classical liberal nationalists in Europe should seek out classical liberal nationalists in America and Israel. It will help focus their sense of common purpose. The Israel Our Home party has a platform of patriotism and limited government that would appeal to the majority of contributors on this webssite.

Anti-white, anti-Western organizations, populations, and individuals should not be protected from the consequences of their enmity by the fact of membership in persecuted groups. Antisemites should give up their antisemitism, become fair-minded nnationalists, and learn to distinguish between friendly and hostile Jews.

Common interests

"Classical liberal nationalists in Europe should seek out classical liberal nationalists in America and Israel."

Why not try to gain the support of classical liberal nationalists in China and Bostwana?

Common interests 3

Armor: Indeed, why should classical liberal nationalists in Europe not seek out like-minded people in Botswana and China? It is time for patriots world-wide to declare independence from the socialist and transnationalist destroyers of nations and civilizations! Nations exist, and are confided by Providence to the care of their peoples. The responsible everywhere should recognize their fundamental duty to protect their nations, and their fundamental duty, when the nation has been secured, to foster individual liberty within the nation.

Where neocons and right and left liberals go wrong is in undercalculating what is involved in securing the nation, and how much infrastructure must be laid down before individual liberty can stand as a feasible political goal.

> In my opinion, the main

> In my opinion, the main causes for the surge
> in anti-Semitism in Europe are,

is that the Jews are "playing" their historic role. They are again, as always, the canaries in the mineshaft. Something is awfully smelling in Europe.

> Meanwhile nationalist parties, who purge
> themselves from anti-Semites and realize that
> Israel is Europe’s front post in the war against
> Islamic radicalism, are growing in the polls.

This is the best possible news. Music to my ears. Any examples?


"The International Muslim Matrimonial Site" advertising really p****s me off.


RE: "The Politics to Watch in Europe"

The Israel/Palestine question or problem in Western discourse cannot be extricated from historic guilt and shame. The Levant is where guilt over the Shoah and prior centuries of pogroms collides with guilt over imperialism. Any power that Zionism accrued as a social movement was the direct result of certain European countries' refusal to tolerate their Jewish minorities, mainly Germany and Russia. Yet France and Great Britain afforded their new possessions little more self-determination than their previous Ottoman masters had. Moreover, Great Britain betrayed the Palestinians in order to redress wrongs done to the European Jews. From a non-European perspective, one could make the claim that Europe exported its ethnic problems overseas and created another. Unfortunately, the issue is neither out of sight or mind.


European populism and nationalism is not necessarily in the interests of Europe's Jews. Indeed, it is folly to assume that a surge in patriotic fervor can be directed against one particular minority i.e. Muslims. Nor is this quandary Jewish-centric. The Roma and other minorities can expect the heat to be turned up also. Lastly, despite the best efforts of Jewish and Christian Neoconservatives, Jews remain the "other".

Anti-Semitism in Europe

I think there is nothing wrong with being "anti-Semitic" if the Jewish Semites want to replace Europeans with Arab Semites. The idea that anti-Semitism is the worst crime imaginable has obviously been pushed by the Jews themselves, and is another proof that they have too much influence over our society.

"Anti-Semitism is on the rise in Europe. This cannot be denied, although the media prefer to downplay one of its main causes: the Islamization of Europe"

It is true that the violence against Jews comes from muslim immigrants, not from European nationalists. That MacShane politician and his Newsweek friends are liars who are more interested in defaming white people than in telling the truth. In fact, the muslim gangs who attack buses are in Europe precisely because of malevolent people like MacShane and the Newsweek journalists. I think American neocons are particularly good at the game of blaming Europeans for the muslim violence against Jews, while calling for more muslim immigration to Europe.

What I disagree with in this article is the idea that nationalist parties should realize that "Israel is Europe’s front post in the war against Islamic radicalism". On the contrary, I think nationalist parties should expose the crucial role played by Jewish organizations in the policy of replacing whites with third-world immigrants. Overall, Jews are not our friends.

Today, it seems that the Jews are the measure of all things in the world. The Western media and institutions take a Jewish point of view, and we are asked to look at the world through Jewish eyes. Why are attacks and murders under-reported when the victims are white people, but over-reported when the victims are Jewish? I don't see any reason to focus on the harm done to Jews when most of the violence is obviously directed at non-Jews. The obvious explanation is that anti-European Jewish organizations play a dominant role in the media. How can we explain the anti-free-speech laws that forbid any criticism of Jewish accounts of WWII? The only explanation that makes sense is that those laws were voted under Jewish pressure. How come the media talk so much about Israel and Palestine? There is no reason why normal Europeans should be obsessed by things like Israel, Palestine, the Jews and the Holocaust. The simple explanation is that Jews are overrepresented in the media, and very often own the media. People who understand those facts should push their reasoning further and think of the Jewish role in the media propaganda for race-replacement. I think that role has been decisive. Fifty years ago, very few Europeans would have accepted the idea of replacing European children with African and Arab immigrants. There is nothing natural in Europeans suddenly deciding to be replaced by other races. (In fact, most Europeans still oppose immigration today). On the other hand, it is easy to find websites giving lists of mainly Jewish organizations active in the race-replacement propaganda, and in the intimidation of European dissenters.

So, it is absurd to criticize Europe's "media elites" for encouraging anti-Jewish feelings. Europe's "media elites" are largely Jewish or under Jewish influence, and are responsible for immigration and the violence of muslim immigrants, which is mainly directed at non-Jews.

MacShane: “As jobs are lost and welfare becomes meaner and leaner, the politics of blaming the outsider can only grow”

It must be a joke. The Jews are not outsiders at all. On the contrary, they are at the center of western institutions, media and political parties.

"The anti-Israeli propaganda, such as the al-Dura hoax, staged by the French state-owned television network France 2, is intended to stir anti-Jewish feelings among the population"

It is true that the french leftists like to take sides with the Palestinians against the Israeli government. But I suspect that support for the Palestinian cause comes mainly from Jewish journalists. There is no reason why Europeans should care about what happens in the Levant, except if they watch too much TV. But many journalists and influent politicians have part of their family in Israel. What is farcical is that some Europeans support the right of the Jews to have their own state, and other Europeans defend the right of the Palestinians to keep their ancestral lands, while the same Europeans are afraid to say that we have a right to keep Europe for ourselves. How can it be so? The explanation lies in Jewish dominance of our institutions.

Willing to sacrifice

If European elites--like their American counterparts--are willing to sacrifice their own people to bring about their socialist multiculturalist hegemony, they certainly will not hesitate to sacrifice foreign Jews, in Israel, or their Jewish compatriots.

This is so true ! Every time

This is so true ! Every time people talk about jews and israel (in a restaurant or pub or so) they always - and I mean ALWAYS - give me this anti-israel bias that turns into anti-semitism à la "without israel there would be less war in the world", "they should have given a piece of germany to the jews", "Israelis are oppressors" etc. The biggest root of all this is the continuous bias in our mainstream media, it's like brainwashing.

I think this is also a part of Eurabia: our intellectual level degrading to that of the arab world, the level of stupid thirdworld-people and their islamic culture of hate.